I haven't written anything for CSI LV lately, but this popped into my head and I had to write it down. And btw, this is my first Snickers fic, so you are warned if it sucks. ;)


She was running along the aisle like in trance, perceiving everything around like a dream in slow motion, rushing past faded faces and a faint choir of confused voices. The muffled sounds of the chairs falling to the ground was mixed up with the fear emerging from the shouts and cries.

The aisle seemed endless as her white heels glided over the red carpet, her candid gown flying in soft waves of silk and lace behind her like desperate wings. Her lungs burned, demanding for air, but her breath was struck in her throat, where a heavy knot was slowly suffocating her.

With the worst of her nightmare taking place right before her, she felt like the whole world was crashing down. Cold tears started collecting into her eyes, blurring her sight till they started falling uncontrollably, leaving wet trails down her pallid face.

She was beautiful in that long wedding gown, with those tiny white roses scattered under the veil to keep her dark curls up. She'd been proud of that diamond ring she had on her right hand, and even more proud she would have been on the one he would have slid on her finger in only a few minutes.

But now he was no longer standing by the altar, watching her walk up towards him, and the wide smile on his face had been replaced by a suffering grimace.

She was halfway from him when she saw his head give in to the pain and roll to one side. She felt lost without his eyes set on her, watching her with hope as she ran to him through a seemingly endless path.

"No!" her long, distraught scream filled the whole hall, but only came faint and muffled to her ears.

He was lying in a red thick pool, blood dripping all over his chest from the wound the bullet had left.

"Please, no!"

She collapsed onto her knees and took him into her arms, soaking herself in his blood.

"It's going to be okay." She whispered in tears. "Stay with me, don't give up!"

He opened his eyes in evident effort, his lips curving up lightly in her direction.


"Hush, I'm here, it's okay." she sniffled, cupping his face with her hand. "It's okay…"

He coughed, and blood came into his mouth and crawled down to the neckwear, drenching its whiteness away.

"I… I love you, Sar." He panted, his breath frantic and hoarse. "I love you.", then his eyes closed, and her heart sank into a black hole as his head fell back loosely.

"Honey…" she shook him gently, begging him to answer to her, but his body lay motionless on her lap. "Nick!"

3 Weeks Before

Sara lazily rested her head on Nick's shoulder and let out a blissful sigh. Cuddling herself more comfortably against his chest, she wrapped her arm around him and nuzzled her face under his chin. It was beautiful to just lie on the couch with him, without caring about work and coworkers.

"Mmmh, I love this flu." She mumbled, basking into his arms.

Nick glanced down at her, arching his brows.

"Easy for you to say, it's not you the one who spent the last three nights throwing up your guts."

Sara snorted, eyes closed, and rubbed her hand appeasingly over his abdomen.

"In fact I am the one who spent the last three mornings doing so." She retorted quietly.

On the tv, Runaway Bride was going on unwatched, since both Nick and Sara were too busy in enjoying their mutual closeness. It hadn't taken long for them to get used to that comfortable feeling.

It had all started two months ago, when they'd started going out together, at first as friends, then with abetter awareness of their feelings. Day by day their drinks after shift had become dates, until one day he'd casually asked her to move in with him, and, surprisingly enough, Sara had accepted.

"Greggo sounded suspicious when I told him I'd caught a bug." he mused, his fingers playing through Sara's hair in loving soft caresses. "I told you we shouldn't have called in sick the same day."

"Greg is clueless." replied Sara, moving her hand up to his neck. "He only likes to think there are hot secret affairs blooming everywhere."

Nick gazed at her in mock disbelief.

"We are a hot secret affair!" he protested.

She giggled, idly starting to kiss his jawline.

"Mm-hm." She nodded, not removing her lips from their occupation, and slowly shifted her weight onto him.

Nick savoured her gentle torture for a while, occasionally groaning when she'd reach a sensitive spot, then took her face into his hands, smiling at her.

"Sidle, I've got the impression you're not as sick as Grissom thinks." He quipped, her forehead leaning on his. There was a mischievous, enticing grin on her face.

"It's the first time in days that neither of us is bent over the toilet while the other is fine." She breathed, and his arms enveloped her firmly. "We should take advantage of the situation…"

He led her lips to his, pulling her closer, hands intruding under the soft fabric of her sweater, skimming her silky skin, suddenly feeling deliciously aroused.

"Now, Stokes, who's the not so sick one now?" she smirked, ignoring the lightheadedness the nearly complete lack of food was causing her. All she wanted was to go on kissing him forever.

He snickered, reversing the position, laying her down on her back with himself on top.

"Maybe it's the fever, but I've got the impression things are getting pretty hot in here." He muttered, brushing her hair back as he lowered himself over her mouth. "Very, very hot…"

Sara whimpered under his touch. She didn't know if the shivers running down her spine were due to the flu or simply to Nick's lips brushing her skin down along her tender shoulder.

His fingers grabbed the hem of her pyjamas and carefully pulled it up, leaving Sara with only a black bra to cover the upper part of her body.

He stared at her, taking in every single, gorgeous inch of that stunning view.

"How come you look more beautiful every time I undress you?"

Sara didn't say a word. She just imitated his gesture and dragged him back to her, enjoying the direct contact with his body, and trapped him into a deep, passionate kiss.

Nick was ready to finish what he'd just began, when Sara pulled away abruptly. She quickly freed herself from his grip and slipped away from under him, darting toward the bathroom with one hand pressed onto her mouth.

One second later he heard the by now familiar sound of her emptying the contents of her stomach then, just moments later, the water flushed.

"What did I tell you about eating that cupcake?" he yelled from the couch, putting his shirt back on.

Sara appeared on the doorstep with a killer look, her skin very pale and vaguely greenish, wiping her mouth with a towel.

"You look horrible." He commented playfully. Sara scowled and flung the towel right onto his face.

"Shut up." She snapped, as dignifiedly as her precarious balance let her, then she turned sassily on her heels and headed back to the bathroom, locking herself in.

Nick fell back on the couch, rolling his eyes, and smiled to himself. Life with Sara was never boring.

In that moment his attention randomly fell on the tv screen, where Julia Roberts was contentedly walking up a hill in her wedding gown, beaming at Richard Gere waiting for her with the priest, and suddenly Sara's face replaced Julia's, and he was standing in a tux instead of Gere.

He shook the thought off his mind, casting a look in the direction of the bathroom. It was a crazy idea, after all, but…