Chapter 11: See you again

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I stop walking as I reach the stairs to the porch. My father stands by the door with a bag in his hand. He has a goofy look on his face. He...smiles.

"Raven, you're home! I've been waiting for you." He said, beckoning me over to him. I slowly climb the stairs. He pulls me close to him. He hugs me.

Now I know what's going on. He's drunk on vodka. He very rarely drinks vodka, but when he does he doesn't get mean. He becomes nice. Every other alcohol reacts the same normal way. I'm not sure what it is about vodka that does it to him. As long as he's not hitting me, I honestly don't care.

"Rae, I gots ya a present" He hands me the bag. I take it. Looking into his face, he seems very excited. I look inside and pull out a book. It is the Complete Collection of Edgar Allen Poe. It is a beautiful black book with gold engraved letter with a golden edge on the pages.

"Wow, thanks." I say, looking back up to my father.

He smiles."Of course, honey. Now, get inside. Dinners waiting." He turns and opens the door. I follow him inside. Waiting in the kitchen was delivery pizza from Zip-pizza. He even remembered my favorite, pepperoni and mushrooms.

"Smells good, Dad" I choke out. I rarely call him dad and...mean it. He pats my head tenderly and goes to get our plates. I love it when he acts like a dad.


I return to my room late. After pizza, Dad gave me money for "school stuff or whatever!" and we watched a movie. "Mean Girls" with sober, not trashy Lindsay Lohan. He feel asleep when Lindsay throws a party and gets drunk(go figure). Before coming upstairs, I draped our living room quilt, Grandma Roth had made for us, over him.

We definitely have a love- hate relationship. I hate that I can still love him so much. He self- appointed me his boxing bag and I fall for his weird drunken love. Why can't he just be like this all the time?

I place my new book on my shelf with the 4 other copies he has given me. I crack a small smile. He at least knows that it's my favorite book. I change into pajamas and lay down in my bed. Kori made me promise to visit her tomorrow. She wants to go to the mall and insisted I had to go too.

As I lay down, sleeping looming over me, I think of Gar. Only 13 days to go until he returns.


I was showered and dressed by 9 AM. I put my wallet in my pocket and listen at my door for sounds of my father. I could hear him snoring from his bedroom down the hall. I quietly open my door and peer out in that direction. His door is wide open.

I close my door behind me and start down the stairs. Going slowly, each stair creaks quietly below my feet. When I make it to the bottom, I walk to the kitchen. I grab a bottle of water and a lukewarm piece of pizza out of the forgotten box. I put the remainder of the pizza in the fridge.

I walk to the couch to eat with the TV quietly on. There's a rerun of American Horror Story on. My favorite, the first season, was on. I try to watch it as often as I can. Luckily, I found most of it online. I don't get to sit in the living room often. Dad is usually passed out on the worn, stained brown sofa. The useless coffee table sits between me and the TV. Dad broke the glass in a rage a year ago. He had to get 5 stitches in his head. I had a bruise on my face for causing him to break it.

The chairs in the room are covered in old liquor bottles and vomit. I can't clean it while he's home. The noise would wake him. I cleaned about 2 months ago while he was on a weekend business trip. Best weekend ever. It was followed by the worst Monday. I hope he goes away soon. It's beginning to smell bad in here.

After my pizza and water are both gone, I get up and shut the TV off. I grab my keys and quietly slide out of the front door. It's cool outside; fall is creeping in. The trees are slowly turning orange and red. There's a nice crisp wind shaking the trees. I walk down the steps and head towards Kori's house. With one glance back at my house, I'm glad to leave.


Galfore lets me in when I arrive. He told me Kori was in her room getting ready. After turning down every food option he had, I headed upstairs. Kori's door was ajar. I could already see all the horrifying pink that filled her room. I open the door. Kori, who was digging in her closet, turns briefly; catching my eyes.

"Friend Raven! You're here already?" She asked, still rummaging through her clothes.

"Do you want me to leave and come back?" I ask with a smirk.

"No! That is not necessary! Please, have a seat." She gestures to her fluffy pink bed. I sit on her unmade bed and look around. Her room is almost fully pink. Some purple and orange found there way in.

"Raven, which top should I wear?" Kori asked, holding up two shirts. One was hot pink with gray stripes and the other was green with sequins on the top that fade down the shirt.

I look at them for a moment. "Hm. Green one. It matches your eyes." Kori smiles brightly. She puts the hot pink top back in her closet.

"Now, which bottom?"



After helping Kori pick out her top, bottom, shoes, necklace, sweater, and purse; we were finally at the mall. Galfore had dropped us off.

"Where do you wanna go first?" I ask when we are inside. She looks around, getting more excited by the minute.

The Jump City Mall has a lot of stores. Half of them are clothing stores, but there was a store for nearly anything you needed.

"Let's go in there first." She points to a teen clothing shop close by us. "I am needing more clothes for winter."

We head inside. All the shorts and tanks from the months before were now swapped with pants and long sleeves. Being mid October, Only warm clothes were needed now.

Kori excitedly looked through rack after rack. The pile of clothes in her arms grew with every display. I found a long sleeve dark purple shirt and a pair of dark faded jeans with rips on the knees.

Kori comes over and shows me a top that has a wide neck hole that makes it fall off the shoulders. "This would look amazing on you, Raven!" She said handing me the top.

"I don't know, Kor. It's kinda...revealing"

"Oh, but..." she said sadly.

"OK...I'll try it on." Her eyes lit up. She begins to drag me to the dressing rooms. I walk into a little room. I remove my shirt and replace it with the one Kori found. It is gray and clings loosely to my chest and falls slightly outwards to my waist. My shoulders are bare.

"Raven? How does it look? May I see it?" I sigh and step out of the room. Kori looks the shirt over and smiles widely.

"Oh, Raven, It suits you indeed!" She claps.

"I think so, too." I smile back at her.

I go back and put my shirt back on. We stand in line to pay for our stuff. After we are both done, we head out into the mall.

"What now?" I ask. I look at the clock that was hanging down from the ceiling in the center of the mall. It was 11:45AM already.

Kori decided it was time to eat. After we ate, we visited nearly all the clothing stores. I managed to squeeze in some time to visit the bookstore. We were outside waiting for Galfore at 6:30pm.

"That was so fun, Raven." Kori said.

"Yeah, it was." I answer. Kori is surrounded by her 10 full bags of clothes and make up. I have 2 bags of clothes and 1 full of new books.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I had really enjoyed myself today with Kori. We haven't spent much time alone together before. We were usually hanging out with all the boys. It hadn't occurred to me how much I really needed time to bond with her. She is the only girl friend I have.


"Yes, Raven?"

"You're my best friend, right?"

"And you are mine" Kori smiled and wrapped her arms around me.


Sunday passed by as quickly as the day before. I finished 3 books that I had just bought. It was now bright and early Monday morning. My father had managed to leave me alone all weekend. My bruises were healing up nicely. I was dressed and began to gather my things. My messenger bag was heavy with all the books I had filled it with. Only a small amount were my school books, the rest were all the new ones I got. Lugging it down the stairs was torture.

My father was already at work so I don't need to be quiet this morning. He works for a huge advertising company. The dark world of suckering people into buying crap they don't need.

I hear a horn beep and look out the window. Vik was out there with Rich in the passenger seat. Kori was in the back. I walk out the door and lock it behind me.

"Rae! Check out Vik's new ride!" Rich shouts to me.

Vik had a blue car that he had been fixing up for months. His parents had brought it home for him on his 17th birthday. Vik sits in the front grinning from ear to ear.

"Wow, nice job, Vik. Got running good?" I said climbing into the car next to Kori.

"Yes, Ma'am! My baby purrs like a kitten!" He said stroking the wheel. "Watch and be amazed!"

He switches the car into drive and takes off. The car runs smooth and sails down the road. It was amazing how he turned that piece of junk into an amazing car.

"It is so amazing, Vik!" Kori squeals.

"Now we have a chauffeur." Rich said smirking.

"Like hell ya do, Richie Rich!" Vik laughs.

They all began chatting happily. Times like this make me miss Gar. 11 days to go.


Everyone begins to file into my 1st period English class. I am alone during this class now that Gar isn't here. The rest of the class began to take there seats; laughing and chatting with the people around them.

Miss Mae comes into the room with a weird look on her face. She's usually hyper active and over affectionate.

"Settle down, Class." She says standing in front of her desk. Looking around at us, she takes a deep breathe before continuing.

"I have an announcement to make. As you can see there are 2 missing from class today. One is Garfield who is on vacation

"Michael is the other..." She pauses and her eyes fill with tears.

"Michael...On Saturday, Michael was in a car accident. He...passed away late last night."

Gasps fill the classroom. My mouth drops open. My eyes grow wide as I try to comprehend what she had just said. Michael, the outgoing, friendly kid in class; had..died? No. It can't be. He was only 17. He can't be gone. He's to young to die.

The rest of the day passed by like I wasn't a part of it. I couldn't wrap my head around this.

If someone as sweet as Michael could die so young, What the hell are my chances?

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to a classmate of mine. He passed away 2 years ago from a car accident. It really does make you think differently when someone you know, who is your age, dies. Hopefully, Raven has her eyes open and sees what could truly happen one day. Reviews are welcome. 3