Chapter 5

Battling The Demons

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Summary: Shinji and Kagome battle an army of undead with the help of their family, only to face the two powerful demons who sent them to this world.


Kagome blinked her eyes open and found herself staring at the blue-coated chest of ShinuYasha, his arms gently hugging her body as if to keep her warm. She smiled as she noticed his soft, smiling expression as he slept. She also noticed his dog ears twitching, indicating he was dreaming. Gently she snaked her arms out of his embrace and reached up to play with his ears.

"Do you have an ear-fetish or something?" a voice said, startling Kagome and causing her to look down into a pair of blue eyes.

"Sorry." she said sheepishly, pulling her hands back.

"I don't really mind, I'm just curious." he smiled back.

She smiled as the pair uncuddled themselves and got up, looking around to see that they were in what looked like a bamboo forest, heavily shrouded in fog. Though Kagome could have laid there all day with Shinji all day, she was quick to notice that no one else was around.

The members of their new family were simply gone.

"Shinji-kun?" she gently whispered to her boyfriend.

"Yes, Kagome-chan?" ShinuYasha asked.

"I'm fine, but where are the others?" she asked as the pair stood up from the ground.

"Where are we?" Shinji asked, unable to see through the fog.

"I don't know. It looks kinda familiar, but I don't recognize it."

"Do you get lost in a fog regularly?" he asked, not trying to sound mean.

"You wouldn't believe how often it's happened." she stated.

Suddenly, ShinuYasha shifted on his feet, his dog-ears twitching.

"What's wrong?" Kagome asked, noticing him tense.

"Someone else is here." ShinuYasha said as Kagome's ears heard a soft girlish laugh coming from the fog.

"Greeting's travelers." a Chinese looking woman said, her head appearing from behind a tree.

"Please, come closer." a second woman said, appearing from behind another bamboo tree.

"We have a secret to tell you." a third woman said to them, appearing from behind a tree just behind both ShinuYasha and Kagome.

"What secret?" ShinuYasha asked, smelling something odd about the women.

"The secret that can return you to your world." the second woman said.

The pair looked at each other for a few seconds before turning back.

Our world? Kagome thought. "How can we get back?" she asked.

"The crystal sword. Break it and you will be able to return home." the first woman said.

"The sword that father has." ShinuYasha stated with realization.

"Great. A sword he probably won't break if he doesn't know that it'll get us back." Kagome said.

"The question is: would he break it if he did know?" ShinuYasha asked.

"Good point." Kagome huffed. "But..."

"But what?" ShinuYasha asked.

"Well, I didn't think about it before, but right after we got teleported here... I got this strange feeling that... it felt like something else pulled out of this world."

"Oh. You must mean the demons." the second woman said.

"Demons?" ShinuYasha asked. "What demons?"

"Red Dragon and White Tiger, the demons of warfare." the third woman said.

"Warfare?" Kagome asked.

"Many centuries ago the demons were imprisoned in the sword by a samurai warrior while they were recruiting an army of warriors to conquer all of mankind." the first woman explained.

While Kagome was taking this in, ShinuYasha was wondering just why they were telling them this. To him it seemed as though they were rather forthcoming with this, as if it didn't matter that he and Kagome did know. Then again, it didn't seem as if they could return to their world anyway.

"When your family was teleported here by the sword, Dragon and Tiger escaped into your world. There they will recruit other humans and bring them here to become their army." the first woman said to them.

And you will become elite warriors who will command their legions. the second woman thought.

"I'm not liking where this is going." ShinuYasha said.

"But for now, perhaps you would like to spend some time in our company?" the third woman asked, waving a fan in front of her face.

"Thank you, but I think we should get going. We have a family to find." ShinuYasha said as he clutched Kagome's hand to lead her out of the forest.

"Oh! Please stay!" the second woman said.

"Shinji-kun, there's something odd about these women." Kagome whispered to them.

"I know. They don't smell... human." the boy said.

The women suddenly proved that statement correct as their heads lashed out at the pair, their necks reaching unusually long lengths.

"What the..." the girl gasped as the heads flew at them, their teeth sharp and clearly not human.

"Kagome look out!" the half-demon shouted as he lashed out, knocking two of the heads away.

However, one of them managed to strike Kagome, pushing her over a cliff neither of them had seen.

"KAGOME!" Shinji shouted as he instantly bolted towards the cliff, leaping off without hesitation. Within seconds he caught up to her, cradling her in his arms as he flipped himself around in mid-air, feet pointed down as he landed hard on the ground at the bottom of the deep cliff.

Very hard.

"Ooouuuuch." he groaned through his teeth as he held Kagome.

"Shinji-kun?" she asked, noticing his strained expression.

"I'm fine. Give me a minute." he hissed through his teeth.

Kagome didn't wait for the minute and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Shinji-kun. You saved me." she smiled.

"Had to. You're my girlfriend." he replied, causing her to smile.

"So, where are we now?" Kagome asked once ShinuYasha had set her down.

"Don't know... but I smell something ahead." he said, pointing towards an area of fog that was slowly lifting.

"What do you smell?" she asked.



ShinuYasha and Kagome walked for nearly an hour through haze and fog, until they were standing in the middle of a large and desolate cemetery.

Well, this explains the death Shinji-kun smelled. "Ohhh... this is not good." Kagome said, clutching tightly at the thick blue coat that ShinuYasha had given her to keep her warm.

"Are you sensing evil?" ShinuYasha asked.

"Not really. But if I've learned anything, it's that graveyards are not to be traveled lightly." she said.

That statement was quickly proven as the ground exploded upward, taking Shinji and Kagome with it into the air.

"SHINJI!" Kagome shouted as she latched onto the half-demon.

"Hang on, Kagome!" ShinuYasha shouted as he grabbed the girl and leaped down off of the rising dirt mountain.

ShinuYasha landed on the ground rather softly and turned his eyes to the sky as the massive amounts of dirt gave way to reveal a gigantic skeleton.

"Wow." ShinuYasha gasped as he saw it. "That's big."

"I've seen bigger." Kagome stated.

"That doesn't help." he said dryly.

Suddenly, more creatures, skeletons and demon-like beasts appeared, rising out of various graves and cracks in the ground, even from underneath the giant skeleton itself.

"Oh... this just keeps getting better and better." ShinuYasha groaned as he tried to keep himself between Kagome and the advancing undead horde. "I guess this is the demon's army."

"Guess so." she said, she said, pulling out one of her arrows and notching her bow with it. "We're a little outnumbered here."

"I wish Ranma and the others were here." he said. "We'd still be outnumbered, but at least we'd die as a family. Then again... better they don't get killed." he said as he bared his claws and teeth at the demons. "Stay behind me, Kagome!"

"What, you're going to fight them and protect me?" she gasped.

"Yes." he declared, his body tensing up.

"You can't!"

"I will!" he shouted as the creatures cackled and lunged at the pair.

"SHINJI!" she shouted as she pulled back her arrows to fire them at the undead.


"I can't believe we're trapped here by my stupid father!" Ranma shouted as he continued running towards the cemetery.

"Hey, he's our father too!" Edward shouted as he ran alongside the pigtailed fighter.

"Yeah, so we'll all get to kick the crap out of him!" Naruto shouted as he raced along the ground on all fours like a fox.

"If we ever get back to our time!" Sugar shouted as she raced alongside her sister.

The Saotome family had been reunited as they searched out for the rest of their family. Oddly enough they all had the same idea: follow the setting sun. They had no idea why they were following this idea but they felt it was right. But while they didn't know who else was here, the reunited seven-person family continued searching out their family.

Amazingly, they managed to get a lead on them from a trio of snake-necked women whom they had left tied up to the dozens of bamboo trees in the fogged forest.

"There they are!" Chad shouted as being taller he was able to see farther, noticing an army of undead monsters surrounding two human figures.

"Get the lead out people!" Ryoga shouted as he too put on the speed.


Within the cluster of undead creatures ShinuYasha was punching and kicking left and right while Kagome was shooting the last of her arrows at the flying crow-like creatures.

We can't keep this up! Kagome mentally gasped. We need help! She thought as she notched the last of her arrows.

She looked again as ShinuYasha was getting overwhelmed by the horde. He was still fighting but they seemed to be swarming towards him more than her. She wondered if that was part of his plan to protect her. Since he was proving to be the greater threat they were concentrating on him.

Shinji-kun! She gasped.

Suddenly a forceful energy blast blazed through the army of the undead, taking out several dozen of them in a second. Everyone stopped fighting as they turned and saw seven human figures running right towards them.

"SHINJI!" the boys shouted.

"KAGOME!" the girls shouted.

"Anything we can do to help?" Naruto shouted as the group ran through the path of undead that Chad had cleared for them, to get to the pair.

"Ranma! Ryoga! Naruto! Chad! Sugar! Cinnamon! Edward!" Kagome shouted happily.

"Wow, right in one!" Cinnamon shouted as the undead creatures started moving again to attack the rest of the Saotome family.

Edward slammed his hands together and then into the ground, causing hundreds of spikes shooting up and impaling the monsters.

Chad powered up his Giant Arm and fired blast after blast of energy into what he saw as the largest concentration of undead creatures. (Miraculously he didn't hit ShinuYasha)

Ranma and Ryoga fought back to back, proving to be an unstoppable team against a group of undead warriors, all of whom had weapons while they did not.

Cinnamon wrapped her manriki chain around an armored zombie and used all her strength to twirl it around into any other creature in reach.

Sugar gripped her naginata and spun it wildly in circles, striking down monsters like her sister was.

Naruto had completed his hand signs, materializing a hundred Shadow Clones to even the odds against the undead army, each one fighting like a wildcat.

Kagome used her last arrow to nail the giant skeleton in its forehead, destroying it's energy center and causing it to crumble into a pile of bones, right onto other skeletal creatures.

The last demon, a towering fifteen foot monster with a blunt sword, belonged to ShinuYasha who leaped into the air and forcefully punched the beast in the head, causing it to crash hard on the ground and then disappear in a vapor.

Within seconds, the Saotome family was standing victorious over the army of undead creatures.

"Well, that was fun." ShinuYasha gasped as Kagome rushed to his side.

"Is everyone alright?" Ranma asked the group.

"Yes." Chad said.

"Ditto." Naruto said.

"I'm fine." Edward said.

"Good to go." Ryoga said.

"Nice and easy." Sugar said.

"All healthy and alive." Cinnamon added.

"Great, but we're still stuck in this world." Kagome stated.

"And I'm afraid only Genma Saotome can get us back." Ryoga said.

"That's it. We're doomed." Ranma groaned.


Back in the other world, Genma Saotome looked outside the shrine as the two demons, one who looked like a humanoid white tiger in blue samurai armor, the other looking like a humanoid red dragon in black samurai armor, who had literally jumped out of the sword after his entire family had vanished in a burst of light, had wandered off to attack the nearest town.

This naturally left the man pacing around the room wondering what the heck he was going to do.

"What do I do? What do I do? Demons are running amok! My entire Family has just vanished! Oh! My wife is Going To Kill Me!" he groaned as he waved the crystal sword around frantically, the blade coming down hard against the opening doorway of the shrine itself, shattering it into two pieces with one swing.

"Wha... uh-oh." he gasped as he stared at the now broken sword.

Suddenly, the shards of the crystal sword glowed brightly, emitting light so powerful it blinded the man and filled the entire room.

Off in the distance, the bright glow caught the demons attention.

"What Was That?" Red Dragon asked.

"The Crystal Sword! It Feels Like That Fool Broke It!" White Tiger asked.

"We'd Better Check It Out!" Red Dragon said as the pair bounded back towards the shrine.

Inside said shrine, Genma's eyesight returned as he noticed the intense glares of anger and irritation that his 'children' were giving him.

"Uh..." the bald man said, trying to find his voice.

"You are so gonna get your ass beat for this pop!" Ranma glared at the man.

"Well do it later!" ShinuYasha cried as he raced to the door. "Right now we've got to stop those demons!"

"What? Why?" Ryoga asked, also ready to pound Genma.

"Because, the more people they kill in our world gets added to their army. Once they have enough people they'll invade our world to take it over." Kagome said.

"So what?" Naruto asked. "We kicked their zombie asses in their world. We'll just do the same here."

"That wasn't a full army we fought." Kagome argued.

"She's right, Naruto. At best we only fought a couple thousand." Sugar said.

"Then... those two demons will collect more and more souls to become their army, which could number in the millions at worst." Edward said.

"Alright, but how do we stop them?" Ryoga asked.

"Worse, how do we find them?" Sugar asked.

"That's not going to be a problem." ShinuYasha said to the group.

The group raced outside to see the two ten-foot tall demons towering over them.

"So! The Crystal Sword Has Been Broken!" Red Dragon, the bulkiest more muscular demon said.

"And Brought You All Back To Our World!" White Tiger, the leaner more lithe demon said.

"This isn't your world!" ShinuYasha cried out.

The pair looked down at the half-demon and chuckled.

"The Dog Is Talking. I Think We'll Have To Neuter him!" Red Dragon said, pulling his halberd out of the sheath on his back.

He heaved it over his head and was about to bring it down, when a bolt of energy blasted him square in the chest.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!" he shouted as he was hurled back towards the forest.

Everyone, including the tiger demon, looked back to see Chad with his gloved gauntlet smoking.

"What? He was going to hurt Shinji." Chad shrugged.

"NOBODY HURTS MY BROTHER!!" White Tiger shouted as he leaped at Chad, his three-section staff, which had sharp spikes on the end of them, out to strike the boy.

However, ShinuYasha growled as he leapt at the Tiger demon, punching him in the face and knocking him away from his brother.

Red Dragon quickly recovered and charged back towards the group to aid his brother. Likewise, the Saotome Family tensed their muscles, barring their weapons, and charging at the large demon.

"Get Off Of Me!" White Tiger shouted as the half-dog-demon had wrapped his arms tightly around the demon's neck, trying to choke him.

"Only When You Get Back In That Freaking Sword!" ShinuYasha shouted as he struggled with the tiger demon.

"Let Go Of Him!" Red Dragon shouted as he hurled a fireball from his mouth at the half-demon.

"AAAHHH!!" ShinuYasha shouted as the fireball blasted him off of the tiger demon.

"SHINJI!" Kagome shouted, rushing over to him as the others attacked the two demons.

Ranma and Ryoga leaped into the air and kicked Red Dragon in both sides of his head, right where his ears would have been. Sugar and Cinnamon leaped at White Tiger and brought their weapons down hard against his body. The attacks didn't hurt them much, but it distracted them enough for Naruto and Chad to attack.

"SPIRIT PUNCH!" Chad shouted as he blasted Red Dragon in the chest with his gauntlet.

"RASENGAN!!" Naruto shouted as he blasted White Tiger in the chest with his chakra sphere.

The two demons stunned, Edward slammed his hands together, charging up his alchemy, then slamming them into the ground. Energy blasted through the ground and erupted and encased the two demons in solid blocks of stone. Their heads were visible but the rest of their bodies were covered.

"Well... that was easy." Naruto said with glee.

"A little too easy, I think." Edward said with a frown.

Suddenly, the stone blocks started to crack and bulge, exploding out in a fury of flying rocks that caught the group off guard. Edward took a blow to the head as Chad and Naruto leaped at the demons once again. Sugar stayed by Edward's side while Cinnamon leaped in to help the pair.

ShinuYasha was up again and joined his brothers as Kagome, Ranma and Ryoga just watched, holding their arms where they flying stone fragments had hit them.

"We have to stop them!" Ranma shouted.

"But how?" Ryoga asked.

"Well... the crystal sword imprisoned them. Maybe we can use that to trap them again." Kagome suggested.

"Where are the shards?"

"Here." Genma said, holding up the two largest pieces of the shattered sword.

Kagome quickly got an idea and grabbed the crystal shards. They were about the size of kitchen knives, but they would do. Her hands suddenly glowed with energy, which flowed into the two shards, charging them with her power.

"Here." Kagome said, handing the shards to Ranma and Ryoga once she was done.

"What do we do with these?" Ryoga asked.

"If this works, all you have to do is impale them with it." Kagome explained.

"Impale them? You mean..." Ryoga started to ask as Ranma grabbed his arm.

"Come on Ryoga!" Ranma said, racing over to the battle.

Chad and Naruto were knocked back by Red Dragon while White Tiger did the same to Cinnamon. ShinuYasha leaped into the air and punched down White Tiger as Red Dragon engulfed him in fire.

"BURN YOU MONGREL!" White Tiger shouted as Red Dragon continued firing.

"Shinji!" Ryoga shouted.

"We're Coming, Bro!" Ranma shouted.

The two demons turned their attention back from the dog demon as the two fighters dashed forward, leaping into the air directly at the two demons, and impaled them... right between their eyes!

The demons shrieked and shouted as their bodies glowed, twisting and warping as they were pulled back into the crystal shards that the pair of martial artists had impaled them with. Ranma and Ryoga had jumped back the second they had stabbed the demons and moved back to just watch.

Once the two demons were inside, the crystal shards themselves started to glow and warp, instantly transforming from two crystal shards into two unique looking weapons that floated over to the pair.

Red Dragon had become a black bladed halberd with a red handle while White Tiger had become a white and black-striped three-sectioned, claw-tipped staff. Because Ranma impaled Red Dragon he received the halberd while Ryoga had impaled White Tiger, so he received the three-section staff.

"Whoa! Nice." Ryoga said as he examined the weapon.

"I agree." Ranma said, easily hefting the halberd above his head. "Lighter than it looks."


Back inside the temple shrine, the family now stood around the broken samurai statue.

"Thousands of years ago, the two demons, Red Dragon and White Tiger, terrorized this land. Killing every human they came across in order to turn them into their army of the undead. They would be sent to a graveyard in another world where they would become part of the army. The more unique people they killed would become their elite warriors." Sugar said.

"The Black Widow Woman, The Flying Heads, The Kappa, The Snake Women." Cinnamon said.

"Once this army was at full strength, Red Dragon and White Tiger would release them from their world to attack ours, and conquer it." Sugar said.

"How do you know that?" Naruto asked.

"It's written here in this scroll." Sugar said, holding up the ancient looking parchment.

"Where did you find it?" Chad asked.

"In the base of the samurai statue that father broke." Cinnamon said. "It contains the history and legend of the two demons."

"Speaking of father..." Edward said as the group looked over to Genma.

"How could you be so stupid?!" Ranma shouted at his father.

"Well... you're the one who keeps talking about honor and helping people." Genma gulped.

"Don't try to blame this on me! You were the one who put those ideas into my head in the first place! So don't try and turn it back on me when you screw up!" the boy shouted as he waved his halberd at the man, who was now running for his life.

While Ranma was busy trying to impale his father, Kagome was tending to Shinji's wounds he had received battling the two demons.

"Are you alright, Shinji-kun?" Kagome asked, using her powers to heal his burns.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You?" ShinuYasha said, his bare back to the girl.

"Unhurt." she said, finishing her healing. Thank Kami I learned how to control my powers. "I was so worried for you." Kagome said.

"I'm fine now, thanks to you." ShinuYasha said to her, putting his shirt and jacket back on.

"But you know... this situation has brought to light something else." she said.

"Really? What?" he asked as he straightened his clothes.

"We need to get you a weapon." she said.

Shinji cocked his eyebrow at this. "A weapon?"

"Yes. Both Ranma and Ryoga got new weapons. We should get you one."

"Fine. Next demon I see I'll stab him with a crystal, alright?" he smirked.

Kagome just chuckled as the base of the statue suddenly glowed.

"What is that?" Sugar asked.

"It... looks like... a crystal orb." Cinnamon said.

The entire family froze, including Ranma and his father, as the orb glowed brighter, swallowing the entire family of ten in another brilliant flash of light.


Author's Notes:

First of all, I'd like to say that Shinji and the groups travels to that ancient land, the demons and the crystal sword, are borrowed elements from the Hellboy animated movie, Sword of Storms. I just put that in for the Hell of it. (Pardon the pun)

Next chapter, Shinji and his new family get teleported into Kagome's world, where they encounter not only her friends, but her enemies as well. And Shinji gets a new weapon as well. (Care to guess which weapons?)