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"Sharpay Evans, this is your life".

No matter how many times she seemed to mutter that sentence, it still never really struck her as being the truth. I mean yesterday, that was her life. Last week, that was her life. But last night, that was just pure coincidence. Fate, without the destined lovers, and romantic kissing at the end.. Although then again there was still time.

Stretching out her legs on the oversized couch, in the family room of Troy Bolton's apartment, Sharpay let out another large yawn. The tiredness slowly had crept up on her, almost discreetly, starting with a yawn here or there before growing to a distant groggy battle to keep her eyes open. Unfortunately the sound of water flowing freely through the pipes above the roof, wasnt exactly the most comforting thought to fall asleep too.

The noise through out the apartment however wasn't the only thing keeping her from drifting off into her world of make believe.. No the real reason she forced herself not to sleep was her rescuer, her high school sweetheart, thee Troy Bolton would be walking out of that bathroom any minute now, with a towel neatly wrapped around his hips. And she, even in her aloof asleep state, was not going to miss that. Not at all.


Some things would never change, I mean sure, she had grown up a lot over the past 5 years. I guess you could say the day troy left was really the starting point for all of it.. The day she finally got the push to put her head down.


"Ryan, I swear this insane obsession of your's with thinking Rosetta is stealing your hats is growing on my patience"

"I didn't know you had patience."

"Im going to pretend like you didn't just say that"

"whatever.. I just came in to tell you I heard down the grapevine that Troy was leaving this afternoon."

Sharpay's head snapped up almost instantly, as his words settled into her mind.

No way was he leaving.. She'd talked to him just this morning, about stuff, about going to see a producer, about getting a shot.. He'd said he'd be there for her.. He said he would go with her if he could.. He wouldn't have left, Some people were majorly pathetic to start such a stupid rumour. Troy Bolton was a wildcat through and through, he was nothing without them.

"I don't think so Ry.. Troy and I were talking this morning.. He wouldn't do something that extreme"

"that boys been unpredictable since his dad Pay.. I wouldn't put it past him"

"I know that boy better then anyone else---"

"Gabi confirmed it"

"no she didn't.. he's not leaving Ryan"

"I think you should go see him Shar, before he goes, you know.. Tell him you'll miss him"

Sharpay closed her eyes tightly letting her head fall into both her hands. "I don't need to go see him, he'll be at school tomorrow, and you and Gabi can both see that your wrong, okay?"

"Sharpay.. Do you think I'd lie about this"

"this isn't the time Ryan.. Can you get out of my room.."

--- The next Day ---

"Miss Darbus, you cant start yet, Troy's not here"

Sharpay looked around as the class seemed to focus on anything but the conversation at hand, even Miss Darbus seemed to be looking eerily around the room. Looking back over to his usual seat she saw Gabriella who met her stare with a small sad smile.

Everyone knew Sharpay and Troy were a couple, or at least a couple to be, but they were more then a couple, they were like the movie ending everybody in life secretly wished they could have. They were so much, and so much to be. It didn't matter that they'd broken up the previous summer, because it was all to clear they'd be together again.. Or at least they would have been, had it not been for the accident. After Troy's father died, he'd made a personal decision to stay away from Sharpay, in the romantic sense anyway. Being with her was just to much for him to deal with, brought back to many memories.. It was the past, just like his father. And it would stay that way. Instead he found his comfort in the one person who taught him to break free. Miss Gabriella Montez herself. But everyone knew.. Everyone knew Sharpay loved him, and deep down, everyone knew he loved her. They were just waiting, waiting for the day they'd come back together. It had to come.

However now that day seemed even further away, as the reality of Sharpay's lack of knowledge kicked in.

"Sharpay Dear, maybe you should go talk to the nurse.. I know its hard to deal with, but he's not gone for good, just out of the state. At least you'll now have some use for that retched thing you call a 'cell phone'"

"Shar.." she felt a hand rest lightly on her shoulder, but shrugged it off, feeling a coldness settle over her heart. "please don't"

---End of Flashback---

That night, she had written him a long and heart felt email, about how she felt, about how he made her happy, about how he needed to come back, so they could build on everything together. But when weeks of no replies came, that hope burning inside of her for his return, became duller and duller. It soon became painfully aware that Troy Bolton wasn't coming back. And as much as it hurt her to think about, she really couldn't blame him, nor could she hold it against him.. He choose to run.. She should have said goodbye.. But she didn't.

It was soon after that Sharpay made the decision not to let any opportunity no matter how big or small it was go. And that soon came into play when she got the chance to meet with a producer. The rest was really history..

Now she was big, bigger then big, she was the it girl. The girl who got mobbed by paparazzi everywhere she went, the girl with endless credits to her name, the girl who seemed to small for her own shoes. She was the small town girl who got lost under the lights.

But with all that being said, she still definitely had some spunk in her. Going through her late teenage years in the public eye, meant she'd grown a rough edge, an edge that came off as incredibly sarcastic, and yet surprisingly playful. However, she could change that at the drop of a hat, playing of any kind of emotion she needed too. As far as they came, she was good.

She always knew she was though. After all, she was Sharpay.

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