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So here is a pointless, fluffy, short, doesn't-even-make-sense one-shot (meaning it won't be continued). It doesn't really stand alone…but too bad. It very pointless and has absolutely no plot…but I'm so tired right now. I might come back and rewrite it later when I post the next one.

Don't worry, I promise to think of some better stuff for next time. I do warn you however, I'll try and be easy on the angst, simply because we've already got a lot of that.

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"Did you really expect him to do it?"


"That's what I thought."

"I mean come on, I'm not that stupid."

"Hey, I never thought you were stupid at all. That's Conner's department."

"I'm sure Ethan would be disappointed if he had to find someone else to throw insults at every five minutes."

"You would work."

"Very funny, Kira, very funny."

"I know."

The yellow clad girl was lying on a couch in Dr. O's basement, her feet propped up on the armrest. Her head was on Trent's lap, and she was looking up into his eyes. The former white ranger was skimming through a comic book that Ethan had picked up for him.

Sighing, Kira picked herself up and laid her head on his shoulder instead. By instinct, he wrapped his arm around her, and she moved closer.

Dr. O had left the basement, reluctantly, after Hayley had insisted that he get some fresh air with Ethan and Conner. The café owner, being the wise woman she was, had made sure that the two had time alone.

The couple was relaxing, mind drifting over the events of the summer.

So far, Krista and Conner had gone out of their fifth date since Prom, and Conner was expecting to ask her to go steady soon. Ethan had convinced everyone to attend a Star Trek convention earlier in the month, and Tommy still hasn't stopped glaring at him for it. And even Cassidy and Devin had kept on the down low.

But even rangers have to have something remotely normal about their lives.

Then again, where's the fun in that?

Kira glanced over the comic book her boyfriend was reading, and felt a grin flutter onto her lips when she recognized the figures fighting on the paper.

"He kept it?"

Trent looked at her, and chuckled.

"Yeah…I don't even know where he got it from. I thought we destroyed that book when we destroyed the monster."

Kira shrugged, and placed her arm on his shoulder.

"Who knows? Besides, it's nice to keep a memory or two, you know."

Trent smiled at her.

"I think I'll want the pleasant memories more than the not-so-pleasant ones."

Kira smiled.

"True, but it's a lot more fun that way."

Trent shook his head, amused, and put down the comic book. He shifted himself around, so that he was facing Kira, and their faces were only inches apart.

"So, tell me, what're plans tomorrow?"

"Well, Hayley wanted me to play tomorrow for something, but I'm free all afternoon."

Trent grinned.

"How about we get back at Ethan for the...uh…interesting…trip?"

Kira smirked.

"Sounds good. But only if we catch a movie later."