Memories and the Master

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Part Nineteen: The End of it All


"Yes, Doctor!"

"No! You can't make me!"

"Will you act your age and not your shoe size?"

"You want me to act like I'm nine hundred and then some years old?"

"DOCTOR!" Rose finally shouted, "Will you get in the bleedin' bath?"

The Doctor peered cautiously at the enormous tub that was currently filled with water which resided in his and Rose's ensuite bathroom. "But it's cold!" he whined, dipping a toe into it and withdrawing it quickly with a shudder,

"It's meant to be," Rose said, trying to keep hold of her patience but the Doctor was very trying when he was in a childish, playful mood, "Please, Doctor. You need it for the burns."

The Doctor let out an exaggerated sigh before lowering himself slowly into the bath, hissing slightly as the water met his burns.

"You alright?" Rose asked sympathetically, perching on the edge of the bath and trailing her fingers through his hair.

He nodded, with a grimace as his back stung viciously.

"You're doing great," she told him, "Can you lie back for me, and float in the water?"

The Doctor did as he was asked without comment and was rewarded with a beaming smile from Rose. Suddenly, there was a brisk knock at the door.

"Hey Rose," Jack said, when she opened the door and poked her head around it, "I've taken us into the vortex rather than back to London so we've got time to deal with things,"

"Thanks," she said, gratefully, giving into the urge to hug him, "Are you alright?"

Jack nodded. "There's something I need to discuss with you and the Doctor when you're ready," he said, in a quiet voice,

"You're not leaving us, are you?" Rose asked, suddenly scared,

"No way," Jack said, vehemently, "I promise it's nothing bad. Don't worry about it, honey,"

"Alright," Rose said, reluctantly, "We shouldn't be too long, OK?"

"OK," Jack replied, "See you in a bit."

Rose nodded and Jack started to walk away. "Jack?" He turned back. "Thanks for being there today."

Jack grinned. "It was my pleasure, honey."

They exchanged a grin before Rose closed the door. Suddenly a strong, wet arm closed around her waist and dragged her backwards towards the tub. She squealed and struggled but to no avail as, all of a sudden, she found herself immersed in icy cold water.

"It's cold!" she screamed,

"Told you," the Doctor said, smugly, offering her a hand to pull her out.

Rose smirked, taking the hand and pulling on it hard so that the Doctor fell into the bath with a strangled yell. Rose burst out giggling, despite beginning to shiver, as she found herself face to face with him. "You're evil," she told him,

"So are you," he retorted, nuzzling her nose with his. Suddenly, he pulled back. "Is this OK?" he asked, suddenly worried that he'd overstepped the boundary. He wasn't entirely sure how Rose felt about physical intimacy, even though she'd kissed him earlier.

Rose nodded, laying one hand on his cheek as he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her sweetly.

After a few moments, Rose pulled back. "Not that I want to stop kissing you," she said, her teeth chattering slightly, "But I'm freezing,"

"Oh! Oh, sorry, Rose," the Doctor immediately said, kneeling up and then helping her out of the bath. He pulled a large towel from the rack where the TARDIS kept them warm and wrapped her up in it. He then placed his arms around her and squeezed her tight.

"Mmm," Rose murmured, tucking her head into his neck, "I missed this,"

"Me too," the Doctor replied, kissing her temple, "C'mon, let's run a hot bath to get us warmed up,"

"Do I need to run the dermal thingy over your burns?" Rose asked, suddenly feeling sleepy,

"Yeah," her lover nodded, breaking out of the embrace and picking up the tool that they had collected from the med-bay on the way there. He handed it to her, briefly explaining how it worked, before straddling the toilet and presenting his burns to her.

"Do they hurt?" Rose asked, gently trailing a finger over the top of his back before scanning the dermal regenerator over the same area.

The Doctor shivered as the device tickled his skin. "A bit, yeah," he admitted.

There was silence for a while as Rose finished healing his skin. Finally, his back was clear of burns if a little red and sore. The Doctor visibly sighed with relief and stood up. "You are brilliant," he told her, stretching slightly, "C'mon bath time, you're starting to shiver again."

He turned up the taps and the bath quickly filled up with warm clear water. The Doctor hadn't put any bubbles in; just in case they irritated his skin. Meanwhile, Rose had stripped and together they stepped into the tub, sinking gratefully into the soothing water and getting comfortable with Rose resting between the Doctor's legs, leaning back onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head.

"Are you OK?" he asked, "I mean, after everything that's happened and been revealed today."

Rose wriggled for a second, getting comfortable, before giving her answer. "I guess," she said, slowly, "I still can't believe that I nearly killed you and Jack though."

The Doctor stroked her hair comfortingly. "We're not going to hold it against you if that's what you think. You were hypnotised."

Rose let out a sigh, snuggling into his arms. "OK," she accepted, "I take it you've encountered the Master before?"

"Unfortunately," said the Doctor, "We were classmates back on Gallifrey; some might even say we were acquaintances but it all went wrong when we grew up. I went the way of protecting the universe and he went the way of taking over the universe. We've fought on several occasions and I thought I was rid of him when… well, you know."

Rose turned slightly and rested her head on his shoulder before tucking her arms around his waist. "Are…" she began,

"Rose, I'm so sorry about the memory mix-up," the Doctor interrupted, "You suffered a month of hell just because someone was trying to get back at me,"

"It's OK," she replied quietly, "Rather my memories than yours,"

"Rose, your memories are just as important as mine," the Doctor told her sternly, "Never think you're less important than me."

Rose didn't reply for a moment. "I'm glad it's over though. This last month has just got too close to home, what with Bad Wolf. Do you understand that any more now?"

"Nope," replied the Doctor, "We'll just keep a watch out for it but not worry about it too much, alright?"

"Alright," Rose agreed, "Are you still gonna take me to that pleasure planet?"

"Of course. First thing tomorrow we'll go back to London, say our goodbyes and then go directly there," the Doctor said, "Anything else you want to talk about?"

"Not at the moment," Rose said, after thinking briefly, "I just want to stay here with you for the moment. Tell me about the pleasure planet."

The Doctor complied and they spent the next hour talking, cuddling and kissing to their hearts content. It was fantastic to be back together after so long.

Jack had got a late dinner ready by the time they had climbed out of the bath and laboriously dried one another. They gratefully sat down to steaming bowls of spaghetti bolognaise and while they ate, the room was filled with laughter and chattering.

Finally, they had pushed their plates away and were left staring at one another.

"I've got something to tell you," Jack began, sounding nervous which was very unusual for him, "It's about something that happened earlier,"

"Go on," the Doctor requested, leaning back in his chair and studying his friend,

"When I was upstairs with the soldiers at first defence, the Master shot me with one of the guard's bullet guns," Jack explained,

"Are you injured?" Rose said, leaping to her feet,

"No," Jack said, shaking his head, "Not anymore,"

"What do you mean, Jack?" asked the Doctor seriously,

"I…," Jack swallowed, "I sort of died." He ignored his friend's exclamations and continued, "But then I was alive again. I was lying on the corridor floor seconds after being shot in the head by the Master, with no wound and no blood spillage."

Rose stared at Jack and then turned her head to look at the Doctor. Was her brother seriously suggesting that he had come back from the dead? "Doctor?" she whispered, hoping he'd know all the answers.

He looked just as shocked as she did as he frantically tried to work it out. "But you're human," he said finally, "You can't be resurrected!"

"I know I can't!" Jack responded in frustration, "But I did and I don't know why!"

Rose left her seat and went and perched on his lap, throwing her arms around him in a comforting hug. "It'll be alright," she whispered.

The Doctor was frowning as he strode around the kitchen. "You can't die," he said, "But what's caused that…?" He circled the kitchen several times, muttering away to himself under his breath and running his hand through his hair, "Oh," he finally shouted, "Oh, OH! You died on the Gamestation and Rose brought you back to life! She must have brought you back to life completely so you can't die!"

Rose gasped. She knew what she'd done as Bad Wolf all that time ago as her and the Doctor had sat down and discussed it at great detail. "He can't die 'cause of me?" she asked, a tremble in her voice.

"I don't know," the Doctor said, shaking his head, "Jack, has this ever happened before?"

The ex-Time Agent shook his head. "Could it be a one-off then?"

"Maybe," the Doctor said, "I don't know what Bad Wolf is capable of. We'll see how it goes,"

"OK," Jack said, feeling slightly reassured, "Hey, it could be useful not being able to die." He grinned. "It'll a great party trick as well!"

Rose giggled but the Doctor didn't comment. He was thinking about the long term consequences of Jack's possible predicament and how depressing it might be for Jack if everyone he loved died as he lived on. It was the Curse of the Time Lords, only worse. At least the Doctor knew he'd die at the end of his thirteenth life…. He shook his head, determined not to worry about it and instead started to clear away.

After a bit more conversation, the Doctor and Rose retired to bed, climbing together into their big double bed for the first time in over a month. They snuggled down together, the Doctor being cautious of his back, and shared a last kiss before closing their eyes and drifting away.

A couple of hours later, Rose stirred from her sleep for reasons unknown to her. She blearily opened her eyes, wondering for a moment why she felt slightly cold before she realised that the Doctor wasn't curled up next to her. Instead, he was sitting up with his face in his knees and his shoulders were shaking slightly.

"Doctor?" she whispered, quickly crawling to perch next to his feet, "What's wrong?"

She gasped as he raised his head to reveal a tearstained face. "Rose?" he croaked, "Do you still love me?"

"More than life itself," she insisted, taking his hands in hers, "How could I not?"

"Even though I'm a monster?" he whispered, another couple of tears rolling down his cheeks,

"You're not a monster," Rose said, feeling confused and slightly scared. She wasn't used to having to comfort the Doctor and wasn't entirely sure what to do,

"I am," the Doctor choked, "I'm a murderer!"

"No, you're not," Rose said strongly. She ran her hands up his arms and then around his back in a hug. He hissed slightly and she paused, "Does it still hurt?"

"It's just a bit sore," he mumbled, "There's some cream on the side. Could you…?"

"Sure," Rose said immediately, sliding off the bed and picking up the pot of cream that the Doctor had taken from the med-bay earlier, "Lie on your stomach and then you can tell me why you think you're a monster 'cause I know you're not."

The Doctor sighed before doing as she asked. She straddled his buttocks and then slowly and gently began to massage the cream in. There was silence for a few moments before the Doctor began to explain.

"I killed them all," he began in a whisper,

"Who?" Rose asked,

"My people," the Doctor said, a choke in his voice, "When I ended the Time War, I murdered my entire species. My friends, my family, my people."

Rose continued to soothingly rub his back while she thought. Although he'd never revealed this to her before, she's guessed as much from what he had said and the fact that he was the last Time Lord. "What's brought all this up?" she ventured.

The Doctor sighed. "The Master," he whispered, "He said that he blamed for entirely and he'd never forgive me,"

"Don't listen to him," Rose told him, "Doctor… you did what you had to do. You've told me before that the Time War happened to stop the Daleks from taking over the universe and you stopped that. Do you remember what you told me last night when I was upset about what I did when I was Bad Wolf? Well, the same principle applies here. You are not a murderer; you are a hero. You've saved the lives of every alien in the universe from being killed by the Daleks; you saved my life, you saved Jack's life, you saved my Mum and my friend's lives, and all of the aliens and other humans we've ever met,"

"But I still killed my people," he whispered.

Rose slipped off his back and lay down next to him so that she was staring into his eyes. "Tell me, did you have another choice? Was there any other way that you could have stopped the Daleks without sacrificing your people?"

The Doctor was silent for several moments. "No," he finally admitted, "There was no other way,"

"Well, then," Rose said, stroking his cheek, "Please don't beat yourself up about it, Doctor. I still love you more than anything even after knowing that. In fact, I love you even more if that's possible because I know you're even more of a hero. I'm never gonna let you go or stop loving you, alright?"

The Doctor nodded shakily before pulling her into his arms and burying his face in her neck, letting his tears flow. Although he knew what he had done at the end of the Time War would always haunt him and he'd always feel guilty about it, he now felt almost cleansed that a person as pure as his Rose could still love him. He stayed curled up with Rose rocking him and whispering words of comfort and declarations of love for the rest of the night.

Jackie sat down with a thump in her armchair and switched on the television. She was feeling slightly worried about where her daughter and the Doctor and Jack were. She had noticed that the TARDIS had disappeared sometime the evening before whilst she had been out on a date with Howard. The Doctor had been tickled that she was dating Satsuma Man again after a break. She didn't worry about their disappearance too much though as she knew that they'd phone if they were going to be away for more than a day.

Suddenly her attention was caught by a photo of the Prime Minister on the television with the caption of 'Impostor' emblazoned across it. She turned up the volume and listened to the anchorman.

"We have received information from an official source that Mr. Saxon, our esteemed Prime Minister, is not who he says he is. Earlier today, Mr. Saxon was at a specialist building when he attacked and killed several guards. This TV station received footage of this massacre that we have been ordered to show. Please ensure that everyone is watching…."

The confused looking anchorman was replaced with a video obviously taken from a security camera. Jackie watched it in confusion and then gasped out loud with the rest of the watching population as their beloved leader committed murder. Suddenly, a thought occurred to them. Maybe Mr. Saxon wasn't a good man and the best Prime Minister they'd ever had. Maybe he was a bad man….

Jackie and the rest of the country listened silently to the rest of the broadcast feeling numb. They learnt how he had hypnotised them to make them do exactly as he wanted and how he was now missing, presumed dead.

As the anchorman moved onto the next piece of news, Jackie grabbed up the phone and punched in the TARDIS's number. The phone rang several times before a sleepy sounding Rose picked it up.


"Rose, was Mr. Saxon an alien?" Jackie blurted out. Somehow she knew that only the Doctor, Rose and Jack would know exactly what had happened,

"Yeah…" Rose answered, sounding almost reluctant, "Look Mum, can you call Kirsty, Lauren and Matt and get them over? We're coming back briefly to say goodbye before we go off again and I'll explain what's happened at the same time, OK?"

"Alright," Jackie sighed, sad to hear that her little girl was leaving again. She had gotten used to her being at home during the last month. She hung up after saying goodbye and then fished through the address book for her daughter's friend's numbers.

"Mum wanted to know about Mr. Saxon," Rose commented after putting the phone down, "I assume the footage has been on the news already,"

"Excellent," Jack said, "She expecting us back now?"

Rose nodded and he activated the TARDIS to take them back to London.

"I've told her that I'll tell her what happened," Rose told the Doctor, "You don't have to be there if you don't want to though,"

"I'll be fine," the Doctor said, wrapping her up in a hug and kissing her, "But thanks for the offer." He had been back to his usual self this morning but Rose could still see the horror in his eyes. However, she knew it would fade with time.

A muffled bump signalled their arrival back at the Powell Estate and they got ready to leave.

The TARDIS trio were facing a slightly subdued but rather awed quartet of people about two hours later. They had just finished describing and explaining the whole mystery surrounding Mr. Saxon and the events of yesterday. To their credit, Lauren, Matt, Kirsty and Jackie had taken it all fairly well and had even commented that he got what he deserved. They had then decided to not talk about it anymore, other than Lauren's brief question,

"Rose, what was Mr. Saxon's name?"

Rose grinned at the Doctor who smiled mischievously back. "Harold Maximilian Saxon," she announced,

"Max the Sax," the Doctor murmured, "That's what I'd call him."

This earned a laugh from everyone and they continued to chat about everyday things.

About half an hour later, there came a knock at the door. Matt stood up, his cheeks flaming. "Um, I think that might be my… friend," he said, "Jack, can I talk to you briefly?"

"Sure." The American ex-Time Agent followed the almost twenty year old out of the room. Matt opened the front door and quickly told whoever was waiting outside that he wouldn't be long before he turned back to Jack.

"Um, I kind of met someone a couple of days ago," he admitted, not entirely sure of Jack's reaction,

"That's brilliant!" he cried, "I'm so pleased for you, Matt,"

"Thanks," Matt said, blushing a bit, "I wasn't sure how you were gonna take it as I wasn't sure if we were in a relationship or not,"

"Nah," Jack said, dismissing it, "This is what we were aiming for. So, what's their name?"

"Jake," Matt said, "I met him at that gay bar we went to a week or two ago,"

"Great!" Jack enthused, "When can I meet him?"

"Now," returned Matt. He nervously opened the door and a young man stepped in.

Rose, her mother, lover and two friends were sat in the lounge, wondering what Matt and Jack were talking about and who the mysterious visitor was, when Matt walked back in.

"I…I need to talk to you three," he announced, paling slightly,

"We'll wash up the tea mugs," the Doctor injected quickly. Rose smiled at him gratefully and kissed him before he and Jackie disappeared into the kitchen, leaving the four friends in private.

Matt stood self-consciously in front of the girls, twisting his hands nervously. He decided to just come out with it. "I'm…erm…I'm bi," he stammered, hardly daring to look at his friends, "I only found out a couple of weeks ago and Jack's been helping me come to terms with it and stuff but I didn't want to tell you when Rose still couldn't remember and I just hope you're OK with it." He ground to a halt and stared anxiously at the girls. They all looked rather surprised to begin with.

"That is so cool!" Lauren suddenly burst out, "We've actually got a bi friend!"

"You're… you're OK with it?" Matt asked, sounding surprised,

"Yeah!" Kirsty hastened to reassure him, "I think it's awesome,"

"Yeah, we still love you," Rose said, "And if I've learnt anything from living with Jack, bi guys have twice as much fun!"

Matt smiled, relieved and glad that they were taking it so well. "I've kind of got a boyfriend, as well," he admitted. He opened the lounge door and a tall young man walked in. He had short spiky hair and looked to be in his late twenties. "This is Jake," Matt introduced.

Rose stared at Jake as Kirsty and Lauren happily went over to greet him. She then stood up and let herself into the kitchen.

"Doctor?" she said, "Um, Matt's new boyfriend is here and I think you need to see him."

Her lover threw her a curious glance before taking her hand and entering the lounge. His jaw dropped.


Jake looked up. "Hi, do I know you?"

"No," the Doctor replied, "Well, nice to meet you. I'm the Doctor and this is Rose, by the way!" He gave a cheery grin before pulling Rose back into the kitchen.

"Matt is going out with Jake," he stated,

"It's so crazy," Rose giggled, "Do you think it's our Jake or this universe's Jake?"

"It can't be our Jake," the Doctor decided, talking of the young man that Mickey had befriended on the parallel world, "Well, who would have guessed that we'd meet Jake again out of the millions of people in London!"

They collapsed, holding onto one another whilst laughing hysterically.

Jackie suddenly bounded in. "Right, let's have a party!" she shouted, "Jake, you're very welcome to stay, darling! Let's party!"

Early the next morning, on the Saturday that Rose would have had her one-on-one with Mr. Saxon and announced his name to the world, the TARDIS trio stood outside their trusty time ship saying goodbye to Jackie, Matt, Lauren and Kirsty. It felt extra sad this time as they had stayed on Earth for so long that Jackie and Rose's friends had really gotten used to having the time travellers around. But Rose was desperate to resume her normal life, travelling the stars, and the Doctor would always do whatever she wanted. As for Jack, he knew he'd never leave either of them.

"Come back soon," Lauren said, hugging Rose extra hard,

"Yeah, you'll have to," Matt said, taking his turn, "You have to come back for my twentieth next month. I'll text you the day before to remind you,"

"Thanks," Rose said, "And I will be there, promise."

Matt nodded and turned to Jack who took his hand and led him away from the group.

"Look after her, Jack," he told his friend,

"I always do," replied Jack, "And as for you, make sure you're happy, Matt. Make sure Jake treats you right and if you're worried about anything, call me. Other than that, have fun,"

"I will," Matt said, swallowing heavily. He leant up and put his arms around Jack, hugging him tightly before he turned his face and kissed Jack on the lips. "Thanks for everything," he mumbled,

"You're welcome." Jack stepped back and looked over at their friends, all who were staring at them. Jackie, Lauren and Kirsty were looking shocked but the Doctor and Rose were grinning. "Are we off then?" he questioned, strolling back over to them with Matt,

"Yep," the Doctor said, "Allons y!"

Rose hugged and kissed her mother one final time and both the Doctor and Jack had to endure a bear-hug from Jackie before they walked into the TARDIS. Jack closed the door and the Doctor set her off before cuddling Rose tightly to him. He was determined to have her in his arms as much as possible after the past month. Jack came and stood by them, a grin on his face, as the three of them watched the time rotor pump up and down, taking them through the vortex.

They were off again; off for more adventures in time and space.

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