Hellos and Woahs


She was frozen. She knew she was staring at him, and she knew it was rude, but the fact that Ethan was sitting right next to her trying to gain her attention—he being very well aware of the fact that he didn't have it—didn't register.

All that did register was the fact that a very good-looking teenager, who looked to be the same age as them, had walked into the Café, and was talking to Hayley. Please let him be staying, please let him be staying, please let him be staying…

"Hello, earth to Kira," said Ethan, waving a hand in front of her face. "Anyone there?"

She snapped out of her trance, but her eyes never left him. There was something about him, his black and white clothing, his gentle yet confident manner, and his smile. God, that smile. Why must it be so...oh, I dunno. But wow. Hello, handsome.

She knew what it was that making her stomach flip in summersaults before Ethan even said anything. She was crushing. And on a guy she didn't even know. And though she couldn't say she liked it, it was true. She bit her lip, hoping a smile didn't escape her lips as he walked towards them. Damn, I have it bad. Not good, Kira, not good. You don't even know this guy. He could be one of Mesagog's flunkies, for all you know. He's too...mysterious.

It was left unthought that she had always loved mysteries.

He's dangerous, I don't know him. He's too smooth, too charming. He's too good to be true...

There was only one way to describe the way she was feeling, right then and there, about him. There was only one way to describe him, really.



Note: Short, yet I liked it. Sorry if some of that dialogue isn't right, I haven't watched Wave Goodbye in a while. But I hope you liked it, however short it was. Reviews are always appreciated, which you all very well know.