Summary: Dark Naruto fic! I've decided to try a Dark Naruto fic, as many I saw are pretty good. In this one he accepts Orochimaru's offer to go to Sound where he will no longer be hated, where he'll be accepted, and trained properly. I might, I repeat might turn this into a M rated story but I'm not sure. A pairing I'm leaning towards is Naruto and Tayuya. Another pairing would be Zaku and Kin. Naruto will have his happy go lucky moronic attitude when he's not on missions but when's he on a mission and in battle he'll be completely different so he might be OOC at times.

Disclaimer: I said it before and I'll say it again, I don't own Naruto.

Revenge of The Fox Chapter One

"Get that little demon brat!"

"Kill him!"

Dammit here we go again! Thought the seven year old blonde boy running from a crowd of about fifteen or more villagers chasing after him. He had accidentally fallen through the roof of a home and the people inside immediately recognized him. He tried apologizing but they wouldn't listen to him. They chased him out of the house and he ended up running into a mob who immediately began to attack the boy

The boy saw an alleyway and headed towards it. But unfortunately for him it was a dead end. The mob then appeared.

"Time to kill you, you cursed brat!" Shouted a man with a weapon in hand

"Wait, I didn't do anything! It was an accident!"

The mob began to advance when they suddenly heard a voice.

"You people sicken me…hating the boy for something which he doesn't know about. Just because he's different you discriminate against him, no wonder I left."

The mob turned around and all of them gasped. Standing there was a pale man wearing a white robe. His yellow eyes like that of a snake stared right into their souls. They all knew who he was:

Orochimaru, The Legendary Snake Sannin, one of the "Three Legendary Leaves" now banished S class nin. He looked at them all with disgust and hatred.

"You wretched scum," He took a step forward and the mob stepped backward. "You don't even realize that the boy could grow up to be the finest ninja this hellhole has ever known! If you'd accepted him and treated him well, like the old fool had hoped for, I wouldn't have to do what I'm going to do next,"

"Kusanagi no Tsurugi!"

His stomach suddenly bulged and to the crowd's horror and fascination a snake come out of it. The snake opened its mouth and regurgitated a sword which Orochimaru took and grinned.

The mob screamed in horror as he attacked them, mercilessly and without compassion he slaughtered them a way a butcher slaughters a lamb. After a few seconds none of them were alive their body parts laying across the alleyway.

Resummoning the snake which took his blade he then saw the boy still there his eyes widened in shock and horror from what he just saw happen to them. Orochimaru began to take a step towards him.

"Get back! I-I'll hurt you if you come closer!" Shouted Naruto although he knew he wouldn't stand a chance against him.

"What is your name boy?"

Naruto looked at him confused.

"I said what is your name boy,"

"N-Naruto Uzumaki sir," He answered as the man stepped closer and kneeled the two face to face.

"Are you tired of being hated?" Naruto's eyes widened at that remark. "Are you tired of being attacked? Of being judged wrongly? You and I are similar Naruto, I also was judged wrongly and hated by those fools for something they couldn't understand. But I can change that, I can make it so you can never be judged or hated again."

"Why should I listen to you?"

Orochimaru smiled and rubbed the boy's cheek.

"Tell me the truth Naruto do you hate this place?"

Naruto looked unsure at him and struggled to find his voice.

"I…I…I hate this place! I've been hated all my life for nothing! I'm called demon and monster by everyone! I'm always getting chased and beaten up! Only the Hokage shows any sign of care for me. Everyone else hates me!"

He almost got ready to cry when he felt Orochimaru's hand across his face and heard him talk to him in a soothing voice

"Abandon this place, come with me to my village, the Hidden Village of Sound. Where you will be trained and respected, in time those fools," He pointed to the bodies. "Will come to respect you as Konoha will wish that they hadn't discriminated against you."

"Will I be accepted?"


"Will I no longer be hated?"


"Will I be able to become a great ninja?"

"Yes, all you desire will come true, but to make sure you have complete faith to me."

Orochimaru pulled out a kunai and handed it to him.

"Swore an oath, an oath of blood that from this day forward you will abandon Konoha and serve me and Otogakure, The Land of Sound."

Naruto hesitantly took the kunai and with a grunt of pain sliced his hand.

"I swear on this day forward, I Naruto Uzumaki will forsake Konoha and will serve Orochimaru-sama and The Land of Sound with my life forever." He vowed holding up his bloodied hand which Orochimaru applied bandages too.

"Good, very good. You have opened up the gate to a great and glorious future not only for you, but for me and my village as well." Rubbing the boy's head Orochimaru smiled. Now all he needed to do was to pay a visit to an old acquaintance of his.

Later, in The Third Hokage's office, Sarutobi sighed and waited patiently. He had watched the entire scene earlier on his crystal ball. Although it pained him to know that Naruto would leave maybe it was for the best. The village would celebrate if they knew that he was gone and Naruto would be trained properly, although his former student was devious and untrustworthy he could not deny that he was an excellent teacher. Naruto would learn much if he was trained by him.

He just hoped Naruto would never become like his once prized pupil was.

"Perhaps, I should've had Jiraya or even Tsunade look after him or if I had adopted the boy as my own this would not be happening."

Before he could muse anymore he heard a knock on the door. He knew who it was full well.

"Come in…Orochimaru,"

Orochimaru entered the door looking smug as he had Naruto by his side. Sarutobi looked at the boy but was unable to get him to look back at him as Naruto had lowered his face.

"What do I owe the honor of seeing you again?"

Orochimaru did a short yet respectful bow to his old teacher. "I'm taking the boy with me, he'll be trained the way he should be, not hated and loathed by others."

"Hmph, do you plan on abandoning him once he fulfills your purpose?"

"…No, I see too much of myself in him, I know as well as you do that he has the potential to become one of the greatest ninjas of all time. You know I can't take his body due to the Kyuubi so you have no fear of that. But you should worry though, Naruto has sworn an oath of blood and has allied himself with me, I'd say in about in six or seven years during the chunin exam you'll see him again."

Sarutobi was no fool, he knew that Orochimaru would attempt to turn Naruto against the Leaf and with the power of Kyuubi at his side wouldn't think twice about attacking his old home.

"Naruto, look at me." Naruto lifted his eyes and looked at him in the face. "Is it true that you have allied yourself with him? That you are abandoning Konoha and The Leaf?"

Naruto nodded but to his surprise The Sandaime grinned a little. "I wish you luck in the future Naruto, maybe you'll come back to us someday, I look forward to seeing you in the years to come."

"Oh, before I forget, I need you to make sure the council will not declare war on my village. I know they would love to attack and kill him now that he is not in Fire Country anymore and my village doesn't have enough strength yet." Said Orochimaru

Sarutobi nodded as Orochimaru like a shrewd chess player had backed him into a corner. After they had celebrated the nine tailed fox's departure the council would attempt at hiring ninja's to kill Naruto now.

"Very well, the boy is under your care now, I hope he has a better life now."

Orochimaru chuckled. "KuKuKu… don't worry Sarutobi-sensei he'll be taken care of."

Both The Snake Sannin and The Fox Boy disappeared leaving a broken down Sarutobi inside. He clutched his head in his hands pondering now what was going to happen.

Two people stood outside the gates overlooking Konoha. One with snake like skin the other with whisker like scars. Both looked at the village. One unsure of what was going to happen now, the other with a devious smile on his face.

"Let us go Naruto, soon your name will be spoken in respect and fear."

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama."

SaiyanWarrior200: Well that's the first chapter, like I said it'll probably turn out to be a Dark Naruto fic. The Sound Five will be involved, so will the trio, Naruto will interact with Konoha's ninjas so expect encounters with Sasuke and co. Also he'll meet the Sand Sibs. And odds are it will be Naruto and Tayuya as a pairing so no don't expect any NaruHina or NaruSaku or any yaoi!