Nightly Passion

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Chapter 1

Sweet Love

Yugi woke up the next morning to sun shining on the very dark curtains of her loves bedroom. She heard a small sigh next to her and looked and saw her handsome king. She blushed remembering how everything went last night.

After the ritual, Yami took Yugi to his bed. They made the sweetest love that could ever be given to anyone. Their cries and moans of pleasure kept everyone up last night. Everyone except Joey and Seto. Their moans and groans were just as loud as hers and Yami's.

The most remembering part of last night, was when Yami turned Yugi into a vampire. Now she was bound to him forever. And she was happy when she was turned because she could be with the man of her dreams forever without fear or worry of death.

Or so she thought.

Far away, was the same shadow that appeared the night before. No one seemed to see the shadow or even knew there was one. The only ones that would know were Seto and Yami and they were still asleep.

The shadow shifted into a man. This man had very tanned skin, silver hair, and a scar on his cheek. He had the coldest eyes anyone had ever seen. He turned and chuckled.

"Soon Yami, you will suffer just as you made me suffer 5000 years ago."

He broke out into a villainous laugh and disappeared.

Back at Yami and Yugi's room

Yugi snuggled into Yami's firm, warm chest. She looked up to his face. Underneath that tough exterior, was a gentle man that had claimed her as his own.

She lifted her hand to his face and slowly stroked it. She moved her hand when she heard and saw him wake up. His tough crimson eyes opened and softened when he saw her on his chest.

He reached over and kissed her on the lips and forehead.

"Good morning my sweet hikari."

"Good morning, my handsome king."

Yami leaned down and nuzzled her. She giggled like a little school girl that just got an A+ on a test. She started to moan when he started to kiss her neck.

He rolled over on top of her and started to kiss her again.

"Maybe I can take you again?"

"As much as I would love that, we have to get up."

Yami groaned as he slowly got out of bed. Yugi got up last because she wanted to watch and make sure he didn't fall asleep again.

After he was in the tub, she got up and went into the bathroom herself. She saw him in the tub resting on the side. She slowly made her way to the tub.

She got in slowly and almost silently. She swam over to him and started to wash him. She was only doing it out of love. He looked to her and moved forward so that she could be behind him and wash his back.

She went behind him and began to wash him. He moaned at the special attention to his back. He leaned back and fell asleep against her body.

She smiled at seeing her love asleep in her arms. The warm water was making her sleepy too. So she fell asleep too. She thought that the servants would come and wake them in a while.

All she cared for right now was the man of her dreams lying on her chest. All was peaceful for them.

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