Honestly it hurts

Honestly it hurts too much but I'm gonna say it any way….

Your lucky if you find love once….

That maybe your only chance at love….

Don't throw it way it only leads you astray….

You have a strange pain for the rest of your life….

You can't quiet get rid of it…..

It's the worst of the worst….

All because of a few choice words "I think we should break up"

Never throw your chance away…

It's a mistake you will pay for, for the rest of your life…

Its not something you can take back…

And just when you think old wounds are closed up you get that chance to say a few words and your ripped painfully open again…

Trust me I know I made that mistake before…

And honestly its just not worth the heart ache….

Quiet honestly I have never felt a pain soooo bad as heartbreak……….

Never throw your chance away but you know what I say???

The pain of heartbreak is horrendous, but the love felt in between is the greatest sensation, so don't ever let it pass by….

Take that colossal step and take a chance because the feeling is sensational…….. By…TAylOR