Remember Me?

"Lord Sesshomaru, someday when I die, will you still remember me?"

Rin had been quite young when she had asked that very mature question. The question that now coursed through Sesshomaru's mind as he and Jaken solemnly advanced to the grave in the open field. After all the other human mourners had left, of course.

When they approached the grave-marker, the toad-demon's foot brushed against a soft piece of material. Upon closer inspection, Jaken realized one of the humans had left some of the departed's ashes in a small pouch.

Honoring a final request? he wondered.

Before Jaken could speak his observation, Sesshomaru had already picked up the small parcel.

It had been hers, Sesshomaru's nose whispered to him. The scent attached to the pouch brought back a thousand memories to the Western Lord.

The last time he saw Rin alive, Sesshomaru had been leaving her to live out the rest of her life with her own kind. It had been for the best.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin had called when he was preparing to continue his journey without her. "Take this with you." It was a flower necklace like the ones Rin had crafted for him when she was a child. This one was fashioned out of fragrant sakura, cherry blossoms.

When Rin had seen Sesshomaru arch his eyebrows in almost reproach, she hastily added,

"To remember me by." And smiled.

Now Sesshomaru held Rin's ashes in his hand.

"Will you still remember me?"

Jaken stared up at his master. "Such a foolish thing," he heard Sesshomaru mutter. Expecting to see the pouch stashed away safely whin his master's robes, Jaken found himself dumbstruck as Rin's remains were callously flung into the wind.

Still sporting the same impassive expression he had arrived with, the daiyokai dropped the pouch next to the grave-marker, turned on his heel, and continued walking.

Jaken suddenly burned with the desire to speak in a tone he knew would result in a beating, but right now his mind was overcome with sentimental fury.

After all those years of raising that child! After seeing to her every need with only the devotion

a parent could muster! How could Lord Sesshomaru be so phlegmatic about her passing?!

Jaken was about to make his declaration when something got caught in his windpipe. He briefly paused to hock up the blasted nuisance, then stopped again when he saw what it was.

A cherry blossom? How? There weren't any trees in the vicinity for miles.

Jaken glanced at his master and that raised another question in his mind.

Since when did Lord Sesshomaru shed sakura petals from around his neck?

The dog-demon must have felt his diminutive's stare because he adjusted the collar of his garments accordingly.

Indeed. Such a foolish thing.

Author's Note: If you're wondering why I use daiyokai instead of taiyokai, it's just because that was the way I heard it first spoken and, since the two are interchangeable, I stick to the former. Anyways, I wrote this set of short stories because I like the father-daughter relationship Sesshomaru and Rin share (I'm a sap for that kind of stuff). I think it's sweet how Sesshomaru, who left his heart lying in some forest long ago, managed to gain a little bit of it back when he found Rin.