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At the hospital…

Naruto watched the raven haired boy who was in the bed from a window outside. He looked at him and thought about what had recently happened. Their battle at the Valley of the End, where it seemed like it would end when one of them was dead. Meeting his brother, Itachi Uchiha who the boy attempted to kill yet was defeated with barely any trouble. And then the unspoken threat, the elder Uchiha confronting him and the wolf and the raccoon. There was a great and terrible power from him. Although they hadn't really fought he managed to counter and use one of his own jutsus against him and he found himself shaking at how he saw his own death.

A frown showed across Naruto's face, he didn't like it one bit having his own moves used against him. But he also felt something from the younger Uchiha which he didn't trust. The boy was power hungry and driven to avenge his families death. He knew that the Hyuga girl, Hinata had came to Sound due to the fact her family and Konoha had never given her a chance and always thought of her as a weakling. Yet with Sasuke it was a different matter. He was already strong and was a dangerous opponent, yet he was obsessed with gaining strength to kill his brother. Naruto could understand his reasons for wanting to avenge his family. Yet it made him wonder why he wouldn't try to restart his clan so that should he fail against his brother his clan would still live.

There was also something Kyuubi had mentioned. Madara Uchiha, It was a name Naruto had heard rarely, if he knew his history he was one of the original founders of Konoha and the founding father of the Uchiha clan. Also he had battled the First Hokage of Konoha. But that was years ago, there was even a statue of their battle at the Valley of the End that he had spent time looking at and was the place for his and Sasuke's battle. He tried asking Kyuubi about it but the fox wasn't talking only muttering in curses and damning the Uchiha clan seemingly glad they were wiped out. Apparently Kyuubi had no love for the Uchiha's and despised them.

Knowing he wouldn't get any answers from Kyuubi or Sasuke when he woke up Naruto left the hospital questions in his head and prepared to confront his lord. Hoping that he'll have the answers that he needed.

Akatsuki hideout unknown location…

In a deep cave underground the missing grass nin looked over the area, everything was set and they soon would be here.

Hearing a whistling sound he turned his head and saw a ninja wearing an orange mask which covered all of his head apparently moping the floor of the cave. The ninja had a carefree air about him and at times seemed to pretend his mop was a sword

"What are you doing?" His lighter side asked him. The ninja stopped and looked at him.

"Cleaning up the base, I thought you would want this base all tidy up and nice and clean, or did you want it grime and filthy since our organization wants to take over the world? Oh Oh, I know, I'll get some spider webs and place them around the walls. That way it'll be nice and filthy-"

"Leave!" Shouted Zetsu's darker half startling him. Dropping his mop and getting one of his feet stuck in the water bucket he then headed towards the exit.

"Tobi is a good boy!" He then accidentally ran into a wall hitting his head and after shaking his head and removing the bucket from his leg went outside.

Zetsu rolled his eyes and stood on a circle one of the nine around the base. Slowly the other spaces became filled with holograms of the other members. The Leader, Konan, Sasori in his puppet gear, Deidara, Kakuzu with a new arm and his ring returned, Hidan, and Kisame. Soon all of them were present except for one.

The Akatsuki leader seeing that one of them was absent frowned and looked at them. "Where is Itachi? Kisame, where's your partner at?"

The Shark ninja shrugged. "He said that he had something to deal with, and that he wanted to do it alone. He'll be here soon, and speak of the devil here he is."

Itachi's holographic figure appeared and he felt the stares of the others. No one ever was late for a meeting, or if they were they wouldn't be members for very long.

"Why where you late?" The leader asked him.

Itachi stared at him blankly not showing any emotion. "I had business to deal with, it was my concern only, not Akatsuki's."

"Would this business have to deal with the demons that we need? Or that brother of yours?" He scowled in anger at him. The other members tensed up, no one had ever survived the leader's rage when he was upset and he seemed to be directing it at Itachi.

Itachi remained emotionless. "I was spying on Oto, I guess I should tell you that the fox, the wolf, and the raccoon are all there now, along with the traitor."

The other members looked at each other finding it to be very interesting. "Should we attempt to attack Oto? Jashin hungers for war!" Said Hidan eagerly.

The leader waved him away. "Let them gather, we need to remember our agreement that we had with the snake. We are keeping a low profile for now. For now we let them go into a false sense of security and when the time is right we strike."

"Wait for the time is right? That could take years!" Muttered Kakuzu. The other members murmured as well.

"It'll be worth it, the prize will be much greater the longer the wait. Patience all of you, I'll give the signal when we attack again. It'll take time but we can use it to analyze our enemies. Don't worry about what the snake and his village is planning, time is on our side. Oh and Itachi, don't attempt to nag your brother into fighting you again."

Itachi stared at him emotionless but they could tell he was upset with what he said. With that the meeting was dismissed and the members disappeared.

At the Main Akatsuki hideout…

The Leader done with the meeting and back at the base of operations mused over Itachi Uchiha. He was wondering if Itachi was not obeying his orders and would attempt to mutiny against him. No matter, if he did he would learn why he had earned his name as a god.

"Do not concern yourself with Itachi," Said a voice. He turned around and saw a figure covered in darkness. Nothing could be seen of him. The leader didn't bother asking him how he got here so quickly.

"He is not following my orders. He could've put us at risk."

"Perhaps it is your own incompetence that has caused some of your men to disobey." The figure replied. The leader's eyes narrowed at him and went to respond.

But before he could he felt his throat being grasped and was choked by an unseen force.

"Do not forget Pein, that I am the true leader behind this group, you're just a puppet who dances when I pull your strings. Now then here is a command from the puppeteer. You shall have the group maintain a low profile but for as long as I want it." He said to him darkly and full of malice. The grip on the Leader's throat was removed and he clutched his throat and grimaced. "Remember that even though in your eyes you're a god, even the gods die."

The figure disappeared leaving him alone in the base.

At Oto…

"A-Are you alright after y-your mission?" Asked Hinata to the Kaguya boy.

"Yes, I was able to defeat my adversaries, and one of them was your cousin."

Hinata's eyes widened at that. "Do y-you mean N-Neji?"

Kimimaro nodded at her. "Yes, he was one of them and he was just like you said he was. He is a maggot who deserves death!" Hinata looked at him a bit surprised that he said that. "He deserves to die, he is nothing but trash."

"I k-know he is h-hard to like but h-he-"

"Hinata he thinks of you as worthless, he claimed that the only reason that you're alive is because of the Byakugan. He is but a fool who believes himself superior to others when in truth he is nothing but a coward who hides behind a philosophy."

Hinata sighed and shook her head, she knew that her cousin believed that everyone was fated and had come off as arrogant in the eyes of many despite the fact he was a prodigy. "D-Did you kill-"

"No, I wounded him but I did not kill him, I left him beaten so maybe once he wakes up he'll realize what a fool and a maggot he has been and maybe attempt to make his own decisions instead of being a coward." He replied coldly.

He then turned around prepared to leave. "I'm going to meet a friend of mine, when I get back I'll help you train some."

"F-Friend? You never t-told me about h-him." She said to him. "Can I c-come with you?"

Kimimaro turned and shook his head. "No, this might be dangerous, he's…unstable at times and if he might go into a rage if he thinks he's in danger. Maybe when your more experienced you can come with me and see him."

Hinata nodded understanding. "A-Alright I'll s-see you later t-then."

At Orochimaru's office…

"So I see, that is the threat that Naruto had sent Kanemoto to warn me about." Said the Kazekage him and the Otokage in his office. The two were by themselves except for Kanemoto who stood at the doorway his arms crossed.

"Correct, Akatsuki is our enemy, due to you, the wolf, and Naruto having the demons they seek to extract them from you. By doing so along with the rest of the demons they would be unstoppable and the countries would stand little chance against them. You know how strong you are Gaara, Kanemoto I know that Hayashi's power when he was angered could cover an entire city in ice and Naruto, I'm sure all of you know how powerful he is." Replied Orochimaru to him.

"This Akatsuki? You said you were once a member of them correct? Who is it that has the greatest power, I know the two that attacked me and Naruto were strong but by destroying what aids them they are weak. Who is the most dangerous of them all?" Asked Kanemoto.

"Of them all, it would be Pein, the leader of the group that is the most dangerous, during my time in that wretched group I learned that he has more than one body." The two looked at him their eyes widening in question. "I discovered that he has several bodies, each with different abilities. One is great at summoning, one can absorb ninjutsus, and all are deadly fighters. I believed that he learned that I was spying on him as I was curious due to his techniques. And he sent Uchiha Itachi after me who I attempted to defeat yet I lost to him. But he is also a fool as he believes himself to be a god."

"Hmph, sounds like a fool who believes himself greater than others. So this Pein is the leader of the group, where do they reside at? You should know, that info is important if we are going to combat them." Responded Gaara.

"They have many bases, nearly one in every country except for this one. But their main base is in Ame, the Land of Rain. But do not think we should attempt to attack them, we would be slaughtered to a man if we attacked them. We need to get much stronger, Oto and Suna before we try to fight them. I have Tsunade making a group of specially trained ninjas to combat Akatsuki here. Gaara I suggest you try doing the same thing in Suna. I know Akatsuki has their eyes turned towards us but they won't attack for now. We need to gather our strength and see to it that we are not caught unprepared against them."

Kanemoto glanced over at the two Kage's, the talk of preparing their defenses in case of the group that threatened them was little for his concern. He didn't really care about Oto or Suna the two villages as he preferred to be by himself. Yet he felt as if he should help them. Must've been Naruto rubbing off of him. And there was something about the Uchiha boy that Hayashi had warned him about.

The boy's eyes, there was something dark and sinister in them. Full of malice and hatred, At times showing confusion and hesistance but very rarely. The eyes of a emotionless killer with no remorse for those who happen to be in his way. During his time in exile with only Hayashi as company the wolf demon had told him many tales. One tale that came to him was of how a human being wielded the power to summon the Kyuubi himself. Kanemoto how first thought of it as rubbish, no human no matter how powerful they were could summon the strongest of the nine demons and have it under their control. But now seeing the boy, Sasuke was it? His eyes were just like the one of the person that Hayashi had described. Musing over this Kanemoto could tell that something involving the boy, Naruto, and perhaps all of them was going to happen.

The question was when would it happen?

"I don't see what's the point of this." Muttered Zaku as he changed from his regular outfit into a surgeon's outfit. After fumbling with it he strapped the mask on over his face and putting some rubber gloves on, he went to join the woman at the table. Joining him dressed similar as he was Kin. The girl deciding to see if she could learn anything from the Slug Sannin

"The point of this Zaku is for both of you to learn where you should strike your enemies at and see what damage will be done to them, now shut up and hand me that scalpel." Responded Tsunade to him dressed in a surgeon's outfit as well, the three were in a lab that Orochimaru had given her to use. A body covered by a sheet laid on the table. It had been a couple of days since she had taken him in as her apprentice, with the Girl joining although neither of them wouldn't make much of a medic nin it would be helpful for him to know where he should attack at and what would affect him.

Zaku had followed her orders and had committed himself to showing her that he would become strong. Although at times he had argued with her over her tactics which usually involved her knocking him out with a punch, he had listened well to her. What with the group that she was forming that he was part of along with Kin and the others and spending most of his time with her training he had learned that she wasn't easy on anyone. His body was still sore from the tasks he had been put through. But he wasn't going to give up.

"Now then Zaku, Kin, it's important for you to know where the most vital areas of the body are at. Any fool can pound on their enemy until their nothing but a mess but a ninja should be able to dispose of his enemy with as little damage as possible. Your needles are good when it comes to that Kin for if they hit the correct spot they'll damage the body part where they can't use them. Doing so is important as it is quicker and more efficient."

The two nodded understanding. She had chastised Zaku at times for in her eyes seemingly wasting time fighting where if he had striked them in a different spot he could've ended it much sooner than he had. A ninja although skilled in fighting should end it as quickly as possible instead of prolonging it.

"Now then, let's see if our friend here can show you the areas vital for you to hit." She then removed the cloth revealing the body underneath.

Zaku turned a sickly color as he looked at the corpse, it was a mangled up body that barely looked human anymore. It looked as if the entire body had been slashed open and burned from the inside out. You could see its ribs. It was missing one of its hands and the face seemed locked in a state of horror. The smell of the corpse hit his nose and his stomach turned. It was enough to make him sick. He looked over at Tsunade who didn't seem affected by it. Kin seemed to be sick as well as she held her mouth.

Tsunade watched him as sweat poured down his head in shock and fear at the corpse. The boy was shocked to say the least and looked like he was about to throw up. Kin seemed to be able to handle herself better but Zaku wasn't. She than began to delicately slice open the body using the scalpel.

"Looks like our friend here got the bad end of a sharp blade, I'd say he attempted to defend himself by rising his arm but no use as he lost his hand and was then cut to rubble." To demonstrate her point she made a slashing motion with the scalpel.

"But a sword shouldn't be able to do that by itself," Said Kin to her. "It also looks like his body was burned."

"Good observation, he wasn't killed by a sword, here take a look." Responded Tsunade, after making a quick cut she then opened the body revealing the inside of the body. The three grimaced as they looked at it, as if the entire person's insides were burned by some sort of acid and that was where the smell was coming from, it also looked like the insides where crumbling as well.. "As you can see the body was poisoned from the inside, apparently our friend was assassinated and killed by means of poison. And from what I looked up his data it said that he was a powerful lord. Can you two place the pieces together?"

The two thought over it and then Zaku spoke up. "I think I got it, this guy was a lord and someone wanted him dead, but he was too powerful to face head on. So they slipped a poison into his drink one night. Unaware of it being poisoned he drank it. Then the poison took effect, burning him from the inside out nearly impossible to cure. The assassin then attacked him. Unable to defend himself he attempted to block the blow with his hand and it got cut off."

"Correct, a wise ninja always remembers the importance of poison especially the kind that kills you before you know it." Said Tsunade who then lowered her mask and reached over and got a bottle of sake. "So the lesson of this is be careful of what you drink." She then took a swig of it. After doing so she offered the two a drink.

Zaku and Kin looked at the body and then back at the bottle and shook their heads declining her offer.

At the resistance…

Jiriaya looked over the fallen genins in the ward. Their mission to retrieve Sasuke failed and all of them suffered wounds from it. But years of experience reminded him that it was better to have a mission fail yet everyone survive than to have it succeed yet all of them dead.

"Jiriaya," Turning his head he saw Kakashi behind him. "It was wise of you to send us after them, do not blame yourself for the injuries they have suffered. They'll live, though it'll take time for them to recover."

"I know, so Sasuke is in the snake's clutches?"

"It would appear so yet we believe that he meet his brother."

Jiriaya turned around at that. "You mean Itachi? What was he doing there?"

"I don't know but I believe Sasuke confronted him and possibly attacked him."

"Than it's possible that Sasuke is dead."

"I don't know, Pakkun picked up his scent near the valley of the end near Orochimaru's headquarters. He might've intervened since he needs Sasuke. And Jiriaya one other thing…we all thought that Konohamaru was dead right? He isn't he's alive Neji told me about him back here, and he's…with the Sound nins."

Jiriaya turned to face him a look of surprise on his face. The grandson of his sensei was with the man who he once revered as a brother and now despised? He could only imagine what happened to the boy.

"We should tell Asuma about it," Kakashi was going to say until he was cut off.

"No, don't even think of telling him that. If he learned that his nephew was with them he would kill himself in agony and that would be the last thing we would need. Right now we need to keep our heads." Ordered Jiriaya to him. He couldn't help but grimace at himself. Telling everyone to keep their heads and be calm when in truth he had no idea what to do.

(All we need is just one chance, just one opportunity, and then perhaps the darkness will pass and the sun will shine again.)

At Orochimaru's office…

Naruto entered the room and found the Snake Sannin by himself.

"Orochimaru-sama is it okay if I see you for a moment?"

The Otokage looked up from the document he was reading and stared at him. "What is it that you need Naruto?"

"I have some questions and I think you can answer them."


"What do you know about Madara Uchiha?"

Orochimaru's eyes opened at that question, that was unexpected. "He was one of the founding men of Konoha and the first head of the Uchiha clan. You should know this Naruto."

"I know but there is something I need to know. Can you tell me everything you know about him?"

Orochimaru smirked. "Well it is said that years ago before Konoha even had its first branch growing out, Madara Uchiha reigned over the Uchiha clan. Next to The First Hokage he was the most powerful ninja. He was said to suffer the most fatal blows yet to have brushed them off as if they were nothing, they were said to even phase past him as if he was a ghost. He possessed the first Mangekyo Sharingan, and I'm sure you've seen his statue at the waterfall he possessed an intimidating figure."

"He had an alliance with the clan which the First originated from. It appeared that when Konoha was first created everything would go fine between the two. But that wasn't going to happen. Arguments broke out between them over how they should rule Konoha. Soon it became certain that a civil war would break out. But to ensure that Konoha the village they both worked hard to make wouldn't be caught in the crossfire they came to an agreement. The two would face each other just the two of them in battle. Whoever won would be the leader of Konoha and reign over it. And so the two fought."

"For a seemingly endless amount of time the two battled. Finally after an epic battle the first defeated him. It was said that Madara died after that. And the statues of the two were made to commemorate them. And that is basically all there is to know about him."

Naruto mused over the info. That answered the question about who he was. "Orochimaru-sama Kyuubi told me that Sasuke eye's where just like Madara's. What did he mean by that?"

The Snake Sannin shook his head. "It's not important Naruto, The fox is probably just ranting as demons do that."

Naruto frowned and thought that he was dodging the question. "Oh yeah, there's something about Sasuke."


"I don't trust him."

Orochimaru frowned at that. "Why do you not trust him?"

"He's a power hungry fool in my opinion. He is obsessed with gaining power and killing his brother. He is too much of a risk for us in my opinion. Although I admit he is a powerful ninja I think he would be too much of a risk for us."

Orochimaru smirked. "Do not worry Naruto, Sasuke will be dealt with. He'll learn that unlike the leaf we do not tolerate brash foolish behavior. He'll learn to keep himself in check. If he doesn't he shall be disposed of." Of course Orochimaru wasn't willing to dispose of him until after three years had passed. "At least try to get along with him. I don't want to spend every waking moment keeping you two from killing each other."

Naruto nodded and got up from his seat. "Thank you Orochimaru-sama, I'll go now." He headed towards the door but heard him call him back.

"You forgot this Naruto." A purple vest was tossed towards which Naruto grabbed. Naruto looked at it and recognized it as a Chunin vest. He raised his head up and looked at him. "A reward for all the service that you have done. You are hereby now Chunin."

"T-Thank you Orochimaru-sama," Replied Naruto with a bow and left his chambers.

The day passed through and stuff happened. Tayuya nearly killed Temari due to her teasing about her and Naruto. Kimimaro and Juugo talked with each other. Tsunade continued her training of the recruits. Dosu spied on her from afar making sure she wasn't trying anything. Kabuto checked on Sasuke and found that his condition had become stable and he would be ready the next day. The day passed and soon the following day arrived as Gaara, Kankuro and Temari prepared to head back to Suna.

At the gates…

"So your leaving eh?" Said Naruto wearing his Chunin vest to the red haired boy.

"Yes, I'd better go and make sure that there isn't another uprising in Sand." Replied Gaara.

"Well I guess I'll see you later, take care Gaara."

"Farewell Uzumaki." Gaara went to join his siblings but was suddenly stopped.

"Hang on a minute, hold out your hand." Said Naruto to him. Gaara looked at him confused not understanding but put his hand up palm facing down.

"No, No, not like that Gaara like this." He turned his hand sideways. Gaara did the same as well not understanding what he was trying to do. "Raise your hand up a little bit higher…there perfect!"

Gaara held out his hand sideways perplexed by what the blonde boy was doing.

SMACK! Naruto's hand collided with Gaara's and the red haired boy looked at him with an confused look in his eyes. "What do you just do?" He asked him looking down at his hand to see if something had happened to it.

"It's called a high five, it's something that friends usually do when they leave."


"Yeah, you're my friend Gaara."

Gaara stood there unaware of what he should do, before if someone had made contact with him he would attack and kill them. Yet Naruto was standing before him claiming the two to be friends.

"Take care Gaara," With that Naruto left him.

Slowly barely noticeable, a smile appeared on Gaara's face as he turned and joined up with his siblings as they started to head back towards their home.

At Tsunade's lab…

Tsunade, busy looking over a report mused. So far everything was going well, she had been working with the group and had been teaching them about what they should know about. She was also working on trying to get them over to her side for later. But a thought went through her head.

Yesterday she was told that Orochimaru had gotten ahold of the last Uchiha, while she knew little about him she knew that he was probably desperate if he would join up with The Snake.

And speak of the devil and he shall appear…

"You know I don't like it when you appear in my room without knocking or at least saying something Orochimaru." She said not even turning around. She heard a soft chuckle from him applauding her.

"Always were the hard one to sneak up on." He responded.

"I hear you have gotten your snake hands on another one."

"Actually he came to me, I only sent my men to help get him here."

Tsunade made a huffing sound not totally buying it. She knew he wanted the Uchiha for that Sharingan that he possessed. She continued reading her report when she suddenly felt something on her shoulder. It was Orochimaru who had placed his hands on top of her shoulders.

"Get your hands off of me Orochimaru." She said in a warning voice prepared to punch him if he didn't.

"So tell me, how is the group that you are forming?" He asked her nonchalantly.

"They're doing okay, now get your hands off of me!" Orochimaru's hand went off her shoulder only to cup her chin and tilt her head backwards so that amber meet gold. Tsunade went to punch him with her free hand but a crushing grip on her shoulder held her firmly.

Suddenly her body started feeling hotter. As if something was welling up inside her. She then remembered how when she tried to seduce him the same thing happened to her as if he was controlling her with just a single touch.

Orochimaru smirked at her and then opened his mouth revealing his tongue. It slowly slithered down and he licked her across the lips with it. After teasing her for a moment he sent it back in his mouth.

"KuKuKu, word of advice Tsunade do not attempt to get my men to join you in hope of helping you get out of here. They maybe your recruits, but they are my ninja. I hope you aren't trying anything cause it would mean I'd have to kill you or at the very least turn you into a mindless slave which with your fire to you would be worse than death."

With that he removed his hand from her shoulder and left her in her room.

Naruto soon met up with the rest of the Sound Four who were waiting for him.

"Bought time you got here, what took you so long idiot?" Said Tayuya to him.

"Sorry I had to take care of something first, let's go." The four made their way to Orochimaru's chambers and presented themselves for him. They then waited and soon Kabuto arrived and with him was Sasuke. Kabuto kneeled before him yet Sasuke remained standing up.

"Kneel you idiot," Muttered Naruto to himself as Sasuke didn't do so.

"So tell me Sasuke, why is it that you wish to join us?" Asked Orochimaru a trace of a smile on his lips.

"Power, I wish to gain power to avenge my family. I seek power so that I will be able to kill my brother who has tortured me relentlessly. So that I can wipe him off the face of the earth and be able to restore my clan. The leaf weren't able to help get me the power I need. I feel that you and Sound can help seeing how your ninjas are more powerful than ours."

Orochimaru smirked at him. "Well I cannot guarantee you'll become strong enough to defeat Itachi by tomorrow but we shall help in anyway we can. Your training shall start soon."

"Hmm very well Orochimaru. I hope that you'll be able to help me achieve my goal."

Orochimaru dismissed them and told Naruto and Tayuya to escort him to get some different clothes.

The two walked up to him and Naruto offered a handshake. "Hey, I know we have had our problems in the past but maybe we could put that aside and be friends, or at least rivals wanting to outdo but not kill each other."

Sasuke looked at the offered hand as if he was rotten meat. "Do not think I'm here to be buddies with you Naruto. After I gain the power needed to kill Itachi I shall leave, and after I dispose of him I'm coming after you next."

(So much for forgive and forget) Thought Naruto with a grimace

"Sheesh what's your problem dickhead? Your nothing but a piece of shit who struts around like he's better than everyone else. What stick got shoved up your ass?" Said Tayuya putting her two cents in.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the girl. "My problem is that unlike you I had to witness my entire clan including my mother and father killed by my brother! Watching him take the life from them and leaving me alone with no one! And it didn't help that Naruto made me revisit that memory when we fought in the Forest of Death! Don't you dare get into my problems bitch, how would you like it if I murdered everyone close to you in front of your eyes? Wouldn't be fair now would it? Just stay out of my way." With that he left them and went on his own.

"Son of a bitch, what crawled up his ass and died?" Muttered Tayuya.

"Now you see why I don't trust him? He's power hungry and obsessed and he'll kill everyone of us if it would give him what he desired." Responded Naruto to her.

"So you really think he'll be a problem?" Asked Tayuya to him.

"I'm not one hundred percent sure, there's just something about him that I don't like and if I was Orochimaru-sama I would keep an eye on him." He then turned to face her. "Tayuya, I don't know what's going to happen but please promise me that you'll won't do something to piss someone off and leave you dead that's the last thing I want to happen to you."

Tayuya's eyes widened at that. Normally she would've told him to go screw himself as she was capable of handling herself. But looking at his eyes and the emotion in them seeing how much he cared for her she nodded and responded. "Alright Naruto, I'll make sure not to do anything foolish…for you."

Naruto smiled and hugged her. "Thanks Tayuya."

Things happened over the world. Sasuke getting his new clothes, Gaara and his siblings heading towards Suna, Jiriaya and the resistance looking over reports, The sound nins training themselves, Kanemoto meditating in the forest, Orochimaru and Kabuto looking over the details of Akatsuki, Tsunade working on data, Tayuya practicing her flute, and Itachi standing on top of a mountain rain pouring down upon him.

Later that night Naruto sat on the rooftop of a building thinking over the past years.

Meeting Orochimaru and Joining Sound… The first time he meet Tayuya…When he was made a Genin… His first mission…His and Tayuya's first kiss.

Learning of the Kyuubi… Battling Gaara…The Chunin exams…The first fight with Sasuke.

Joining the Sound Four…The death of Iruka…The fall of Konoha… Meeting Tsunade…Losing control over his seal.

Seeing Gaara reform…Finally meeting his father and who he was…Meeting Kanemoto…Learning about Akatsuki.

Killing Sakon…Retrieving Sasuke…and realizing the power behind Akatsuki.

The events played in his mind and he wasn't sure what was going to happen next. At times he wondered what would've happened if things turned out differently.

What would happen next? Would Sasuke be the threat that he thought he might become? Would Akatsuki attempt to attack him again? Would he lose the people he held dear to him? Or would they defeat Akatsuki or vanquish them?

For those who wish to know…you must wait.

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