Title: Family
Author: smitha-r
Rating: PG
Fandom(s): Heroes
Pairing(s): Peter/Heidi
Summary: At the party Peter throws to celebrate graduating, he can't help but think about the mistake he can't leave behind.
Notes: I don't know what prompted me to come up with this crack!pairing. But anyway, I don't own Heroes or any of the characters from the show. Unbetaed.


He tried not think about it when she pecked him on the cheek. How she managed to act like nothing had happened between them was a testament to her strength. Truly, she was his brother's wife.

Setting the two glasses of wine down next to him, he watched as they danced together. She'd had too much to drink by this point, and her hands were blatantly roving over Nathan's back, completely uncaring to the fact that they were in a room full of acquaintances. Nathan whispered something to her, then started to nibble on her ear as she laughed, breathy and enamoured. Peter turned away quickly, hoping no one noticed the flush that was rising to his face. Maybe he'd just blame the alcohol.

Just one time, one mistake that the both of them had made. It was never far from his mind when Heidi was near. He thought about the confusion and guilt afterwards, and how she had washed them away with her soothing words and soft hands. So easily she convinced him that it was okay, that they weren't bad people for this, and that it would never happen again, he need not concern himself with such worries. Curiosity and mutual attraction, tempests and wildfires, stray thoughts and emotions rattled through him now, as he watched a part of his past that he just couldn't let go of, dancing away without a care in the world.