Memories and the Master

Hey, I'm back with a brand new story. The sequel to Degrees and the Doctor won the poll (barely) so here you go. Anyhow, no promises on how regular updates will be but I'll do my best to keep it weekly at the most. Hope you enjoy!

Edit 24/09/07- I've renamed this story. It was originally Sweet Dreams but changed it to ensure each story in this series had an alliterating title. Hope you like.

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Part One: Three Years

"It's stuck!"

"What?" asked Rose Tyler, trying to peer behind her in the mirror, "Oh no! Be careful, Jack!"

"I will be, honey," Jack promised, "I've pulled up enough dress zips in my time,"

"Really?" Rose asked, "I thought you usually pulled them down!"

"It's good manners to help a lady dress again after giving her the thrill of her lifetime," replied Jack, seriously, before grinning, "Ah, here we go." He gently pulled the zip up before spinning his best female friend around by her shoulders. "You look gorgeous, Rose,"

"Thanks," she said, blushing,

"That Doctor is one very lucky Time Lord," he nodded, "Bet ya he'll faint when he sees you!"

Rose smiled, brushing her hands down the sides of her black dress, smoothing out any wrinkles. "Thanks for helping me get ready," she said,

"I was happy to do it. It's your three year anniversary; you have to look amazing!"

"I can't believe it's been three years already," Rose sighed happily, "Three years since he came back for me after accidentally leaving me behind for a year and we told each other we loved one another." She beamed at Jack. "That means it's been nearly three years since we found you again,"

"Let's celebrate that as well!" Jack joked,

"I want to," Rose replied, seriously, "You're my best friend, Jack,"

"You're my best friend too, honey," he replied, feeling touched, "Best one I've ever had. I would hug you but I don't want to crumple your dress,"

"I don't care," Rose said, throwing her arms around his neck.

Jack hugged her back tightly before withdrawing and coughing slightly. "Well, my lady, shall I escort you to your prince?" He held out his arm, which Rose took; her face nervous but excited.

"I feel like I'm getting married or something!" she giggled, as they began walking down the corridor towards the control room, where the Doctor was waiting patiently; his stomach a bundle of nerves. He truly felt as if this was their first date and he was waiting for his date to show, hoping that she would. It was all rather domestic; his previous self would have been horrified.

When Rose and Jack finally turned into the control room, his face was priceless.

"Bloody hell!" he swore, his mouth falling open,

"Language!" Jack scolded, "There's a lady present,"

"Flies, Doctor," Rose reminded him.

He closed his mouth and strode over to her, taking her hands in his. "You look beautiful," he told her, quietly.

She blushed prettily, unsure of what to say.

"And the TARDIS doesn't contain any flies. She's perfectly clean!" the Doctor said, mock-sternly, "As for you…" he turned to Jack, "You should hear the things Rose says… or should I say screams…"

He was cut off as Rose slapped a hand over his mouth and narrowed her eyes at him. "Shall we go?" she asked, pointedly.

The Doctor grinned at her, once she'd removed her hand. "Of course," he complied, taking her hand, "Don't wait up, Jack,"

"Aye, Aye, Captain," the ex-Time Agent saluted,

"Are you gonna be alright on your own?" Rose asked him, in concern,

"He's not coming with us!" the Doctor said, immediately, receiving a sharp nudge in the ribs from Rose for his effort,

"I'll be fine, Rosie," Jack said, "Me and the TARDIS are gonna do some bonding, aren't we girl?" He slapped the console and the lights flickered. "There, see? Beers are in the fridge cooling,"

"Don't you get beer on the console!" the Doctor warned,

"You did!" his companions chorused together.

He frowned. "You're not meant to remember that," he said, sheepishly.

Rose giggled before tugging on his arm. "C'mon, let's go. Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere you'll love," the Doctor replied, confidently, "See you tomorrow, Jack,"

"See ya guys. Have a good time an' don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

"That's not a lot!" Rose grinned, sticking her tongue out slightly, "See you later, babes."

She excitedly held onto the Doctor's hand as the two lovers walked out of the door together, ready for their night out.

"The year is two-point-nine-slash-apple-slash-nineteen," the Doctor declared, briskly walking along with Rose, who was gazing around them in delight, "Two billion years in your future…"

"…And this is the day the sun expands?" Rose interrupted, with a teasing smile.

The Doctor grinned at her, amazed that she could still remember things he'd said almost six years earlier. "No, this is the day that the Groporians throw the best party ever recorded in all of time and in the entire universe. And…" he paused, digging in his pocket and withdrawing the psychic paper. He waved it at her, grinning cheekily, "We have an invite."

Rose laughed. "One day that's not gonna work and we're gonna be stuck. What do we do then?"

"Run," he replied, easily,

"In this dress, you've got to be kidding," Rose said, with another laugh, "Who are the Gro…Gropo…"

"Groporians," the Doctor corrected, "They are basically just like royalty on this planet, which is called Arcodia, by the way. They are a family unit, whose power is so huge that the entire species is named after them,"

"That's a lot of power," Rose commented, imagining tall, well dressed, strong humans. She realised that the Groporians probably weren't human but it was always the first image that appeared in her head even after meeting so many aliens. She assumed it was probably because she was human. "Where's the party being held anyway?" she asked.

The Doctor raised his free arm and pointed slightly to their left. "In there."

Rose followed his finger and gasped. There was the most enormous building behind a sweeping lawn, full of what looked like blue grass in the darkness. The building itself looked eerily like the Palace of Versailles in Paris; tall, strong and majestic. Light flared from the numerous windows and seemingly classical music could be heard along the wind.

"Are you sure this isn't Paris?" she asked the Doctor. It really could be; it looked so similar.

"I'm sure. You'll see when we get inside," he replied, "I know it looks like Versailles from out here but it's entirely different inside,"

"Let's go in then!" Rose suggested, swinging their interlinked hands happily.

The couple continued their comfortable walk along the gravel path until they reached enormous gates where there was a short queue of smartly dressed aliens and a couple of what seemed to be guards. The aliens were slowly moving through the gates, one at a time after being allowed entrance. Rose and the Doctor got nearer and nearer, enabling them to examine the gates in more detail.

"There's a cat flap!" Rose giggled, pointing to a very small door in one if the gates, "Do they like animals then, this family?"

The Doctor looked at the door. "Oh, that's not for animals," he said, smiling mysteriously. "You'll see," was all he'd say when she pressed him about it.

Finally, it was their turn and Rose gripped the Doctor's arm as he handed the guards the psychic paper, grinning manically.

"Names?" grunted a guard,

"The Doctor and Rose Tyler," he replied, confidently,

"You not on list," the guard said,

"Really?" the Doctor said; a look of bewilderment on his face, "We were invited specially by old Hugo, himself. Said it wouldn't be a party without us!"

"Not on list, no entrance," the guard muttered, "Even with invitation. Secure way,"

"Indeed," the Time Lord returned, "Ah well, come on, Rose. It's a shame 'cause you were looking forward to this party so much… even bought a new dress and had your hair done specially, didn't you, darling?"

Rose nodded mutely, not trusting herself to speak in fear of laughing hysterically.

"Bye then," said the Doctor, soulfully, turning them around,


He turned back, his face enquiring to the second guard who had spoken.

"Lord Hugo send message. Say he invite you. Please come in."

"Now that's what I was telling you!" the Doctor exclaimed, jovially, a smile on his face. He pulled Rose past the guards and through a gate, which slid noiselessly open for them. They continued walking up the grand drive, towards the entrance ahead of them, which was bustling and colourful.

"Who's Hugo?" Rose asked, once they were a safe distance away from the guards,

"The Lord and Master of the Groporians," the Doctor answered, "He's the head of the family and therefore the head of this race,"

"Oh, right," Rose nodded, "And how come those guards were speaking stilted English? Surely the TARDIS translator would change their language into perfect English?"

"They were speaking English," the Doctor said, "Hugo and his cronies decided that everyone on Arcodia must speak English- they like it for some reason- so all the aliens had to learn it and many are still a bit shaky. No proper education system, you see."

Rose nodded again before another thought gained her attention. "How did Hugo invite us if we don't know him?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Guess he wants to meet us. Doesn't everybody?"

Rose gave him a playful shove. "Give over being so arrogant!" She grinned before her thoughtful expression returned. "But seriously Doctor, the guards seemed to get a message through from Hugo telling them exactly what you'd told them which was entirely untruthful, which seems to me to be a little suspicious. Could we be walking into a trap?"

"Nah," the Doctor dismissed, "The Groporians are a peace loving race. They wouldn't do anything,"

"Are you sure?" Rose asked him, uncertainly.

He stopped and pulled her by the shoulders to face him directly. "I'm sure, angel. When have I ever taken you into danger?"

Rose raised an eyebrow. "On most planets we visit."

The Doctor smiled slightly. "Point taken but I swear we'll be alright. Hugo has probably just heard about us and our adventures and wants to meet us. It's happened before. Remember at the University of Mars, Kall had heard all about me and was excited to meet me?"

Rose nodded slowly.

"Come on, then. We're here to have fun and that's what we'll have." He smiled tenderly at her and kissed her gently before they continued their journey to the entrance.

It didn't take at all that long to get there and they were greeted by more aliens of the same species as the guards, although these were wearing what looked like a rough copy of a twenty first century waiter's outfit.

"Good evening, sir and madam," said one of them, bowing, "Welcome to Groporian Residence. May I take your coats?"

The Doctor helped Rose remove her long black coat and then removed his own jacket before handing them both to the alien.

"Thanks," he said, retaking Rose's hand,

"Please step forward onto lift," instructed another alien politely, "It take you to party and I announce you."

They moved forward, with the alien stepping onto a raised platform after them. He clicked his fingers once they were ready, and Rose gasped slightly, instantly grasping the Doctor's arm more securely, as the platform rose up and began to move in midair. He grinned at her, moving in slightly to kiss her cheek.

"Neat trick, isn't it?" he whispered, his hot breath sending shivers down Rose's spine.

She nodded before looking around. They were passing through a dimly lit dining room, with a long wooden table and chairs in the centre. Rose frowned; it looked very human and ordinary and the Doctor had said it was different on the inside.

"This is special occasion dining room," their guide announced suddenly, "It only used for formal occasions when dinner required. It used rarely so is only one of three rooms with no special features."

Rose turned her head slightly to look enquiringly at the Doctor, who just nodded towards the next room, which was behind a sort of wooden hatch in the wall. It slid open automatically to let them through and closed again after them. Rose's mouth opened.

"This is young sirs and misses playroom two," the guide informed them, "It…"

Rose tuned him out unconsciously as she gazed around the room in awe. It was empty, bar for the numerous toys scattered around. She could see a tiny rocking horse, which she thought would only fit a very small baby, and toy swords and doll houses, which although she couldn't see from the height they were at, she was sure didn't contain human dolls. The most amazing thing though, was that the walls and floors changed coloured rapidly in an almost soothing way, and they seemed to be almost pulsing.

"Emotive walls and floors," the Doctor murmured quietly, "They tell your emotions and change to an appropriate colour. For example, that blue is your astonishment…" he gestured discreetly to a lovely sea blue shade, "And that yellow is excitement and that pinky-red colour is our love."

Rose turned her head and kissed him softly, a smile on her lips. "Why are the walls moving?" she asked, a moment later,

"It's your heartbeat," he explained, "It's kind of comforting, don't you think?"

"Yeah," she agreed, leaning against him, "Is this what you meant when you said the inside was different?"

"Kind of, yeah," the Doctor answered, "The emotive walls are in almost every room and can be switched on and off as necessary, but there's other stuff which makes it completely different to what it appears on the outside. We're standing on one, for example."

Rose looked down at their feet, quickly admiring the leather dancing shoes she had found tucked away in the back of the TARDIS wardrobe, before scanning the lift and meeting the Doctor's gaze again.

"I guess you don't tend to find platforms that fly in the twenty first century," she grinned; the Doctor matching her smile, "So what else is there that's different?"

"In certain rooms, it's possible to walk on the air,"

"What?" Rose exclaimed loudly, "Can the gravity be switched off or something?"

"Sort of. It's kind of like half of the gravity is switched off, as things like furniture stay on the ground," the Doctor stated, enjoying her surprise,

"That's so cool," she breathed, "Do you think we'll get an opportunity to try it out while we're here?"

"You will," piped up their guide suddenly, "Lord Hugo put a room aside for air dancing,"

"There's your answer," the Doctor nodded, in satisfaction, "Oh look, we're here."

The platform came down to a rest in a well lit room. The Doctor helped Rose to step off it before they followed the guide out of the room and along a gallery overlooking a hall, which was full of aliens from all cultures. Rose was so taken by the sight that it came as quite a shock when their guide cleared his throat and spoke loudly to the throngs below.

"May I introduce the Doctor and Miss. Rose Tyler of the good ship TARDIS."

Rose glanced at the Doctor, who winked mischievously at her before putting his arm around her waist and lightly leading her down the stairs towards the other guests, many of whom were politely clapping.

"Why are lots of them staring at us?" Rose whispered, nervously,

"It's because you're looking so stunning tonight," the Doctor reassured her, squeezing her slightly, "Now, prepare to have fun!"

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