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Rating: NC- 17 (language, little violence, sexual content.)

Characters: T-Bag, John Abruzzi, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note, Tweener, Bellick and other characters including my own creations.

A/N: Here's my own little reenactment of the scene in season 1 between T-Bag and John in the garden shed, when John gets his throat cut. Now, I can't remember every single word they said, but I'm sure my dialog isn't that far off.

Chapter Five.

John leaned back against the fence as he watched two of his prison men approach T-bag while he was talking to another guy. He noticed in the distance they started to argue when all of a sudden, one of his men punched T-Bag in the stomach. He saw T-Bag kneel over as he clutched his stomach. John smiled and started to walk over as the two guys dragged T-Bag into the nearby garden shed.

"That's enough, leave the rest to me." John ordered his two friends as he watched them beat on T-Bag. They stopped what they were doing and walked out of the room. John removed the knife he had in his pocket as he lifted T-Bag off the ground and threw him onto a table in the middle of the room.

"Seems like we have a problem." John explained as he softly pressed the knife underneath one of T-Bag's eyes.

T-Bag gasped. "What do you mean by problem?"

"There's too many of us now, and you're the odd one out." John replied.

"Why me?" T-Bag said quietly.

"Because you're a sick son of a bitch. All those innocent children you've killed, the families that have suffered because of your actions. How can you live with yourself?" John sneered as he still pressed the knife at T-Bag's eye.

"Yes, well maybe I do deserve to die, but you're no better then me John." T-Bag replied.

John gritted his teeth, "I've accepted my fate and know I have sinned. I have confessed my sins to God. Now, are you out?"

"….Okay, okay, I'm out, I swear to god." T-Bag pleaded as he felt the knife starting to cut his skin.

"The lord has forgiven me; let's hope he does the same to you." John explained as he released T-Bag from his grip and rolled down his sleeve.

T-Bag quietly removed the razor blade that he had hidden from his mouth. "Hey John, when you see God, say hi to him for me."

John turned around and T-Bag quickly gashed the blade across John's throat. John grabbed his throat and fell to his knees as the blood rushed out from his neck and ran down his hands. T-Bag chuckled to himself as he ran out of the room.


A CO Officer walked by along the prison yard and noticed the garden shed gate was open. He walked over to the gate and went to shut it as he heard gasps coming from inside the shed. He walked into the shed and saw John lying in a pool of blood. "Holy shit." He said out loud as he buzzed on his radio "We need a doctor, stat, prisoner down."

Quickly, medical officers ran down to the shed. John was lifted onto a stretcher and was lead outside to the front entrance of the prison. John struggled to breath, all he could think about was Britney, he hadn't heard from her since he told her of his escape. The pain was unbearable, he tried to be strong.

"It's okay John, keep breathing, stay with me." Said a voice of one of the many doctors surrounding him as he was rushed to a nearby helicopter. The roar of the helicopter was the last thing John heard as he passed out once he was lifted into the plane.

Michael, Lincoln and Sucre ran over to the fence and watched as John was lifted into the helicopter. T-Bag joined them as they watched. "And then there were 6."He said.


Britney was quietly reading a book as she heard the phone ringing from the kitchen. She ignored it and continued to read her book, when she suddenly heard her mother scream. She looked up. "Mom." She called out as she dropped her book and ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

"When? Is he okay?" She heard her mother say over the phone, gripping the table, then running her hand through her hair.

Britney looked at her confused. "What's happened?"

Her mother got off the phone and turned to Britney. "It's your father, he's been in an accident, he's in the Chicago hospital, we have to go now."