by Gunman

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Summary: A cross dimensional anomaly sends Shinji to the Ranmaverse where he meets heroes from other worlds, but also gets changed beyond return.


As most science fiction enthusiast knows, there are an infinite number of dimensions where different and unique individuals exist. These people are both heroes and villains, and all different from the others.

Some of these worlds revolve around science. Others revolve around spirituality. And others revolve around mysticism.

(And trust me, there is a difference!)

And every once in a while, these worlds crossover. Sometimes only two dimensions at a time. Sometimes it's more.

In this case, five heroes from different worlds coming to a sixth.

Kagome Higurashi, reincarnated miko priestess who was teleported to this world when the mystic well she uses to travel into the past was damaged due to a fight between InuYasha and Naraku, in which the half-demon and the reborn priestess Kikyo won. As a result, Kagome was redirected to another world.

Naruto Uzumaki, hyperactive ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village who was teleported to this world when a group of Sound Ninja's unleash a powerful termination scroll spell trap on Team 7, only to have Naruto push his teammates out of the way as Kakashi tries to neutralize the spell, sending the fox-spirit-encased ninja away.

Chad Yasutora, the incredibly strong and silent spiritually-empowered gauntlet user who was sent to another world when a Hollow disrupted the portal from the Soul Society back to Earth right when he was going to step through it.

Edward Elric, the full metal alchemist who was teleported to this world by means of the Gateway of Alchemy, regaining his left arm and right leg, but the Gateway was unstable, causing it to explode and release an energy wave that made all the Homunculi human and remade his brother Al into a full human from the suit of armor he was.

And finally, Shinji Ikari, reluctant teenage pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, who was teleported to this world by the 12th Angel's inverted AT-Field body.

And the world they were sent to, was the home of one Ranma Saotome, strong teenage martial artist, but also the home of the cursed pools of Jusenkyo in China.


Shinji moaned softly from the uncommon warmth and comfort he felt. It was unusual for him to feel like that and he liked it enough to want to keep it as long as possible. He vaguely remembered how he was in his Eva, running out of oxygen as he sat inside the large robot cockpit inside the shadow-like Angel that had swallowed him whole. His mind and body were about to give out. And then... nothing. The next thing he remembered was falling... a splash of water... a useless struggle for lack of energy... and a pair of hands pulling him out of that water.

Now there was just warmness, and a happy sigh that came from the boy as a soft hand stroked his ears.

It was this strange physical contact that jarred him from his peaceful slumber.

"Who?! What?! Where?!!" Shinji gasped as she sprang up.

"Oh, you're awake!" a strangely pleasant voice said.

Shinji turned his head to see a beautiful young girl with long black hair and dark eyes in a green and white school uniform with a red bow in the front. Her green skirt was a little short and he blushed as he quickly looked away. So quick was his turn that he didn't see the girl smile.

He blushes and tries not to look at my legs. Interesting. "Are you alright?" the girl asked.

Shinji turned back to look at the girl, finding the power to speak. "Uh... yes. I'm fine. Thank you."

"I'm glad. You were asleep for a long while." she said.

"Yes. I felt so warm and comfortable." he said with a contented smile.

"Well you should have been, cuddling with a cute girl." a new voice said.

Shinji turned, just now noticing three other individuals.

One was a grinning blond haired boy in a bright orange and blue-lined tracksuit with a blue headband over his brow. The second was another blond haired boy in a bright red trenchcoat with white gloves. And the third person was a tall boy standing just behind the two blond boys. He looked a little bit Asian, but with Mexican features that gave him his strength. He was dressed in black pants and a bright colored shirt that was just a little too loud for Shinji's tastes.

"Uh... hi." Shinji said to them.

"Hi." the tall boy said.

"Glad to see you're awake finally." the boy in the red coat said.

"Yeah. We were about to just let sleeping dogs lie and all..." the boy in the tracksuit said.

"Naruto!" the girl cried out.

"Sorry." the boy grinned sheepishly. "But you have to admit it is appropriate."

"Regardless, it's very rude to call him a dog."

"Even if he's got the ears?" he playfully argued.

Shinji's eyes widened at that.

Ears? What are they talking... he thought as he suddenly reached up and ran his hands over his head. It was then that he realized two things. Firstly, his hair was far longer than he remembered it being. But it was the second thing that made him panic. Are these... his eyes went wide as his hands found what he felt were two non-human ears that were higher up on his head than normal.

The quartet around him just stared patiently, as if waiting for him to do something.

To his own amazement, Shinji didn't faint. He pulled his hands from his head and finally took a good look at himself. First of all, he noticed that he was still dressed in his plugsuit, but that it was a little tighter than he remembered it being. His hair had gotten longer and was cascading down his back like a large mane of sorts. What's more, it was an almost silvery-white color. His hands now bore longer fingernails that were sharper than before and looked even stronger. He also noticed that his body seemed... larger than before.

Originally he'd had a lean physique which caused him to be refereed to as scrawny. But the body he had now looked at least twice as large, more muscular and athletic. His plugsuit did nothing to hide this fact, which also explained why it was so tight.

Shinji turned to look at the girl.

"Two questions." he said pointedly.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Who are all of you, and what's happened to me?" he asked.

The first one was easy enough to answer.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi." the girl introduced. "I'm a miko priestess."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki." the blond in the tracksuit introduced. "I'm a ninja."

"I'm Edward Elric." the blond in the red coat introduced. "I'm an alchemist."

"Chad Yasutora." the tall, muscular boy introduced. He didn't say anything else.

Shinji took in all their names before responding. "I'm Shinji. Shinji Ikari." he introduced himself with small bow. "I'm a... robot pilot." he said hesitantly, figuring they might not believe that.

The group looked at him strangely, though his outfit seemed to back up that statement.

"Alright." Edward said.

"Cool." Chad said.

"Ditto." Naruto said.

"As to your second question... well, it's complicated." Kagome said, moving along.

Shinji looked at Kagome as she went on to explain that before Shinji arrived, she and the others had been teleported to this strange valley full of cursed pools through a variety of means. Each one gave him their own versions of how they came to be in this place before Kagome went on.

"To start with, this is the cursed valley of Jusenkyo in China."

That name didn't register to Shinji. Kagome noticed his confusion.

"Yeah, we never heard of it either. I was the first one here apparently. Naruto came next, falling out of a strange energy portal in the sky. Chad was next, followed shortly after by Edward. And then you fell out of the sky, dropping headfirst into one of the pools over there." she said, pointing to a strange pool that looked a little different than the others.

It was different only because it was a darker, murkier color than the others. You could still see into it, but it looked like a small amount of dust had kicked up in it.

It was then that Shinji noticed something else. All five of them were now in what looked like a large, lush and rather picturesque valley filled with hundreds of pools. Each pool had a sign next to it, each written in a Chinese dialect that Shinji could barely make out.

He wondered to himself why some of the signs only had one word, like 'girl', 'boy', 'pig', 'cat', 'panda', 'duck', 'bird' and even 'gorilla'.

"A little weird that we didn't fall in, yet you did." Edward said.

"We managed to pull you out, only to discover that you had... changed." Kagome said.

Shinji was naturally confused and interested at the same time. "Changed? I don't..."

"All of these pools are cursed." she said quickly. "When a person falls into it they become cursed to transform into the creature that fell into it and drowned beforehand."

Shinji shifted his eyes back and forth, trying to understand. "For example?"

"Well..." she said, trying to remember what the Chinese guide said to all of them before Shinji had arrived. "If a cat fell into one of the pools and drowned, the next person who fell into it and didn't drown, would turn into a cat when splashed with cold water. But they could be turned back into a human with a splash of hot water."

Shinji was taking all of this in as best he could as she continued to speak.

"However, the pool you fell into was... different." Kagome said, trying to be delicate.

"Different? How?"

"Well... Do you know what a Yokai is?"

Shinji thought for a moment. He had heard that word before. "It's a demon isn't it?"

"Yes. Commonly referred to as demons they are diverse beings with supernatural powers. Nearly a thousand years ago a powerful dog yokai battled a fierce bird yokai here in this valley. During the fight one of the bird's talons clawed deep into the dog's arm and seeped blood into one of the pools. The one you fell in to."

Shinji had a bad feeling where this was going.

"So... I'm a dog demon?" he asked.

"Not exactly. A few centuries after that battle a boy was caught in a fierce storm and drowned in that pool. So... when you fell into the pool and we pulled you out, you had already been transformed into a hanyo."


"Sort of a half-demon, if you want." she explained.

Shinji was starting to feel his forehead expand. "Ooookay."

"Anyway, because of the Yokai's blood, the cursed pool was... altered." Kagome said.

"Altered? How?" he asked, wondering why she singled that word out.

"You can't change back to a human." Naruto explained.

"I... can't?" he gasped.

"No." Kagome said to him, slightly sad for him. "Even after I tried to purify the pool, which didn't work. You're... pretty much stuck like this." she said, waving her hand up and down his body.

Shinji looked at his hands and hair before falling into thought. Yokai. Hanyo. Cursed pool. Purified. Can't change back to human.

This influx of information overwhelmed the boy so much, that he fainted dead away.

"Shinji!" Kagome gasped as she went to the boys side, checking him and shaking him slightly.

The quartet looked at him for a few seconds as a short man in an olive-drab uniform and cap came up to them.

"Young sir still not wake up?" the guide asked as he looked at Shinji's passed-out form.

Naruto and Edward just looked at him and snickered. Even Chad smiled.


Author's Notes:

Well, here's my first chapter of my newest multi-crossover story.

I chose each of these characters based on certain qualities.

Shinji is the reluctant hero. Kagome is the princess. Ed is the redemption-seeking possible psycho. Naruto is the hyperactive friend. Chad is the quite 'big guy'.

And tossing them into the Ranma universe is a long-time tradition only because of Jusenkyo. Getting sent there is a sure way get turned into something else for the sake of comedy and story. It is also a unique template for turning Shinji into any number of different creatures, not just a girl. This is possible since there are supposedly hundreds of these pools and any number of creatures could have drowned in them.

Anyway, hope you liked this first chapter.

And this is going to be a Shinji/Kagome pairing, in case you hadn't noticed. I chose to do this since I hadn't paired Shinji up with anyone from the InuYasha-verse yet. I am working on a story to put him and the female wolf-demon Ayami together, as well as the wind demoness Kagura.

I'm doing this as a Shinji/Kagome pairing because after seeing several InuYasha episodes I realized that even though InuYasha and Kagome are always together, and do care about each other, he is still fixated on Kikyo, who through half the show you couldn't tell if she loved him or hated him. I felt that Kagome deserved better, so I chose to make Shinji the new InuYasha, or ShinuYasha, as it were.

And as always, read and review.