Title: Life in a Small Town
Genre: Naruto
Warnings & Pairings & Characters: Yaoi & Kakairu & as many characters as fit into the story properly while keeping to their ages
Summary: Iruka in first person, a quick rundown of his life, AU Present day
Status: Complete, unbeta'd

Chapter Four

Kakashi wasn't inside when I showed up late at the farmhouse. I took my time unloading the food Auntie had sent; several easy to bake pre-mixed dishes. It was only when the clock struck ten that I started getting worried even though I knew he was now as familiar with our small forest as I was. I struck out searching with a flashlight just in case.

He wasn't hard to find, but he was surprised when I snuck up on him from behind as he sat by the lake. The cheshire moon was thinly reflected on its surface and the fireflies were showing off on the far side. I turned my light off and sat beside him in companionable silence as we enjoyed the warm night.

"There's a memory I have of this place, and it doesn't feel real," he finally told me. "But you're here with me in this setting with the lightning bugs and a bright moon and you're telling me goodbye."

I kept from laughing and stretched my arms. "It's not a real memory. It's what might have happened, but it won't now. I don't see myself ever having to tell you goodbye again unless you're the one who wants to leave." I glanced over to look at him in the dark. I could see that he'd taken his eye patch off and his mismatched eyes were now exposed. "I don't think I want you to leave again, though."

He lowered his gaze to his hands, clasped in his lap. "I'm not…" He tried again. "I don't want to leave, either."

I knew there was probably more things we should have sat there and talked about, important ideas to understand about each other and how we thought the future should turn out, but I felt that sitting there beside him and reaching my hand over to grab one of his was enough for right then. We sat and held hands and he eventually asked about the lightning bugs which I immediately corrected him as 'fireflies.' We slept apart that night, but I didn't worry. We still had thirteen more nights and this was time all to ourselves for now. I wasn't feeling a rush after he had held my hand just as tightly that night.

The next morning we dined on cereal and coffee. Over the weeks he'd been with us Kakashi had grown used to 'grumpy Iruka' mornings and patiently waited for me to down my favored two cups before starting a conversation that didn't start with 'would you like more sugar' and end with an assenting grunt from me.

"You're here now," he started with easy words. "So I can only assume you won't need to be back for a while."

I peered over at him through a barely opened eyelid and sipped loudly but said nothing. He stood up and took both of our now empty bowls over to the sink only to return and sit back down across from me at the small kitchen table. I stayed silent as I stood up and stretched in my pajamas then turned to leave the kitchen. "It's early," I threw behind me flippantly. "I'm on vacation, so I'm going back to bed." I turned a corner and slowed my already shuffling pace to a stop then pivoted and poked my head back in to the kitchen with a wide smile. He was still sitting there but now staring straight at me.

"You don't happen to want to join me, do you," I asked while I felt my face turning red. He was out of his chair and holding my shoulders against the hallway wall within seconds. I could only stare at him with a surprised look until he touched our foreheads together.

"Iruka," he said almost calmly. "You just gave me permission again, didn't you?"

I blinked then squeaked as he leaned in to me. "Permission? It sounded more like an invitation to me." My hands traveled straight to his hips and grabbed hold. I had previously thought I was ready for when he would kiss me again, but what happened next as our lips met was beyond anything my mind had attempted to process. The complex emotions transferred to me through that kiss were enough to make me cry as he held me; there was so much sadness and yearning and then anticipation. As soon as Kakashi pulled away I dived in and promptly nipped at his neck in one particular spot I remembered well. After that I was being pulled into his bedroom and accosted to my utter and complete joy.

Our hands were all over each other and pretty soon our pajamas weren't. My fingers sought out the new scars I'd kept myself from looking at too obviously as I sat straddling his thighs. He was gently pushed down on the bed so my tongue could explore them also and with nice accompaniment if his groans were anything to go by. I wanted our first time together again to be memorable, but we both acted like randy teenagers and wound up making a mess against our bare stomachs in quick succession.

We laid there together arms wrapped around the other for some time just talking like I knew we needed to, but reveling in the feel of each other as we did. It was somehow easier to listen to Kakashi's fears about his own mental condition when I could feel his hand running up and down my back. I could only hope it was easier for him to hear how I didn't care and wanted him to stay with me in any condition he could as I began kissing us back into action.

We stayed near each other that entire day and mostly naked though I did demand pants when we went lunch and then dinner hunting. That night I had him laughing on the front porch over everybody's 'seduce Kakashi' plans even if it earned me a few bonks on the head. I didn't mind as the forgiving neck massage afterwards quickly turned full body. It was only with the furtive whispering of the word 'splinters' that I got Kakashi off the front porch and back into the house for what was looking to be my memorable and long lasting session with his body for the second time that day.

We christened the couch, the shower again, and then my bed was taken to for the night as it was bigger than Kakashi's. He succeeded in stealing my one pillow forcing me to use his shoulder. When his wandering hands woke me the next morning I had somehow stolen it back and was having to deal with him being draped over me in place of the blanket one of us had kicked to the floor. Right then I found a new cure for my grumpy mornings even though it took entirely too much time to be useful.

We had our two weeks together and thoroughly enjoyed them. I eventually called Auntie to inform her that my plan had worked and could hear her smile through the phone. Jiraiya was also called, and a grand plan evolved. Kakashi wound up moving back to the city for a few months to finalize things there, but we all had a grand party when he returned with a new truck packed with boxes. The boys accused him of staying a city boy since he had decided that keeping his truck sparkling was a perfect way to keep them out of mischief. I decided that his truck needed some weathering in and took him and it mudding as soon as spring made it possible. The boys got to ride in the back. For the many years afterwards that we had that truck it was never clean again.

My Auntie continuously called us the perfect romantic storyline, great loves separated then brought back together to live happily ever after; which it almost seemed to be. The town accepted us as a permanent couple after getting us shoved done their throats at every town meeting when we would show up together. I continued at the school and eventually lobbied to get Kakashi a consulting position on the board. He helped us immensely with adding new classes and stealing good teachers. I was finally given a permanent class assignment and enjoyed chewing out sixth graders for years.

It was seven years after Kakashi had stayed with us that we lost the boys to college. Naruto earned a sports scholarship, but eventually graduated with honors in agriculture. He came back to the farm to run it 'properly' he would describe it. I thankfully dropped the entire load on his lap which he didn't seem to mind at all. Sasuke went into finance and set up house in a nearby city, only a few hours drive away. He never married, but enjoyed spoiling the kids that Naruto's wife popped out every three years regularly for some time. After Auntie passed away and Naruto took over the farm, Kakashi and I moved in to the house in town permanently and helped Naruto and his family find a larger house in town to move in to for the school season.

Kakashi's eye never got better as expected, but he never worried about what to be for Halloween. His minor memory problems were easily dealt with and eventually disappeared altogether. I introduced him to my friends from college and we got into the habit of occasionally driving to spend time with Genma and Raidou; and also had them out to the farm once in while. Raidou was even considering leaving the city completely when his bar burned down, but Genma loved his job at the foster house too much.

I was eventually offered the position of principal at the elementary school after much discussing and sideways looking at completely inappropriate people by the school board. Kakashi finally had to throw his hands up and resign his position with the board to get me there, but they all felt better afterwards. He thumbed his nose at them by immediately getting hired by our mayor at a higher rate of pay. Until he retired he was the power behind the power in our town as everyone knew he was just too smart to let any idiot idea get past him; whether it was from someone who lived in our town, or a big city proposal.

We got older together, something that I had once thought impossible, but I relished every minute of it. It wasn't until I finally retired that I realized how much of a dream life I'd experienced even when the bad was weighed against the good. My dream finally ended when I lost Kakashi just before his seventy-fifth birthday. I had retired a few years before that and we had taken up a regular schedule of traveling. We were able to see and experience all sorts of things, plus bring back goodies for the grandkids. It was a good, long life for us both, and it still went on after as I had Sasuke move back in to town soon after we lost Kakashi. He came back with a surprise though, a new wife with a grown daughter from a previous marriage. They moved in with me and Sasuke set up his own little investment business in town. I was now able to see and experience everything from where Auntie had once stood and I enjoyed it immensely.

My family continued to grow as the grandkids had their own children and they grew up to form their own families. They spread out across the state and even across the oceans, but I was able to hold my tiny new born great-great- granddaughter before I finally saw Kakashi again. That night when I opened my eyes to see my lover waiting with a hand held out for me once more was just one more happy sight to add to the many that I'd already seen. With one last breath and no hesitation; I wished the world and my family well and smiled as my fingers were finally entwined with his again, and I knew that this time I wouldn't ever have to let go.


A/N: Well, one of the few stories I've ever finished :D I think it turned out well for my first journey into first person POV. I enjoyed skipping around over the years and just hitting the highlights, hope that didn't bother too many. Thank you for enjoying it. :D