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Here we go. The Demon Hero, Razgriz, my original character (original Titan) meets the Teen Titans. This occurs one week after my previous fan fiction "Beast Boy and Raven". Half of this fanfiction is centered on my OC Razgriz, and the other half is centered on BB and Raven continuing their relationship from the previous fanficiton. Enjoy!

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Note #2: It is advised you read my Previous Teen Titan Fan-fiction "Beast Boy and Raven" if you have not yet. This serves as a continuation of that fan-fiction, sort of like a following episode.



Razgriz is a demon who long ago used its demonic powers to spread death across the world. However, after many years of destruction the demon was struck down by a lone warrior and was thought to be dead. In truth the demon survived the fatal attack and crawled into a deep cave known at that time as the Depths of Despair. The demon rested there for many long years to recover. During its slumber Mankind turned on itself, spreading their own death across their own world. Sensing the evil that had suddenly grown around it the Razgriz awoke. When it came out of the Depths of Despair it no longer had the desire to destroy life, seeing as the life it once longed so much to extinguish was on the verge of destroying itself. The Razgriz felt pity for Mankind and a desire it never experienced before its slumber: the desire to save people.

The Razgriz chose the form of a female for its appearance instead of its hawk-like apparition form and set out to stop the evil that Mankind had gained. Her new form did not look entirely human however; her eyes were a deep red and glowing at times, and her magnificent black wings could not be concealed. Her appearance resulted in some unwanted attention in the nearest city.

Chapter 1 The Demon Arises

The Teen Titans were enjoying the fresh air of the weekend out at the park. Cyborg was grilling up the food, Robin and Starfire were walking through the park, and Raven was sitting with Beast Boy at a bench far across from Cyborg. It had been a week since Beast Boy and Raven had time to themselves on the Tower's roof.

Beast Boy spoke with some shakiness in his tone, "So… Do you think we should tell them yet? I mean… I'll understand if you don't want to."

Raven knew what he meant but decided to fish for an explanation anyway, "What do you mean if I don't want to?"

Beast Boy was growing a bit nervous, "Well, I mean… I know you don't like… I mean you…" He sighed, "I really don't know…."

She put her head on his shoulder and looked up into his eyes making him blush, "I know what you're talking about…" She changed her tone to a slightly depressed one, "They're our best friends and I want to tell them but…"

They talked in unison as they sighed out the words, "I'm not ready to yet." She took her head off his shoulders, stunned for a second, then they both smiled at each other.

They talked in unison again, "Yeah, lets wait for a little longer." Their conversation ended at a perfect time, Cyborg was waving them over.

Cyborg said jokingly, "Hey lovebirds! Foods finished!" Robin and Starfire were walking nearby and immediately thought Cyborg was talking to them, they went over to the table without giving it a second thought. Beast Boy and Raven both got up and started to walk over to the table. Raven gave Beast Boy a cocked eyebrow at Cyborg's remark on the way then Beast Boy simply smiled at her in response.

They knew sitting together at the table might raise some suspicion but they weren't worried. The others didn't saying anything about it, probably because Robin and Starfire were sitting together and Cyborg was sitting on Beast Boy's left so it would look like Raven had to sit on Beast Boy's right.

Starfire with a nearly full mouth, "Friend! Your cooking never ceases to fill my hunger!" She swallowed the food in her mouth and put in another steak.

He responded, "Thanks Star!" Then seemingly spoke to himself, "It never fails to fill me up either!"

Raven added a little shyly, "It is pretty good…" She took another bite of her food.

Cyborg took the compliment and quickly turned to Beast Boy holding out a big steak slice on a fork, "See BB, even Raven likes it! Why don't you try some already?"

Beast Boy wasn't mad at all and responded casually, "Dude, I don't care if even Raven likes it I'm still not eating meat." He took a bite out of his tofu burger, "But the sauce you made is awesome!"

Cyborg smiled happily, "Thanks BB, it's my own special recipe," Beast Boy stopped chewing for a second and looked at Cyborg with sad worried eyes, "Don't worry! No meat, I promise." Cyborg patted him on the back; Beast Boy grinned and went back to eating.

Starfire started teasing Robin by dangling a slice of his steak over his head only to put it in her mouth instead. Robin looked sad for a moment then smirked, "So that's how you wanna play?" He went in after the food, tongue first, knowing she had already swallowed it. Starfire to look playfully shocked and the others looked away in disgust but they were laughing as well. It was apparent to everyone that Robin and Starfire had really grown on each other in the past six months that they've been together. The rest of the team didn't mind; they were happy the two were finally together, almost as happy as the couple was.

A few minutes after Robin finished fishing in Starfire's mouth his communicator went off as if on queue to ruin their weekend. He stood up and turned around as the voice spoke through the communicator. The others stood up, already knowing what he was going to say.

He closed his communicator and turned back to face the team, "We have a situation downtown." Without another word Cyborg got in his T-Car with Beast Boy, Robin got on his R-Cycle, and the girls started to fly.

Robin briefed them through his communicator, "There's a girl walking around downtown causing a pretty violent riot."

Raven was a little confused, "So we're taking a break from super villains? Or is there something special about this girl?"

Robin continued, "She has glowing red eyes, black wings and threw a few bricks at rioters with some sort of black aura."

Beast Boy scratched his forehead, "Black aura like Raven's magic or just regular black aura?"

Robin responded, "The report didn't say, just a black aura but someone described it as some sort of magic."

Raven had an uneasy feeling, "I have a bad feeling about this. The descriptions sounds… Familiar. Reminds of a demon myth I read a few weeks ago."

Before she could finish they spotted the rioting crowd. They got out of their vehicles, the two girls landed, and started running to the crowd trying to disperse it.

Cyborg moved a few people out of his way, "Everyone get out of here now! It's dangerous!"

A woman responded, "It's the Teen Titans!" The crowd cheered and started to disperse in to a safe distance making it easier for the Titans to get to the girl who caused this. But the circle of people directly in front of the girl refused to move. This circle of people looked particularly angry.

Robin got suspicious, "That's weird… It looks like the entire riot was surrounding one person…"

One of the men in the circle spoke to the girl in a short-tempered voice with a large rock in his hand, "We don't need any more Freaks in this city! You're not welcome here, Leave!" The rest of the small crowd shouted in agreement. The girl who supposedly caused the riot simply looked forward even when a glass bottle hurdled toward her. She stopped the bottle with her power and made the bottle explode. The aura that surrounded the bottle looked almost exactly like Raven's magic.

Robin was starting to get worried about the crowd and surprisingly about the girl, "Alright everyone it's too dangerous here! We'll handle this." He took out his Bo staff as the other Titans gathered behind him ready to defend against the strange girl.

Another member of the angry crowd spoke in a voice that would make any other person fear him, "We don't need help from you and your band of Freaks! So go back to that island you live on and let us Real people deal with this!"

Robin had a serious look on his face as the truth finally entered his mind: the girl wasn't the real cause of the riot the way they all thought she was. The real cause was probably a few people who had a hate for anything out of the ordinary or just plain hate. He turned around to see his team with looks of sadness and spite on their faces. They all have dealt with being different; Cyborg being mostly robotic, Beast Boy having green skin, Starfire being an alien, and Raven being a half demon herald of the apocalypse.

The crowd rushed in towards the girl with either bricks or pipes or their bare fists as weapons before the Titans could do anything about it. The strange girl spread her black wings and created some sort of dark magic shielding around her. When the crowd hit the shielding they were forced back, some of them hit the surrounding buildings hard enough to knock them out while others hurriedly got to their feet and started to run dropping their rioting weapons on the way.

The Titans stared at the girl who remained still for several seconds. The girl folded her wings behind her and finally spoke in a shaky voice that didn't seem to have been used in a long time, "… Insolent humans…" She had an accent that would have sounded almost Russian if not for the shakiness. The Titans started to look a little more defensive as she went on, "Attacking the first strange thing they see… You need not fear me strangers… Unless you are the Evil I seek to destroy."

Robin relaxed his stance and put his Bo stick away, the others relax as well after seeing him do this, "Everyone, check on the injured. Raven, see if they need any healing."

The strange girl spoke in that same shaky accented voice, "So… you are allies in the fight against the Evil that has grown?"

Robin approached her with little caution, "We're the Teen Titans and we defend this city. My name's Robin." He put his hand forward and she took it gently but didn't have the strength to shake it, "Who are you?"

Again in her shaky voice that now seemed to be collapsing on its self, "They called me… The Demon of Razgriz…" She stumbled forward and landed on her knees, Robin half-caught her.

Her voice was getting weaker, "Forgive me… I have slept for many years and my spirit is still… waking up."

Her head shifted quickly as she spotted Raven healing someone; her hand was surrounded in the same black magic aura that Razgriz had used a moment ago. Her eyes narrowed with curiosity. Raven noticed she was being stared at and returned it with a suspicious piercing gaze.

Robin sounded casual, "We'll take you to the Tower's medical room until you recover, is that fine with you?"

Her voice was getting surprisingly weaker, "Yes... I suppose… it is… fine…" She fainted.

To Be Continued.


So what'd ya think? Hope you like the start. This fanfic is a bit longer than my last one. More soon! Maybe a week, maybe less.