"He can't hurt you anymore."

A/N this is dedicated to my friend who would like to appear anonymous. This story is based on her life. So, enjoy!

Chapter One: Fear of a drunk.

The clock on her wall, she could barely read, However, It was 3:00 am. She couldn't sleep. He had gotten her really good this time. By him, I mean her Father. He was a depressed, heartbroken drunk. Who really needed to see the pain he was causing his little girl. She suffered from his abuse for 14 years, since the moment she was born. Her mother died giving birth to her, and he never let her forget it. She just wished that someone special would come and love her. Though she has never felt love on account of her dad, but she dreamt of it when she lay down her head.

She had 4 friends, none of which knew her secret, Viktor Stone, Rich Grayson, Garfield Logan, and Kori Anders.


Raven Roth walked down the loud crowded school hall. She was used to the staring and the whispering as she walked by. She got to her locker. Dread filled her for the day to begin. Digging through her locker, she found her Geometry book. Just as she closed her locker the bell rang.

'Great…' she thought, as she pushed her way through the crowd to her next class.

Entering her classroom, she lowered herself in a deck in the back. Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice beside her.

"Raven, so, how was your weekend?" she looked at the person talking to her. It was Garfield.

"Just super…"she replied sarcastically.

Gar had Brown hair with green tips. He was a funny guy, at least to him. Surprisingly, he was a very good student. He has a large family, all of whom came here a couple years ago from Africa. His parents worked there as Animal Researchers.

He slammed his books down before sitting next to her.

The class was long and boring. Relief filled her as the bell Rang. Springing from her seat, she ran into the hall.


School was out. Feeling uneasy about what might happen at home. Deciding to take the long way home, she set off. The warm sunlight filled her with warmth as it hit her skin. Wind gently blowing, hitting the trees rustling there leaves, sending a gentle chill down her spine.

She reached her house. She looked around for any possible sign of her father. Then, not quite sure whether he was there or not, opened the door.

Looking around her filthy house all she saw was empty beer bottles and cigarette butts all over the floor. No sign of her father.

'Thank God...' she thought.

Rushing to the kitchen, she searched for any edible food. All she found was a muffin right on the verge of being stale. Grabbing a bottle of water, she ran for her room. Hearing the loud snores of her father, fear overwhelmed her. If she would've woke him up she would have been in trouble. Quietly going into her room and locking her door.

'Wow, that was close.' she thought walking over to her bed.

Sitting on the bed, she started eating her muffin. Before she knew it ,it was gone. Only things she ate all day and the last. She didn't want to run into her father.If he is angry enough he will barge in here anyway. Hopefully, today is one that he WONT come in.

"Ya, sure. He ALWAYS comes in" she murmured, "Cold day in hell when he doesn't"

She sat in her bed, about to read her book. All of a sudden her door flew open with a big angry looking drunk standing before her.