Sesshomaru knew it had to be done. He wasn't exactly sure why he didn't want to take the necessary course of action; after all, if Rin Planned to continue traveling with him, Sesshomaru would have to do it.

He would have to transform.

It went beyond explaining that his hand could be a set of venomous daggers or how his eyes glowed an unworldly red when he was in an ill-humor. Showing the girl his beastly true form was an entirely different story.

Yet it had to be done. Sesshomaru couldn't hold back in battle because it frightened some eight year-old whelp. The sooner he got the task of educating her out of the way the better.

So was the demon lord's resolve as he stood on the cliff's edge with Rin.

"You need to know," was all he said as he leapt over.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin gasped shock at seeing her guardian take such reckless action.

Then she saw the tornado of pink aura that formed. What came out of it, however, was what snared her attention.

The monstrous fifty-foot dog that emerged from the storm of yoki, with its ruby eyes, great gray mane, and rows of pearly-white fangs, left Rin speechless.

Sesshomaru slid his head onto the cliff, keeping a blank expression. Internally, though, it took tremendous effort not to whine.

Even without the binocular vision of his temporary form, Sesshomaru still saw the way Rin scurried to her feet. His nose scented her skittishness. He had not intended to frighten her. He had hoped, the tiny, naive piece of himself, that she wouldn't act like the other humans, but...

Rin noticed the familiar navy crescent moon on the daiyokai's forehead. She then did something Sesshomaru would have expected if he had lived for all eternity. Rin smiled.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" she squealed, hugging what she could of his muzzle. "You're just like a big doggy!" She laughed. "My doggy!"

Sesshomaru was unsure if he was glad or disappointed that Rin couldn't understand his soft garbled growls.

"Pup," he had said. "My pup."