Ok, so here's what I was supposed to write about for Insight. Again, I am sorry for abandoning this…

Ok, Voldemort was not going to allow Harry back at Hogwarts until October 31st as some sort of cruel joke. Their relationship is an odd one, confusing Harry to many lengths. Death Eater's tried to attack him at first, but Voldemort protects him just a bit too much, making Harry feel a bit awed and unsure. After all, no one had ever protected him before in such a manner.

Ironically enough, he completes his animagus transformation on October 31st. Aside from Voldemort's cruel joke that they both know about, Voldemort says its Harry's gift for completing such an advance form of magic.

He arrives at school in the middle of the feast thanks to a portkey. Harry doesn't even know how he arrives there, since all Voldemort said was, "See you soon, Harry." Chaos spreads quite quickly, and Harry is embraced by his friends. However, upon looking at his face, his friends draw back in horror, noting his snake eyes and extra sharp fangs.

Hurt, Harry is dragged up to the Headmasters office. Harry's tells them almost everything, but decides to leave out his emotions towards Voldemort and the experiments based on emotions and power Voldemort performed on him, as well as his animagus form. And then Snape enters, causing Harry to get pissed.

He attacks by trying to bite him and poison him, but is stopped by Dumbledore. Pomfrey takes some tests, much to Harry's disgust, and he is moved to a private room for both his safety and the students. Unless he can learn to control his anger and snake urges, he is stuck there.

His friends try to make peace with him, but tension is high in the air. Strangely enough, he finds a real confidant in Shay and Hedwig. November passes by, and school is well. Tonks, the DADA teacher has the class work mostly on illusions and defense. A little bored with his classes, Harry looks through the library, but after being in Voldemort's castle for a few months he sees boring stuff and tries to break into the Restricted Section.

He manages to take one book on Dark Creatures before getting caught. His book is safely hidden, and the second book he had taken was put away. His room is now modified to lock him in at 8:30 except for classes.

With his friends moving slowly away because of uncertainty, Harry writes to Sirius, hoping for good news and advice. A letter later and Harry is satisfied and happy. After being told he is loved no matter who he is or what he looks like makes Harry pleased. Sirius really knew how to brighten his mood.

December enters, and Harry is bummed because he is not allowed to play Quidditch for the year. After already snapping at Malfoy a few times and almost leaking poison, the Professors didn't want to take the chance. His friends, however, try to make up with him and succeed. For a brief time he is happy, but he keeps getting this nagging feeling. For the first time since being in Voldemort's castle, Harry transforms into the two tailed fox and runs off into the forest during dinner.

The freedom he was feeling! How could he ever give this up? He runs and runs until the necklace he was given by Dumbledore warms up, telling him it is time to get back to his room. Annoyed that he couldn't take it off because it would alert the Headmaster and because he had to give up this freedom, Harry runs back to his room with an empty stomach but a pleased grin.

In the middle of December Harry finds out, with annoyance, that he misses Voldemort right when he receives a letter from the man. Harry is taken up to the office. Because Harry had been bonded as Voldemort's heir, Voldemort could legally walk into the Ministry, sue it for all its worth, as well as Dumbledore, take Harry away and get off completely free.

Sad that he couldn't stay with his friends, Harry bids them goodbye at the station and just stands there, holding his trunk, just as Voldemort told him to. While Harry and the Weasely's are confused, an annoying tug portkeys him directly on a rug in front of Voldemort's chair.

Annoyed, Harry asks how Voldemort keeps teleporting him back and forth. Smirking that evil smirk of his, Voldemort tells him that the earring on his ear is an automatic portkey to the Great Hall in Hogwarts and to the rug, which Harry is currently sitting on, in front of Voldemort's chair.

Harry, thinking he is going to become more depressed than usual, is shocked when Voldemort surprised him by allowing him to walk through the forest for as long as he desires. Suspicious of this new freedom, Harry asks Voldemort what he would do if he ran away. With another smirk, Voldemort informs him that the nearest home or living human in one hundred miles away with wards to keep them away from the very edge of forest.

Annoyed, but finding himself surprisingly grateful for this, Harry stuns the both of them with a "Thank You."

Christmas goes off pretty fine. He doesn't receive any letter from his friends thanks to the wards, but Voldemort gifts him with dragon hide boots from the very same dragon he had competed against in the Tournament. Voldemort made a few nasty comments about all his help during the resurrection ceremony and Harry threatens to both curse and poison him on his 21st birthday.

Voldemort then tells him that if he really feels that way he could have made a dragon hide collar and beaten him into submission until he no longer felt any traitorous thoughts toward his father. Annoyed, Harry erupts into a yelling match… actually, he just yells at Voldemort before being locked in his room for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Harry is surprised Voldemort lets him out. Amused, Voldemort tells him that all children fight with their father (which makes Harry angry again) and tells him, subtly, that no one deserves to be caged forever. He is of course hinting at Dumbledore. Harry, who had already forgotten his night in the cage the first night, immediately thinks of his old Headmaster.

It is time for school again, and Harry is teleported back into the Great Hall before the other students arrive, much to his relief. He is a bit saddened to be leaving the Dark Lord, but blames that on the messed up emotions and experiments he's done.

He has another falling out with his friends, making him extremely depressed. Sirius no longer answers his mail because of a mission, but Harry doesn't know that. When February arrives and no one but Shay and Hedwig responds to him, Harry is almost driven over the edge.

Walking around at 1:00 in the morning, silent tears trek down Harry cheeks where he runs into McGonagall. The teachers, who had all been a bit wary of him because of his new position and look, had strayed away from him. But seeing Harry's tears make the professor pause. She tries to talk with him, but he runs. Emotions running wild, McGonagall, Snape and Dumbledore corner a shaken Harry Potter.

He is trapped in corner, panting like a caged animal, unsure whether or not to attack or flee. Then, for the first time in almost a year, he uses his connection with Voldemort. Unknown to him, he sends a message to Voldemort with visions. Using his double portkey, Voldemort arrives in front of Harry, sneering at the professors. Snape manages to slip into the shadows but the others leave him be.

Harry is silently sobbing in a corner while Shay tries to comfort him. Dumbledore and Voldemort soon make it some type of competition. Whoever can coax Harry towards him gets to keep him. Hurt and angry, Harry unintentionally transforms into his fox form. Blue fire surrounds him and a third tail grows. With a hateful glare at the adults, Harry disappears as the fire surrounds him completely.

Landing in a dense tropical forest, Harry tells Shay to bite off a chunk of his ear to get rid of the earring. Unsurely and with a lot of coaxing and demands, Shay takes a small chunk out of Harry's ear. Piercing it with his fangs and using venom, Harry makes the magical object shrivel and become useless. He does the same with the bracelet Dumbledore put on him.

Now completely free of all restriction, Harry is unsure of what to do. Staying in fox form, Shay wraps around him as he runs through the forest, uncaring of where he winds up. All he cared about was running, running until no one could ever find him. Exactly two days of running without any stops except to take a brief drink of water from a stream, Harry finally stops where Hedwig finds him.

Warmed by her love and care, Harry finally breaks down and cries. He cries and cries until there are no tears. Surrounded by the two that love him, Harry wanders the forest and studies his three tails, curious to how he created a new one. Thinking of how he teleported with fire, Harry spends time learning how to do it.

It takes him a week, and by that time his depression is at an all time low. He needs someone, he misses someone. Harry cries out to the full moon that night as he stares at the white orb, looking for answers.

Hedwig and Shay do all they can for Harry, bringing him fruit and meat. Harry had not once transformed back into human.

Finally, once the morning sun rose completely, Harry realized that he missed the one that had been there by him, giving him privileges and didn't deprive him of knowledge. Harry missed Voldemort, and he didn't feel any dread at the thought. He only felt wary. What would Voldemort do to him if he returned?

Settling his resolve, Harry fire teleports to the rug in front of Voldemort's throne. Sure enough, Voldemort is there, looking completely surprised by his arrival. Scared, Harry instinctually lowers his head and ears and closes his eyes, waiting for the blow to happen.

There is a minute of stillness, and Harry has not opened his eyes. And then two strong hand pull him up onto a lap and soon pet him softly. Words of comfort are given to him. Surprised at being picked up, since he was bigger than a coyote, and at the words and caresses, Harry snaps open his eyes.

Voldemort tell Harry everything that he wanted to heard. He was told what he had wanted to hear his entire life. Relieved, Harry lets two tears fall onto Voldemort's chest before transforming back into human for the first time. He hugs Voldemort close to him and rubs his head into Voldemort's chest; afraid he would be pulled away or tricked.

Nothing happens, and Harry is soon asleep. With his eyes closed, Harry doesn't see the triumphant smirk on Voldemort's face. Shay and Hedwig, who had stayed on the rug, however, do see the smirk, and they were not pleased. But for Harry's sake, they kept their mouths shut.

A month and half passes. Harry is taught spells just like how he had been taught in the summer: With absolute obedience. This didn't bother him so much. But soon he began to miss his friends, and so Voldemort allowed Harry back to school. Harry took as much time as possible to write a letter to the Headmaster, asking to come back. The wards this time allowed him a letter which told him, quite heartily, that he was welcomed back whenever he wanted.

This time Harry was apparated to Hogsmeade by one of the Death Eater's where he was soon picked up by the Headmaster and people from the Order of the Phoenix. Another trip to the Headmasters office left Harry tired. He didn't tell them anything. He didn't tell them where he disappeared to or what Voldemort did to him. This left them wary, not that Harry blamed them. They probably though he had joined Voldemort. And he had, Harry conceded. In an odd way, he did.

Hogwarts had spread rumors of what had happened to him, and the chunk missing from his ear certainly didn't help matters. His room was kept the same. Dumbledore had told him that he had known that he would return and kept it the same and had not allowed anyone to touch his stuff. Grateful, Harry finally told his friends about his animagus form.

The Headmaster had already told him, which annoyed him a little, so there was no point in hiding it. His friends thought it was cool, which brought one of his first true smiles that year to life.

A few months pass by and O.W.L.s are coming up, making everyone extremely busy. A surprise, however, startles Harry out of his studying. Voldemort is demanding him back at the castle. Harry doesn't respond to the letter, not wanting to return the castle. Even though he had this odd relationship with the man didn't mean he wanted to be with him every single day. Voldemort still pissed him off.

After two weeks of ignoring the continual letters and his concerned friends, Voldemort soon has enough. There was a reason the Chamber of Secrets was never found by any Headmaster, and Voldemort uses that to his advantage.

Wandering through the corridors later at night because of a detention, Voldemort drags Harry into one of the other openings into the Chamber of Secrets and out into the forest where he Apparates away with the struggling boy.

Words are snarled at Voldemort, but the Dark Lord is too busy with the upcoming battle and doesn't have time for him. A quick backhand sends him sprawling to the ground. Stunned, Harry lays there as Voldemort walks away to prepare his troops. Gathering his thoughts, Harry leaves his room quietly and ends up in the dungeons. Annoyed at getting lost, Harry ends up in a very familiar room.

His cage is in the corner, still bent at odd angles. Horrified, Harry stares at it, wondering how he could have forgotten such a thing. His mind becomes confused and he sits in the bent cage, going over all the people he's met in his life. He thinks of everyone and their personalities. Voldemort… now that just made his head hurt as he thought about the cruel hearted Dark Lord.

The same one that gave him praises gifts, knowledge, a home, a certain freedom and a father figure.

The same man that tortured him, locked him in a cage, hurt him mentally, took everything away, forced obedience out of him and forced him to be his son.

With a straight face, Harry leaves the cage and waits in his room. Following his instinct, Harry conjures a black bandana and charms it to hold a pouch on the inside where it can hold up to three hundred pounds. Being with Voldemort sure helped with his knowledge of spells. He is unsure of why he made it, but fills it with three of his favorite books that Voldemort had given him and the glass figures he had made. With no budge coming from the otherwise flat bandana, Harry stuffs it into his boot and waits.

Voldemort finds him later and beckons for him to follow. Harry doesn't let his face change as he is forced into a richly sewn black robe with gold lining and a emerald green basilisk on the front where the Dark Mark is tattooed on its forehead. Real rubies are used as its eyes. Harry feels a little sick but is not giving anything a way as he puts it on and stands in front of a mass of Death Eaters.

He is unsure of what is going on or what the meeting is about. He had always been forced into rich cloaks while being forced to stand by Voldemort's side as a meeting went on. But this one was different. They were preparing for an attack. Before he could force out a single word of protest, Voldemort apparates with Harry, the Death Eater's following.

When Harry arrives, screams and laughter fills the air as Death Eater's attack the surprised shoppers. Startled, Harry moves to help them but a single spell from Voldemort leaves him standing there, absolutely frozen. The only thing he can move is his head and eyes. No sound escapes his mouth as he glares at Voldemort.

Voldemort ignores the look and puts his hand under Harry's chin, forcing him to watch the carnage. Aurors and Dumbledore and his crew show up, fighting the Death Eaters.

Words are shouted and something about Harry betraying them all makes its way around the shoppers before Dumbledore can stop it. More fighting ensues and more words are said. Suddenly Sirius and Remus are called and show up, having been at a Werewolf pack for the year to convince them to join Dumbledore. Sadly, they did not have any success.

Harry's heart drop drops as he looks upon his betrayed looking Godfather, the one he had forgotten for almost the whole year. More action happens that hasn't been thought out yet and Harry breaks the spell Voldemort placed on him. He runs.

Wherever he runs shouts of betrayer follow him. Harry runs into a secluded are of the alley and hides in a ball under some wreckage. There was supposed to be a lot of detail about the betrayal of EVERYBODY…

As Harry hides and his anger grows, that nagging feeling that had bothered him for the entire year finally pulls. The betrayal of all stings him deeply and a low, guttural cry escapes his mouth as a growl grows. His fangs poke out of his lips, but Harry realizes there is no poison leaking. He has somehow controlled it.

His body begins to burn with some unknown feeling. Transforming, Harry fire teleports into his room at Hogwarts and falls to the ground, physical and mental pain overriding his senses.

A fourth tail grows. His back is stretching as he gets bigger, now the size of a young wolf. Black, feathery wings burst out of his back painfully. They are a blood red at the tips, reminding him of bloodstains. He stares into a mirror with awe as he lifts the wings and flutters his four tails. Shaking himself out of his stupor, Harry transforms back into human.

He winces as he sees the robe he had been forced to wear and rips it off, uncaring if it was now torn. He tears off his boots and underwear, completely naked and shivering, wondering what to do.

After a few minutes of resolution, Harry walks to his trunk where he clothes that he had bought at Hogsmeade since he was unwilling to wear Voldemort's fancy robes all the time.

He pulls out his own underwear, jeans and shirt. The jeans are ripped in numerous places thanks to a lot of physical activity outside and practicing Quidditch on his own since he could no longer be on the team. He stares back into the mirror and ruffles his hair, smiling grimly as it became messier than normal.

Harry takes the bandana out of his… Voldemort's boot and looks at his stuff seriously… grimly.

The first thing he stuffs into it is his father's invisibility cloak. His album and a few important gifts from his friends are put into it. He hesitates on the Firebolt before leaving it alone. He stuffs his bank key into the bandana before fingering a few books appreciably before stuffing them into his bandana. Reminded of books, Harry looks under the rug under his bed for the book he had taken from the Restricted Section. The book on Dark creatures.

With a sad smile, Harry opens the book, looking at the pictures of various animals. He does so quickly, reminded of the battle being taken place. He stops, however, at a picture of a one tailed fox. Below is it a two tailed before it continues on to nine tails.

Curious, Harry read about some of the fox's and their powers, slightly annoyed he had not opened the book sooner.

The fox gained more tails when something traumatizing happened, whether it was good or bad. It all depended on high emotions before power was given.

The first tail was just a normal fox with a bit more power than a regular fox than a demon. The second tail just grew more power and height. The third tail gained the ability to fire flash. The fourth tail, Harry read, was one of the most hardest to gain. No matter what, this tail could only be earned through deep regret or betrayal. It had to be so strong that you were willing to die, but only for a moment, before forcing every being in your body to survive and fight.

The reward for succeeding was wings to be free.

Harry would sigh sadly and close the book, not wanting to read any further. He dog eared it and put it into his bandana where he then tied it around his neck. He didn't bother to put on any socks or shoes, deciding to just wear his ripped up blue jeans and slightly dirty red T-shirt with his black bandana.

Forming a fist and sighing, but this time in determination, Harry walked out of his room. He ignored the stares and whispers. Shouts and demands were soon thrown at him as everyone soon heard about the fight going on.

Harry exited Hogwarts and stepped onto the grounds where he gazed at the sky. His friends soon ran up to him before he had a chance to fire flash away. All he had wanted to do was gaze at the forest and castle one last time.

They hugged him close, whispering thing to him. They demanded to know what was going on. Professor Tonks had apparently alerted the entire school of the fight. The very same fight that was still going. They asked if it was true. Demanded that he tell them he hadn't been at Voldemort's side during the fight and why he was dressed the way he was.

Harry couldn't answer anything. He was asked all the wrong questions where he was guilty of everything. He told them he couldn't tell them what he was going to do, and this only made them angry.

During that fight Hedwig, with Shay on her back, landed on his shoulder. With a sad smile, Harry turned into a fox, stunning them all with his new looks. Before he could fire flash away, Ron, Hermione and Ginny grabbed him and was forced to take them along for the ride.

The arrived in the middle of the fighting, pausing the fighters with the large ball of fire that was at least en feet high. Harry jumped away from his friends, Shay and Hedwig still on his back.

Dumbledore and Voldemort paused in their fight as well as Harry walked up to the calmly. Voldemort smirked triumphantly, calling him over with a dangerous purr to his voice.

Harry just stared at Voldemort coolly before turning back into a human. His change of clothes obviously angered Voldemort if the flash of his eyes had anything to say about that.

Harry went on with this speech at some point, talking about stuff and how he would no longer be anyone's puppet. Each person was mentioned: Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Sirius, Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Everyone was silent, but Voldemort would burst out laughing and erect a powerful shield around the two of them, startling Harry. His meager little plan to escape was completely destroyed as Voldemort used one of his gifts that had been bestowed upon him after being bonded to him as his Lord. The Ability To Punish.

Harry's veins, cells, bones and basically every single fiber in his body erupted into pain. It hurt more than the Cruciatus. Dumbledore and the others tried to break the shield, but it was too strong. Voldemort was finally using his full power.

Voldemort would say stuff at this point about obedience and other stuff.

Shay would then surprise everybody by biting Harry and glowing a bright brownish black. There had been a reason he had been with Harry. Like Nagini had been told to watch over Voldemort by the Slytherin snake guardians, Shay had been told as well. And this gave him a little magic to protect Harry.

He bit Harry and sucked up Harry's and Voldemort's magic into his tiny body. Once Harry was drained and shaking, Shay was writhing on the ground in pain and hissing louder than a train engine.

The onlookers could only watch as Shay exploded in more colors, sending out the magic at everybody but Hedwig and Harry, sending them all back. Harry picked himself up weakly but that was unneeded as Shay bit Harry once again and sent his magic back into him. Shay then fell limp, lying on his back with his mouth slightly open.

Horrified, Harry held Shay close as Hedwig hooted woefully. People tried to get to him, to take control or help or do whatever, but Harry wouldn't have any of that, especially not from Dumbledore or Voldemort.

Fire erupted around him as he was once again a fox. The blue fire turned see though as Harry glared at everyone around him. Carefully, Harry picked Shay up. Unfortunately, Harry bit Shay. With a woeful cry, Harry accidentally dropped Shay as he saw the young snake twitch horribly. The scales actually twitched as well before Harry and Hedwig watched, jaws dropped, as black wings tore out of Shay's body. Harry's magic and venom had helped him.

I swear there was supposed to be a lot of detail, but whatever.

Finally, Harry just stared at all the people trying to get him, not having realized they were trying to get through his fire shield. Harry spied Dumbledore and his friends shouting at him. Voldemort was also shouting at him, and Harry could tell by his face he had nothing nice to say.

Then, after nodding at Hedwig and Shay, Harry did what foxes were known for: being playful and tricksters.

He grinned toothily at everybody, shocking them all and waved at them with a paw. Then, slowly, he would flip them off with a long claw and flash teleport away, leaving an angry and disbelieving crowd.

There would be a scene jump where a detailed part of Harry is flying for the first time and feeling absolutely free. Hedwig and Shay would fly with him, one on each side, as they flew toward the large moon and over a dense forest where no human had entered for hundreds of years.

He would live there for the rest of his life, rarely changing back into human form except absolutely necessary. He traveled the world, yes, but mostly stayed in his forest. No human had ever captured him. He had been sighted a few times, yes, but they were so rare no one was sure if they were true. Harry would enter the magical world from time to time, doing certain things with purpose or to find information on the world.

The war still went on in England. No single side was winning, but no one seemed to be losing. Harry wondered if anyone would ever give up but decided not to think about it. He had a new life now, a free one. He ran through forests, mountains, beaches, deserts and even alley's. He ran during the day when he learned how to retract his wings and bring them back.

At night he flew. He flew with the moon and the stars, reveling in his true freedom. He had always learned from others that True Freedom Is Never Free.

Well, they were wrong. He had found true freedom, and he loved it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I am free," Harry whispered to the night as he stood upon Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.

He really had traveled the world, and had now wound up in Asia and had climbed to the top of the mountain. The cool temperature didn't bother him or Shay or Hedwig. They had magic on their side. Shay had grown quite a bit over the past two years of traveling. He was now nine feet long and had a twelve foot wing span and was as thick as Nagini.

Hedwig was beautiful. She always had been but with this new magic inside of her she had grown to four feet with a six and a half foot wing span. Black talons glinted wickedly as she too stared down the mountain with her sharp beak clicking softly from time to time.

Harry had most definitely changed in both physical appearance and mentally. His fox form was now the size of a young panther and was graced with a twelve foot wing span. White claws could be seen perfectly from his black paws. The same could be said for his long, sharp fangs that poked out of his mouth. Muscular legs stood upon a large rock. The bite in his ear was quite noticeable but it had never bothered him or stung with a cold reminder. Seven beautiful tails waved lazily in the wind as he breathed in the fresh air.

It had taken a while, but Harry had gained those tails, and he was damn proud of them. His magic had grown significantly with his physical exercise and training for the past two years. Bright emerald eyes glowed with power and a new happiness.

His human form wasn't all that different. His muscles had definitely defined his body, though he looked like no body builder. His hair stopped in the middle of his neck and looked like it could never be tamed. He still wore the same clothes and bandana he had escaped with. Strangely enough, he still wore the bandana when transformed into a fox.

Harry grinned, showing off sharp teeth as he stroked Hedwig and Shay, his two best friends. He could never ask for any other companion.

"We're free," Harry corrected softly, though his voice still echoed atop the abandoned mountain.

Hedwig and Shay ruffled their wings in agreement.

Harry grinned that foxish grin of his. He had long ago learned to speak in English as a fox. He flapped his wings once to keep them from getting stiff. He stared at the valley below him, energy filling his very body as growled happily.

Green eyes turned to the black snake and white owl, and almost childlike excitement filling them before they gazed back up at the sky where the large, full moon shone above them. With a wild cry, Harry leapt into the air, tails waving wildly as Hedwig and Shay joined him in the sky.

"We are free!" they sang together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, I am so sorry for giving this crappy summary of what I was going to wrote but hope you all liked this two year future ending of what happened to Harry, Hedwig and Shay. When I wrote this I thought about making a sequel but was undecided. And, well, not gonna happen.

Still, I hope you writers out there understand what its like to not have any motivation towards a story. Who knows? Perhaps I will continue this and delete this and then rewrite it. Sorry again for the not very detailed summary.

I thank everybody for being by me as I wrote this from the beginning to now. I give you all mental hugs.