"Takya... Takya?... Wake Up!!!!" cried Cosmo.
There was a lurch from under the sheets " Five more minutes..." I cry
" No Im sorry Takya boy but get up and get changed we are late for school."
"Ok...Ok, Im up Im up! For gods sake Im up May!" I laughed from under the sheets, Cosmo a girl aged 15, a girl who you couldnt miss as she has bright black hair with red hints and bright red eyes (its hard not to miss that) started to tickle my feet.
"Dont call me that! I dont like my real name!" She laughed sticking her tounge out.
" Really now? I think the name May is kind of a turn on!" I laughed, winking.
" Shut up and get changed! You idiot!" Cosmo chucked a pair of black jeans and a My Chemical Romance shirt at me. " Come on we've got 10 mins!"

On the way to school we were met up by Ash a small geeky type of guy and his sister Sophia.
" Hey Cosmo!...Um...hi...Takya" Sophia said blushing.
" Oh some one likes you!!!!" May, formaly known as Cosmo, whispered.
" She may like me but personally she looks like a donkey thats just fallen down a ditch." I whispered back.
Actually Sophia was one of the prettiest girls in the whole school and was adored by many of the guys. But for some reason Takya, a highly humerous guy, tall for his age (16) and very handsom( dark black hair, blue eyes and had the power to make it snow by clicking his fingers) did not see the attractive points on her.
" I heard that!" Sophia cryed running away into the distance.
" Hey, dude whys your sis so touchy now?" I asked Ash.
" I dunno, must be the time of month." Ask winked in a understand me kind of way.
We laughed all the way into school and Ash, Cosmo and I couldnt help but snigger when we looked at each other in class.
" RIGHT NOW CLASS!" Mr Chang, our teacher entered the room. He was short, fat and had cute little chubby cheeks that seemed to remind you of a Christmas elf who decided to eat all of santas treats this year that would probably be 10000 million mince pies and twice as much as that in Alcohol, all eaten on christmas eve.
" Mr Konjio and Miss Luthiano will you please open your desks! I dont want to find anything stupid in there."
Cosmo and I looked at each other and opened our desks, trying to keep the laughter in. This time 4 cats, a rooser, reminents of some mice that have been kept to feed the cats and a christmas card that i forgot to put up 4 years ago lay slightly moldy and smelling of cat pee in the corner of the desk.
Cosmos desk smelt strangly of rotting vegitation and contained a pictuer of me and her smileing when we were 3 ( her most prised posession) and a donkey!
" GET RID OF THOSE ANIMALS NOW!" Mr Chang bawled at us.

The rest of the day was pretty much normal and the now 7 of us Ash, Len, Yen, Amme, Sophia, Cosmo and I went back to my house for melon bread and green tea.
We looked in the letter box and there it was a blue letter which could change our lives forever!