Dear Diary,

I hate rainy days! it always spoils my plan to go hang out with the girls, and especially my sweetie Mamoru. Today him and I were suppose to go to the movies and later eat dinner at one of those expensive restaurants. there is nothing left to do but stay in the house and watch television, but im tired of doing that! So far things are not going as planned. Today really sucks! I hope the sun comes out pretty soon because i am tired of sitting in this small cluttered room writing in this damn Diary!

"Usagi-chan! make me some pancakes im hungry!"

I quickly hid my diary underneath my pillow, clumsily knocking my glass off of the dresser. Thank God it was empty. when i looked up, my eyes met with a pink headed midget. my cheeks were red from embarrassment. Even at the age 16, i think its sort of embarrassing to still keep a diary.

"what do you want Chibiusa-chan?! Didnt i tell you about rushing into my room before knocking!" I yelled ,while still trying to conceal the obviousness of embarrasment in my face. Even though she was a cute little girl, sometimes she could be a little annoying.

"Hey! You promised that you would make me pancakes today since i got a perfect score on my exam, Remember?!" She looked up at me with those sad puppy dog eyes, the same eyes she always look at me with when she wanted something. I'm always so silly to fall into that silly trap repeatedly.

I finally gave in, and decided to get up off of my bed and make chibiusa some of her favorite blueberry pancakes. "okay little Brat i'll make you your stupid pancakes as long as you stay out of my hair when Mamoru comes to see me today." Even though i didnt like to admit it out loud, i did sometimes get a little jealous whenever Chibiusa was with Mamoru. She knows that i care about Mamoru a lot, but she only does that to get me agitated on purpose.

As i was on my way to start preparing Chibiusa's food, i heard a knock on the front door. I hesitantly walked over to the door to see who it was. When i looked through the small peek hole i seen a familiar pair of eyes looking back at mine. It was Mamoru! I excitedly opened the door and greeted him with a quick kiss on the lip and a warm hug. I was so glad to see my Mamoru. I looked up expecting to see a smile on his face, but surprisingly i was greeted with a look filled with sorrow and worry. I could sense that something was wrong with him. " Mamoru whats wrong? You dont look yourself? is something bothering you?"

"Usako, i have some bad news," he said while looking into my big blue eyes. My heart felt like it drop after hearing those words. A million things were runnimg through the back of my mind. What ever could it be that has Mamoru so worked up and worried? Please dont tell me he's about to break up with me!

"Well what is it Mamo-chan?" i asked sincerely with a weary smile on my face. Deep inside i was nervous as hell but i didnt want Mamoru to know that.

"Im sorry to tell you this on such short notice Usako, but i cant go out with you today." I was a little disappointed, yet also relieved. I was expecting something much worse. " But that's not all..." his voice traied off. There was a long silence which made me grow really nervous? Finally getting disturbed by the eerie silence, i decided to break it.

"what do you mean Mamo-chan?" Now i was no longer concealing the feelings. It was obvious that i was dearly concerned. I gently grabbed his face and made him look into my eyes. "Tell me, whats wrong." After a split second of silence he finally decided to open his mouth.

"Well Usako, you see... i uh... i wont be with you for a while," his voice trailed off once again, while his eyes where looking down at the ground. I have to go away for a little while because something really drastic happened . I have to take care of some personal business-" I immediately interupted him before he could even finish his sentence.

"what kind of business?How long are you staying away?!" i was hysterical. This was the least thing i was suspecting from Mamoru. "How can you just leave me like this?!" Tears were beginning to roll down my face.

"I can not tell you what kind of business now. When i come back iwill tell you. I will be back in a month or so, but i will call you every now and then to see how you're doing, okay?" He looked down on me with a look of confidence in his eyes, trying to console me. My heart felt like it had just shattered. I couldnt believe my sweet Mamoru was leaving me. This cant be! I grabbed him into my embrace and hugged him as tight as possible. I held him as though i didnt want him to slip out of my grip. I wanted him to stay with me forever, even if he was only staying away for a few months, i already know that it will feel like forever. "I'm sorry Usako," he said once again, while kneeling down to kiss me. After that, ge told me he loved me, and that he had to go. I was devistated.

"NOOOO!!! MAMO-CHAN DONT LEAVE ME!!!" i yelled out to him as he walked away into the foggy distance. He didnt look back, he just continues to walk away; as though he didnt even hear me. All i could see was a small indistinct image of him in the storm heading further and further away from me. Why does it have to be this way Mamo-chan? What could it be that is so important that you must leave me? I entered the house and closed the door behind me. I was soak and wet from standing outside in the storm. I let my body collapse along side the door. Right at that moment i didnt care about anything. I felt as though my whole life just shattered. My poor Mamoru just left me, and i know i wont see him in a while. Now what am i going to do?! DAMN! this is the worst day ever!