This is another contest entry for the Hideaway. A 200 word drabble where someone receives flowers. I thought I would be a bit different. Thanks again to OSUSprinks and miss McGonagle for reading and correcting my terrible spelling and grammer.

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The woman sat on her window seat staring out into the murky light of dusk. The last of the sun's rays illuminated the stark white marble tomb. Absently stroking the crimson phoenix feather a solitary tear leaked from an emerald green eye.

A muddy hand lightly brushed against her shoulder. She turned and blinked myopically up at her friend of many years, Pomona Sprout. She leaned into the touch of the fingers tenderly caressing her damp cheek. The voice sounded strained, awkward, unfamiliar.

"He asked me to grow these last year….muggle plants….took me a while to cultivate them….meant for your birthday."

Glancing at the proffered Maidenhair Ferns and Neroli blossoms, she took them with trembling fingers. Smiling mournfully she remembered…..the old Victorian tradition. The language of flowers. Softly brushing her hand through the blooms she spoke their meanings aloud.

"The secret bond of love, eternal love."

The shorter witch gazed at her open mouthed, as if seeing her friend for the first time.

"We were in love, Mona…."

With a whimper she cast the blossoms aside. Tears cascading down her ashen face in rivulets. Just like the rain that had begun to fall on the windowpane.