by Gunman

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Rei was happy.

It wasn't something she usually was, or had been in life. Most of her life she had been little more than Gendo Ikari's little doll. The linchpin to his plans of reuniting with his deceased wife. To that end he had killed, betrayed, used, and manipulated everyone around him in order to accomplish his goals. Those like Ritsuko Akagi, the woman he was screwing, and Kouzou Fuyutsuki, his former sensei in college, knew what his exact plans were and attempted to help him accomplish them for reasons of his own.

Rei was essential to his plans, and so he did all that he could in order to make sure that she remained loyal to him.

He had isolated Rei from virtually everyone, raising her in a dingy room and apartment, even gave her an appearance that made her stand out from everyone. The pale skin they could accept, but the unnatural blue hair and blood red eyes seemed to turn everyone off. Gendo made her seem as if her life had only one purpose: to merge with Lilith and control Third Impact. He had isolated her from everyone, even made those who were nice to her disappear or reject her.

For the better part of a decade, Rei was alone.

Everyone, even the kindly sub-commander and the outgoing operations director seemed to keep their distance from the blue-haired albino. Even the other kids at school just seemed to avoid the resident 'Ice Queen', as she was called. More from her extremely reserved personality, not her appearance.

Everyone kept their distance. Except him.

His name was Shinji Ikari, son of the commander.

Unlike the others, he wasn't repelled by her. Quite the contrary, he was drawn to her. Time and time again she had found herself the object of his numerous gazing, multiple attempts at friendship and even found herself being defended by the boy.

He was the one who made it seem as if she was more than what even she thought she was. His faith in the girl had ultimately lead to a revelation of her own: her humanity.

She realized that it had begun ultimately upon their first meeting, in the Eva cages. She was heavily bandaged and nearly broken, and he had cradled her in his arms so gently and reassuringly. Gendo had placed her in that position, and Shinji had comforted her. Later, at her apartment, Shinji had done much more when arrived to simply deliver her new NERV ID card, and accidentally fell on top of her as she had just gotten out of the shower.

The closeness, the feel of his hand upon her, sparked something unfamiliar that Rei had never felt. Yet at the same time she liked it.

She had even smiled for him. She had never smiled for the commander.

That single action started an avalanche of new thoughts that bit by bit created a new Rei Ayanami. A happier one.

Knowing that the commander would never approve of this, Rei did her best to keep her feelings a secret. It wasn't difficult though, as Gendo didn't care about a lot of stuff, and Section 2 were pretty much comprised of idiots.

It took them four days to locate Shinji when he ran away from Captain Katsuragi's apartment, and anyone could have seen that coming. He could have been kidnapped by criminals, or got hit by a car, or committed suicide, or any number of things the very first day.

When Shinji was dismissed from NERV following the Dummy Plug incident involving the Angel-possessed Unit 03, Rei decided it was time to go as well.


"Pilot Ikari." Rei said as she met the young boy outside the locker room of NERV.

"Oh, Rei-chan." Shinji said as the girl stood in front of her. "Hi."

"Are you leaving?" she asked.

"Yes. I'm leaving and never coming back." he nodded.

"I see. May I accompany you?" she asked.

"You... want to come with me?" he asked in shock.


Shinji considered that. On the upside he wouldn't be alone, on the downside, maybe this was a way for his father to keep an eye on him.


"I'd... like that." he said with a gentle smile.

Such a nice smile. She thought as she quickly walked with the boy.

"Uh, Rei, you don't have a bag, do you?"

"I do not."

"What about your clothes?"

"I do not have any other clothes."

Shinji then realized he had never seen Rei in any other clothes, aside from her school uniform she had on now, her plugsuit and a swimsuit during the times she went to the pool either at school or at NERV.

It was nightfall as the pair reached the forest. They had been able to avoid Section 2, most of the people in NERV and Tokyo-3. They were able to find a secluded area and set up a temporary camp.

It was fast approaching midnight when Shinji, after building a fire, asked Rei a question.


"Yes, Ikari?"

"Why... did you want to come with me?" he asked her.

Rei didn't hesitate to answer. "I was cold."


"I... felt cold inside NERV."



That... doesn't make sense. NERV isn't cold. A little windy at times, but... "I don't understand."

"I have felt cold for a very long time. Since I can remember. Only recently have I felt warm."

"Recently? What changed?"

She looked at him. "You."

"Me?" he blushed a little.

"I... when I first met you, when you cradled me when I fell off the gurney in the Eva cages, I realized how... warm I felt. I did not understand why this was so. The more we began to interact, I... realized why this was so." she paused and stared at him intently. "It was you."


"Something... about your presence... just to be around you... having you look at me... acknowledge my existence... made me feel warm. And I felt... happy."

Shinji blushed. He made her happy?

"I... you're welcome, Rei-chan."

They said nothing for a few more minutes, until Rei spoke.


He froze. Rei had called him by his name.


"Can you... hold me?"

The boy did a full body blush, somehow finding the strength to nod at her.

Rei moved closer to her and sat next to him, resting her body against his as she laid her head against his shoulder and neck. His left arm tentatively moved and encircled Rei's waist.

I'm holding her. I'm holding Rei Ayanami! His mind was screaming at him.

They remained like that for several more minutes, just watching the fire crackle and glow. Rei's left hand moved up and entwined her fingers with Shinji's right. She held them tightly, just enjoying the feel of his skin against her own.

He is so nice. She thought. So kind and honest. So gentle. I feel... so happy with him. He cannot be the commander's son.

She's so beautiful. Shinji thought as he held her. So strong and pure. I've never met a girl like her before. I want to know everything about her.

The pair continued to hold each other, Shinji gently twitching his fingers to rub against Rei's. The blue-haired girl was not oblivious to this.

"Do you like holding me, Shinji-kun?" she asked softly.

"Yes." he said after a few seconds.

"Good." she said as she leaned up and kissed him softly on the cheek.

He gasped and looked at Rei in amazement.

"Wha... why did you do that?" he asked, panic getting the better of him.

"I... just felt the... urge." she said, trying to find the right word. "I... wanted to."

Shinji just stared at the beautiful girl in his arms.


"Yes, Shinji-kun?"

"Can I... kiss you?" he asked.

Rei gave him the same smile she had after they had defeated the 5th Angel and presented her lips to him for receiving.

At this point, Shinji had kissed a girl before.


But this time, he knew what to do and what not to do.

He slowly moved to Rei and placed his lips upon her own.


A spark of electricity hit their lips as they touched, heat coursing through their bodies in seconds. But they didn't stop. Shinji's heart was going into overdrive at the event before him, his right hand clenched tightly as the girl made no protest that she was uncomfortable. Their lips parted, Rei's eyes still closed as he looked at her.

"Rei-chan." he whispered softly to her.

"That was... beautiful, Shinji-kun." Rei said as she slowly opened her eyes. "Where did you learn to kiss like that?" she asked.

He blushed and looked away, as if in shame. His expression told Rei everything.

The Second Child. She thought with annoyance. She was his first. I am... disappointed. "You have kissed the Second Child." she said.

Shinji knew it wasn't a question.

"Yes." he replied.

"Please tell me what happened." she gently asked.

Shinji sighed and related the entire story to her. When he was finished, the girl was more upset than before.

"That is... disgraceful." she said, feeling it appropriate to say. "She did not wish to kiss you, and used your mother's memory to coerce you into a suffocating event."

"It... wasn't all bad."

"It... was not?" she asked obviously confused.

"Well... it did teach me what to do and what not to do. So... it wasn't for nothing." he said with a small smile.

Rei looked at him. Even though the experience was unpleasant... he finds a way to make positive use of it. she smiled. "You mean... by kissing me."

"Yes." he smiled.

She smiled again as she rested her head against his shoulder once again.

"I am glad."

The pair continued to hold each other as they fell asleep and the fire eventually died.


Shinji and Rei never returned to NERV.

When the 14th Angel attacked, only Asuka was there. However, after chopping off the head of the clone of the Adam, (Unit 02), Zeruel was left unopposed, and that was a problem. It's original goal was to free father and mother, but it also personally wanted to fight the creature responsible for beating it's brethren.

Gendo tried to use the Dummy Plug to activate both Unit's 01 and Unit's 00, but both Eva's rejected that.

After just an hour of waiting... Zeruel left.

No one understood what had happened. Gendo was the most confused.

No other Angels arrived after that. Adam and Lilith had also disappeared.

Without the Angels, Gendo's plans couldn't be put into effect. Without Rei his plans couldn't be put into effect. And as much as he hated to admit it... without Shinji his plans couldn't be put into effect.

But they were all gone.

It was a full year before everyone realized that the war they were fighting was over.

"What do you mean NERV is disbanded?" Gendo gasped.

(The UN has it on good authority that NERV's continued existence is not necessary.) the Secretary General said over the monitor.

"What about the Angels?"

(It's been a whole year, commander.)

"The last time it was fifteen!" he argued.

(And when they returned the intervals were less than a month each.)

Gendo and the Secretary General argued for several more minutes, but in the end...

(I'm sorry, commander, but if the Angels are not coming any more, then your Evangelions have no great importance. NERV itself will be reorganized and put in reserve status. The UN's highest priority now will be to rebuild the world.) With that, the Secretary General signed off.

Gendo just watched as all of his plans were going down the whirlpool in a hurry. Just an hour ago he had gotten done with a SEELE meeting, and they couldn't understand how any of this was even possible. This delay in their scenario was incredibly inconvenient to them.

At first they wanted to blame Gendo for all this, but the only thing he was accused of was letting the First and Third Children 'run away from home'.

Upon looking closely at this... they found it was the only divergence to their schedule. Yet for the life of them they didn't see how it would have stopped the 14th Angel from destroying NERV.

No one could explain it, had any thought, theory, or creative guess at why the Angel didn't destroy them all, or cause a Third Impact.

Nevertheless, the whole of NERV was actually happy that the war as over.

Well, except for a couple.

Asuka was furious that she didn't get the chance to upstage Shinji and claim the 'ultimate Angel killer' title.

Kaji was upset that he didn't get the chance to fully expose NERV's secrets like he wanted to. Not that he wasn't glad the war was over.

And Gendo... he was the most furious at not being able to get his wife back.

Misato however, was frantic. When she found out that both Shinji and Rei were missing, she did everything short of going out herself to try and find them.

Section 2 was completely useless in that respect.

When the UN declared NERV to be 'disbanded', as it were, she was the first one out the door to try and locate the pair.

Asuka didn't care what the pervert and the doll were doing, Kaji had been given a new assignment and left the country, Ritsuko wasn't that interested in looking for Rei, (and proved it by getting rid of the Reiquarium), and the rest of NERV just were not the helpful types. At least Hikari agreed to take care of PenPen while Misato was out searching for the pair.

And before Kaji left NERV, he managed to convince Ritsuko to open up the Magi super computer to the UN. Within twenty-four hours, an entire Delta Force was sent into to arrest Gendo, and most of the Section 2 staff.

The rest of NERV apparently didn't know what Gendo was planning and were exempt from any form of blame or prosecution.

Misato managed to get a loan from Ritsuko and most of NERV to go and find Shinji and Rei. It took her about three months, but she managed to find where the pair had ended up.


"Excuse me, sir. I'm looking for two children." Misato said as she showed a couple of pictures to the desk clerk at the sea-side hotel.

"You mean... them?" the clerk asked as he pointed to the side, where a shocked Misato saw both Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami walked into the lobby.

"Shinji! Rei!" Misato screamed and raced to the pair and hugged them tightly before they knew what had hit them. "Where the hell happened to you? Do you know how worried we were about you?" she then noticed they were holding hands and were wearing rings on their fingers. "And when do you guys wear such nice fashion accessories?" she asked, pointing to the rings.

"They're not fashion accessories, Misato." Shinji said.

"They are wedding rings." Rei explained.

"Wedding... rings?" Misato gasped as the pair clasp hands.

"That's right, Misato. We're married." Shinji said.

Because that was nowhere near what Misato expected to hear, she fainted.


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