Good Grief: Chapter Two
An S-Chrome & Dr. Vainglorious Joint

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By the time the weekend was over and done, things were going to be a lot different around the town of Middleton.

The fifth stage of getting over her grief had been realized. The only way to get over the sorrow and the outrage of the object of her affection being taken from her was to carry out this directive of sorts. Kim Possible, worldly-known heroine, known to millions, had to be dealt with only in the most ignominious and dominating way probable.

Blonde ambition had never had such a tall task.

She sat in her old room in the residence of the Kings, staring intently at a memento of the past; a photo of her natural enemy and herself at the Cheer Regional earlier this year. 'Look at her,' she thought. There was absolutely no way that Kim deserved Ron. She was too unstable for a great guy like Ron. The college freshman was doubly sure that the blond boy didn't need a girl like Kim; a girl who would constantly control him, and order him around. Traits like that would ruin the poor guy.

And as long as Tara King was in Middleton, which was for thirty-six to forty-eight more hours, give or take, she was not going to let that happen. Yes, she was going to be the one that would rescue Ron from the red-haired menace and win his cute little heart in the process. It was going to be sweet.

She gazed out into the waning late afternoon sun from the window. Kim Possible was going to be taught a little lesson in true love and bogus romantic comedy. Except in this case, the red-headed evil witch was going to little bit of... tragedy at the end of her story.

"But, Yori," the age old master warned.

"No, Sensei, I must," a determined Yori interjected. This was something she had o do. The girl knew that she had to save Ron Stoppable… after all; he was the chosen one, and all that. Somewhere deep within her heart had told her…

"Ay-yo, Yori-san, you know you gots to book the next flight to flight to the U.S. to save that boy, right? Deep down, you know that heifer Kim Possible ain't right for that key-utie Ron Stoppable. What you need to do is go to them U-nited States and teach that red-haired biii-yatch a little something somethin' about honor. Mmmmm-hmmm, that's what you need to do, girl-friiiend."

That is EXACTLY what her heart had told her.

Then again, her head was telling her more about why she should book that ten hour-plus flight to somewhere in the continental United States. Certainly what her head was telling her had to be more coherent than what her heart was telling her.

The only time she had met Kim Possible, the girl seemed to be overly aggressive, paranoid, terse, and apprehensive. Why was that? Was that her nature? And furthermore, how did the relationship between this girl and the chosen one come to be if this girl's qualities were of her nature? Was it an honorable union… or wasn't it?

If it wasn't an honorable union, she definitely knew of what to do if that was the case. The black-haired girl tucked her twin fan blades into her suitcase.

There were so many questions that the young Japanese woman had needed to have answered.

Then again, there was another question: Could she afford to pay the airlines enough to get to Ron?

The answer, as if you didn't know: I DON'T KNOOOOOOW!

"I-I don't know, K.P.," Ron Stoppable said uneasily as they watched a little bit of the jumping box in the Possible home. They were sharing a quiet Saturday evening in each other's company. However, the blond boy was still having his doubts about what he had felt earlier that afternoon and it was carrying over past sunset.

"There's just something that isn't right… I can't put my finger on it…"

"Ron, what did I tell you about fearing the unknown?" The red-haired heroine known the world over as Kim Possible asked her boyfriend of several months.

"Uh… I don't think you told me about that," he answered. "Scold me or not, K.P., I'm just not sure about tomorrow."

Seeing that her BFBF was concerned about the future and whatever it was about to hold, Kim nestled up to Ron on the couch. Taking his hand gently and staring deeply into his brownie-sweet brown eyes, she wanted to make it crystal clear to him that she was neither afraid nor concerned.

"Ron," she began. "I'll admit that I don't know what's up ahead for the both of us… but, we'll get through it…"

We're just waiting for that meaningful music to start playing in the background… any second now.

"…together. Am I right?"

Her partner's expression quickly brightened.

"Yeah… o-of course," he stuttered. "I mean, there's nothing we can't do together… right?"

Kim beamed at him and briefly kissed his lips.

"Right," she repeated. The blond blinked twice before grinning foolishly.

"You're right, K.P.," Ron stated, shaking his head. "There's nothing to worry about… I guess."

Watching the relief that come over her long-time best friend relieved her more than she had thought. They shared that kind of bond, and it was probably that same bond that propelled their relationship to these heights.

Ron Stoppable felt like he was the luckiest man of the face of the planet, minus Lou Gehrig, to have an amazing person like Kim in his corner behind him. Whenever he needed a leg to stand on, strength, words of encouragement, and other some such nonsense, Kim was the girl that he could call on. As they returned to watching American Starmaker on the tube, the freckle-faced boy wondered what, who, or where he would be without Kim Possible, his girlfriend, and more important, his best friend.

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What could be so important to Tara that she wasn't hanging with Bonnie Rockwaller at this very moment? The brunette wracked her brain trying to figure what would keep the blonde-haired ex-cheerleader from her. There was only tomorrow for them to hang out and do all the things that they used to do. With every hour that passed by, the tanned girl got more antsy.

Was Bonnie actually missing someone that wasn't her boyfriend?

Shhh! Keep that little idea on the quiet.

Well, if had been months since they had seen one another, and the goodbye was about as emotional as one could get without the use of that salty-tasting waste product that secretes from the eyes. Bonnie Rockwaller did not do crying… she was much too cool and mature for that nonsense.

You need a prime example of her maturity? Let's go to the videotape.

Sorry, Warner…

" Wilson! Wilson! I'm Sorry! I'm SORRY!"

Tara fought a losing battle attempting to keep her tears from coming down her face during this particular scene of the movie that Bonnie and herself were watching. Maybe she did happen to be a little overemotional, but…

"Bonnie, are you crying too?" The blonde sniffled.

"No way!" Bonnie sniffed. "I happen to have a (sniff) cold that some loser gave to me…. And come on… (she sniffled audibly) it's just a movie," she took a moment to blow her nose into a sheet of paper tissue. "A-and besides," she whimpered. "…he was just a stupid volleyball!"

See, ladies and gentlemen? Wilson was just a stupid volleyball! Take that, Tom! You overacting, scenery-chewing…

Anyway, the brunette was worried about the her bestest of best friends... and that was no crime, right?

Usually a flight between the Far East and the Americas would take a mighty twelve hours or more non-stop. No living creature would want to endure that kind of punishment unless it was totally necessary. Sitting there, doing nothing, watching another one of those horrific Air Bud movies...

It would almost drive a man to suicidal tendencies, but not those kinds of Suicidal Tendencies.

For Yori, however, this was a small price to pay for attempting to save the young man who had captivated her ever so much. Plus, she was very well skilled in the arts of patience of meditation.

"S-say, where did you say you were again?" A young man who sat beside her asked. It was the fifth time during the flight that he had asked her.

" Los Angeles," Yori answered.

"Wow, Los Angeles," the man admonished. "I heard that place is full of glamourous folk, and bright lights, a-and Hollywood, and American Idol, and-and Bo Bice, and... washed-up pop stars who shave their heads bald and then wear stupid looking wigs to cover it up because they're lives are going into the crapper, and..."

"Yes... that place," Yori interceded politely, trying diligently to keep herself from telling the man to know his role, and shut his mouth.

"...and then check in and out of rehab in one day... and then lash out at the paparazzi like they're not supposed to keep watch over a circus freak in the middle of Southern California, and..."

The ninja shut her eyes as tight as she could in an attempt to block the man's constant chatter from reaching her brain. This was definitely giving her a lot more motivation into her upcoming confrontation with Kim Possible. Unfortunately, however...

"...that rapping white guy who can't really rap is probably going to gain custody, and..."

Over the vast Pacific Ocean, no one could hear you scream. No matter how loud you were.

How did one gain motivation to go into battle with someone who was undoubtedly stronger and possibly more intelligence than you? Tara knew of the perfect venue.

"I'm so glad you came on such short notice, B," Tara said.

"Yes, well... there was nothing else better to do," Bonnie replied to her best friend nonchalantly. In truth, she was overjoyed to get the call from her blonde-haired associate. "So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Oh, nothing… I just wanted to hear some of the latest dirt on Kim," the blonde said.

"Really? Well, just last week, she and that... wait a minute, you aren't still mad from what I told you the other day, are you?"

"No way, I'm past that," Tara lied with a straight face. "It's taken me a while, but I finally realize how much of a stuck-up, sanctimonious little priss she really is."

The brunette's eyes lit up. Yes, she truly did have a sister... that wasn't a... well, you know the rest. She had never heard any truer words about her red-haired rival.

"W-wow..." she uttered.

"And I have you to thank for it. Thank you for making me see the light, Bonnie," the blonde said graciously and she grabbed the younger girl and hugged her tight. At last, Bonnie had someone that shared the exact opinion of Kim as she did.

The brunette choked up. This was indeed a special moment for her.

What did twelve to thirteen consecutive hours on an transcontinental flight do to a person who was already fairly agitated?

Hold that. Forget that for a second.

What happens to a jilted teenage girl after she had spent twelve to thirteen consecutive hours on an uncomfortable transcontinental flight with a guy that just wouldn't shut up and was listening to some obnoxious rap music when her ear wasn't being talked off by him?

The answer was elementary: You have a girl who was absolutely salty.

And not salty in the case of what or how something tasted. Yori was salty as in, ready to kick some red-haired rump.

The Japanese girl waited not quite patiently for the ninja-piloted chopper to come her way, honorable thoughts not exactly on her mind. When she got a hold of Kim, she was going to feel the full force of...

Oh wait; there was the chopper, and not a moment too soon.

"Welcome to Los Angeles, Yori-san," the pilot greeted.

"It is good to see you again," the co-pilot added.

Yori simply muttered as she gathered her belongings and headed for the back of the copter. She was but hours away from Middleton - and her resolve was stronger than ever.

Ron could feel it coming. He knew not what, but there was just something was going to hit in the near future, and it was going to hit hard. Even though he was comfortably nestled in the arms of his doting, and slumbering girlfriend, and likewise, the nagging feeling of doom, disaster, and broken limbs was still, well... nagging the heck of him.

The soothing words of Kim had calmed his psyche for that moment. Only three hours later, however, those words had little bearing because he knew something was coming.

It wasn't the feeling he had got when he and Kim took on Drakken and the Diablos back in the spring, and it wasn't the feeling that he got, a sudden rush of adrenaline, when he would leap into the fray against his personal rival, Monkey Fist. It was something else that was entirely different from that.

Worse yet, he wasn't afraid just for himself, he was especially afraid for Kim.

He didn't want to wake his girlfriend of a few months who fell asleep on his lap ... but all of this tension that was building within was a little much for him to handle. The sidekick wanted to sleep it off and worry about tomorrow, but sleep just wouldn't come.

Man, if there was anytime that he didn't want to leave into the outside, this was one of them.

It was past 11PM, so it was just about time for him to go anyway. Mr. Dr. P. was due any minute and if he had caught himself and Kim in this position, despite the fact that both were fully clothed, then no one would theoretically be able to find his body.

Tara usually wasn't the one for mornings or anything associated with that time of day, and no one who knew her would ever confuse her with a morning person. But this Sunday morning, she had a purpose to "rise and shine." The night before was rife with Bonnie telling her all types of bad things about her rival during their sleepover, and today, this fine Sunday, a certain redhead was going to be vanquished, and a certain blond-haired boy was going to be all hers.

The blonde rose from her bed before the sun had arisen in the sky. She dressed herself in uncharacteristically dark clothing; a black hooded sweatshirt and black sweat pants to match. Tara was going to seize the day and Ron Stoppable for that matter. Even in this serious task of getting Kim Possible out of the way, she had to giggle at the thought of Ron being all hers.

The giggle was however, loud enough to wake her snoozing friend.

" Tara? It's 6AM. Where are you…?" The brunette, Bonnie asked groggily.

"I'm going to… take a walk," she replied. The answer was enough for the high school senior to return to dreamland. Tara smirked at her younger companion, as if to say if she only knew.

She quietly made her way down the stairs, being as inconspicuous as she could before gently shutting the front door.

If the college freshman was going to have any doubts about what she was going to do, now was the time to figure the positives and negatives.

Sure, there was a chance that she could fail… but, what if Ron and Kim were as inseparable as boyfriend and girlfriend as they were best friends? She could be looking at a flameout the likes of which teenage embarrassment had never seen.

Wait a minute, she was eighteen! She was in college! She was mature! She was of legal voting age! And, damn it, she voted Republican the first chance she got! A-anyway, she was an adult and a little bit of teenage embarrassment wasn't going to and shouldn't deter her from her goal.

The blonde's eyes moved from the ground beneath her to the sidewalk ahead of her. Was she seeing a mirage, or just her mirror image down the block? There was a girl who was wearing the exact same garb as she was, save the sweat pants, who was walking down the block, only in the opposite direction.

Her ninja graduate associates had advised to her rest, but rest wasn't something that came easy to Yori. The raven-haired young woman had only slept for nearly four hours before she went out to get a lay of the land and try to clear her mind with a bit of meditation. On the other hand, she wondered if it was a mistake as her mind might be playing tricks on her. Maybe she was a bit too focused of the liberation of her chosen one, because she saw a girl walking toward her who was clad in the same wears as she was.

Was this girl a ninja too? Or was her fatigue clouding her mind and judgment worth a tenfold?

The two girls stopped at the very center of the empty, quiet street. They looked over one another.

Yori could have sworn that she had seen this girl before, even if it was for one passing moment in time.

Tara didn't know this girl from a hole-in-the-ground. She looked like she was new around town… but there was something that was familiar about this girl.

Neither one said a word to each other. Somehow, though, both girls seemed to know what the other's situation was, and what they needed to do to sustain their goal. Tara gave Yori a slight nod, while Yori gave Tara a respectful bow. They continued on their way. While the direction that they were going was opposite, the ultimate goal, for the both of them, whether they knew it or not, were exactly alike.

The ultimate goal? Kim Possible still must die.

End of Chapter 2.

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