Kagome turned around and nearly stared a hole in Sesshomaru. "You know, the first time I tried to go through high school, your brother supplied all the distractions. You're worse! I graduate in a month, so just...let me be!"

"Worse? Pfft." Sesshomaru said, as he pinched Kagome's toe for the millionth time. "It's your birthday, you shouldn't be studying. You can do that any day."

Kagome gave him a dirty look. "Just like I can have sex with you any day?" She looked at the time and closed the math book. "Alright, I'm going out with Ayumi and the others for awhile. I should be back by tonight."

As soon as Kagome left, Sesshomaru hunted down Kiyoshi Higurashi and hauled him by force to the shrine. "What the fuck do you want?" He yelled, although terrified of both Sesshomaru and his daughter, who wasn't the innocent little victim she had been when he first let her go through the well.

"You are going to tell Kagome's mother everything." Sesshomaru said. "Or I can kill you, then do it myself."

When Kiyoshi emerged from the house three hours later, he had a black eye, a busted nose, miscellaneous bruises, and bloody lips. Myoga hopped onto Sesshomaru's shoulder. "At least we know where Kagome gets her temper." He said.

"Indeed." Sesshomaru said, as he jumped down from the Sacred Tree and walked toward the house.

When Kagome got home on her eighteenth birthday, she found the house mostly dark, with candles lighting the dining room. "Sesshomaru?" She said as she walked toward the light. There, sitting at the table was her mother, brother, and grandfather. "Mom? Grandpa? Souta? You're really here!"

Her mom jumped up and held her. "Oh, Kagome!" She cried. "I'm so happy to see you...your father told me everything! I'm so sorry!"

"Everything is good now, Mom. Perfect, even." Kagome said. "I can't believe Dad actually confessed to everything."

"I think he had a little encouragement!" Grandpa said, pointing to the amber-eyed demon watching the family reunion.

After dinner, Sesshomaru entertained Grandpa and Souta in the backyard with Tessaiga and tales of his adventures with the brave little miko they knew only as Kagome.

"My sister killed a DRAGON?" Souta asked.

"Only one of the worst dragons to ever walk the earth." Sesshomaru said. "Speaking of which, she said you might like to have this." He lead them to a huge dragon claw. "She severed this from So'unga's body."

"A real dragon claw!" He grandfather said ecstatically.

"My sister is scary!" Souta said.

Sesshomaru shrugged. "You can still annoy her, that's what little brothers are for. Besides, her powers only work on demons."

In the house, Kagome and her mom were sitting in the living room, talking. Her mother felt strange, knowing there was a twenty-four-year-old in the body that was turning eighteen. "Are you happy here?"

"I am." Kagome said. "He's a little weird, but he's the most loyal, dedicated person in the world. If he hadn't helped me, I'd probably be dead or in hiding in the ancient past." She put her hand over her heart. "It's strange to explain what it's like, but I've touched Sesshomaru's soul, and that was the moment I knew I loved him."

Her mother sighed. "That's so romantic. I was so worried about you for so long, knowing your safe and happy gives me such relief." She looked around the big house. "Is it just you and Sesshomaru here?"

Kagome laughed and shook her head. "Let's see, a fox demon named Shippou and his wife Rin live here, they're going to have a baby in a couple of months. Myoga, a flea demon lives here too."

"A flea?" She asked.

Myoga jumped out of Kagome's hair and onto her lap and bowed. "Why, yes, m'lady. I am Myoga the Flea, at your service!"

Kagome watched her mom giggle at the little flea and realized Sesshomaru had given her the best gift she could ever have – her family. She spent the better part of the night talking with them and when they went home, she met Sesshomaru upstairs and cuddled in his arms. "You're amazing...I love you."

"Little Miko." Sesshomaru said.

"Hmm." Kagome replied, totally relaxed in his arms as he stared into her eyes.

"This Sesshomaru loves you."

Kagome closed her eyes and nuzzled his chest. "Of course you do. I'm cute."

Sesshomaru turned the lights off. "Did you tell your mother?"

"That I'm pregnant? Nope." Kagome said. "Maybe tomorrow, hm?"

Sesshomaru and Kagome exchanged a quick kiss and then fell asleep.


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I'm thinking about writing sort of an 'Adventures of Sesshomaru and Kagome' sequel fic. Any thoughts?