Dear Fender,

I am not going to lash back at you because truthfully I feel sorry for you. Your friend or whatever already PM'd me and alerted me the issues that you are going through right now, so whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself then so be it. Yes I'm stupid. I do not know how to spell. I do need to go back to kindergarten or first grade; maybe both. I hope this makes you happy, but I thought that you should know that lashing out at me because you're angry that your parents don't love you anymore is not going to do anything to me. Truthfully I do not take you seriously because you are still too afraid to get a real sign-in name and man up; you're obviously still afraid to spell out swear words. Your opinions mean nothing to me because you are just one person out of thousands, and everyone else loves my writing and could give two shits about my spelling and grammar. Now I know you have nothing better in life to do, so please, keep sending me you mean messages. I'm sure maybe one day they'll make me cry. I'm done with you and I will no longer respond.

To my readers thank you for your continuous support and feel free to let me and Fender know what you really think about my stories (grammar and all) and what you think about her.


~Marish 06~