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FAN FICTION 1: Searching for Aimi

She crouched behind a tree, panting. Her body was growing tired, she was sweaty and not her usual self. Although, she knew exactly why The fifth Hokage of Konoha, Tsunade, was looking for her, the thought of coming back to Konoha still scared her. She heard footsteps coming up to the roof she once was.

A young man, who looked the same age as Aimi, came to where she stood. He said, madly," She got away." "Shikamaru, it was bound to happen, just let it go." a beautiful blonde said. " "Ino, it's a mission, i must complete it, even if it's troublesome." Shikamaru said wisely. " Whatever," Ino replied. "Stop it, both of you, i can still sense her smell," a talking dog said. Aimi was definitely confused by this animal, but knew whom it belonged to. "Her shampoo... it smells good." Pakkun (the talking dog) said. "She's getting tired, wait, she's moving quicker, to be able to move faster after running for so long...she must have some healing abilities." the dog continued to speak. " We should keep following her." the dog said as he moved towards Aimi's direction.

Aimi, left once the three man cell moved towards her. She thought, it would be easier to get away from them, but they sure are persistent. I guess I'll have to take a break soon, although I usually train harder than this, I'm running out of chakra healing my tired muscles. I'll have to use genjutsu to stop them, it should buy me about a couple of hours. They might be smart, but unless they are a genjutsu user they won't be able to break out of my jutsu. Aimi performed her genjutsu and headed to the nearest post town.

"We're trapped!" Pakkun said. "Why didn't I see this one coming" the dog continued. Shikamaru thought she's a medic, gen jutsu and nin jutsu user..eh.. she's really good.. but she'll be troublesome if I have to fight her . "The only way we can stop this is from stopping our flow of chakra." Shikamaru said. "That won't work." Pakkun began to speak. "This genjutsu of hers is very complex, only genjutsu specialists know how dispel this technique. "We only have two options left." he finished. " And what would that be." Ino said. " we just have to sit here and wait, until someone dispels it from the outside or until the genjutsu wears off." Pakkunn said.

Aimi finally came to a stop. She was at a post town, known for their gambling ways. Aimi checked into a inn and went to her room at once. She was delighted to see a comfortable bed, she hasn't been able to stop running since dawn. She took a shower and decided to rest. A knock came at her door, she got up with her kunai and looked at the hole through the door to see who her visitors were. She was shocked to see the shinobis who had been following her. Now, she had no choice but to let them in. She hated to lose. She opened the door and said " What do you want?" she said this with a look on her face that read I'm pissed and if you don't get out of my face you will die. "Tsunade-sama sent us to bring you back to Konoha." Shikamaru said. Aimi replied "What if I don't?" her answer projected the expression on her face. "We'll have to drag you, then." Shikamaru said.

"There's no need for her to be dragged, because she'll definitely come...right Aimi?" A cool, silver haired, tall guy said with the coolest expression ever said. " Kakashi- sensei, is that you?" Aimi asked with a confused face. "It is Kakashi - sensei!" she says with a big grin on her face. " I haven't seen you in a long time!, come in!" she says motioning Kakashi in the room. Th others followed but the door was shut to them, Aimi opened the door " I ONLY ASKED KAKASHI SENSEI TO COME IN, I DIDN'T SAY THE THREE Of YOU CAN!" she said with a " you guys weren't invited" smile. Aimi shut the door and was headed towards Kakashi, when Kakashi spoke." Can you please let them in?" Kakashi asked with a smile. " Sure" Aimi replied with a fake smile. Aimi opened the door and said with a monotone voice "Kakashi - sensei wishes for the three of you to join us." Ino and Shikamaru had a grin on their faces. Revenge sure is sweet, Ino thought. The three man cell along with Kakashi sat across from Aimi. "Tsunade-sama, requested that you help us find Akatsuki members and Orochimaru." Kakashi said. " I'm afraid, I can't do so." Aimi said. " I see, so I guess you plan on taking revenge by yourself." Kakashi says. Aimi bowed her head and silence filled the room. "Shikamaru, book a room, we'll be staying the night, Ino and Pakkun go with him." Kakashi said. When the three man cell left the room, Aimi lifted her face. Aimi's face was filled with tears, though she told her self that she will never cry again, she couldn't help it. Have I gone too far, Kakashi thought. " It's not your fault Kakashi- sensei, it happened before you became my teacher." Aimi said reassuringly. " I need to think about this." Aimi said. " Okay, but, we need an answer by tomorrow morning." Kakashi said. Kakashi walked toward the door, but stopped and turned to Aimi to say " Take care of yourself and think it over." He closed the door and shook his head. When Kakashi left, Aimi broke to tears and said " Arigato, Kakashi - sensei."

Later that night, Aimi came out of her door and went to one of the shops outside, to find one of the Jounins pursuing her. It was the boy, who had annoyed her form the start with his cunning mind and ongoing persistent. She saw him standing by a barbecue stand. She s glared at Shikamaru. He was silent. She sat at one of the stools and ordered. She thought of how much he resembled one of her comrades. Why does he look so much like Akio ? He looked at her, sensing his movement, Aimi looked back at him with a glare. He sat beside her. For a couple of minutes, the two shinobis were silent. Finally, Shikamaru asked "How much do you know about Akatsuki?" " Enough to be able to help you" she answered. " I know their strengths, I know their weakness and I know a little background information on them... but there's some things I can't figure out and if I can't figure them out, no one can." she finished. "Why do you need my help?, I mean Kakashi-sensei is truly skilled and very intelligent, She asked. " My sensei, Sarutobi, Asuma died during a mission to capture Akatsuki, I encountered the man who killed him and I took his life; but I still have a wish to fulfill. Shikamaru said with eyes that showed how much pain he was carrying. Aimi took no notice of this and spoke words that would make him question her attitude towards life. " He deserved what he got, he messed with opponents who were not on the same level as him. When you fight with people who are much more skilled and prepared than you then you will lose." she finished. Shikamaru was greatly offended, Aimi spoke such terrible words about the man who continuously saved his life. He couldn't take it, but he was smart enough to just accept her opinion. " I see, I should get going...We might have to leave early tomorrow." Shikamaru walked away feeling hurt, he would've fought back, but he knew better; they needed her help anyway, he couldn't let some thing get in the way of a mission. He was walking away, when he stopped and turned back at Aimi and said "It's not that you're persistent at arguing, but because you have a cold heart, it makes you the most troublesome person I've ever met. Aimi sat and wondered what Shikamaru had said to her and knew the response to the question she'd been trying to answer her whole life.

Note: Akio means intelligent boy

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