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Wow, fanfic number two for SBK. I guess I would like to start by dedicating this to Julia, because without her, I wouldn't want to go on with this. This is the sequel to The Heat Is On, if you're a little unsure as to what is going on, go read it, it's not terribly long or terrible. Oh and, and I'm throwing Shinobin away. I don't know enough about him, and I have no use of him. Well, here goes!

Slash Kamei felt comfortable in his dream like state. He was just starting to wake up, and was at that point where nothing's really bothering you and you're not thinking. It was so warm…just like his bed.

"Your bed that probably doesn't exist anymore."

His eyes snapped open at this nasty little thought, and realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He had no idea where he was, or what was going on. His head pounded as he sat up. He was covered in some blankets…he hadn't seen them before. Closer inspection showed He hadn't seen the material either. It was silky, and light, the colour of water or pale fog, but really warm at the same time, like a heavy quilt. He tried to think about what happened in the past few days…the past few hours.

Things had started by being average and normal, then the dome appeared over his small town…

The insane flooding…

His and freaking everyone else's girlfriend being behind it all and betraying them…

The fights, the dome releasing the CFC's into the atmosphere and causing holes and screwing the earth up, the following earthquakes…his arm had hurt so badly when he fell on it.

And that weird, tingling sensation caused by Megumi and Damien. What the heck had they done, anyway?

"Where am I?" he questioned to no one in particular while sitting up. He felt slow and tired…

"You're on the starship Viera, home to the race of hoshikari. I am Kisaki, Queen of time and space."

Slash spun around to see a strange woman standing some 10 feet away from him. She had long black hair topped with a silver tiara, with a silver circlet studded with stars on her forehead, holding her hair up. Above the gleaming circlet, one smooth, long, pearly horn came out from her head. She wore a silver strapless dress, which followed the curves of her slim body perfectly. She was tall and graceful, with a sense of wisdom and peace. She looked like, well, royalty.

"Miss, um, Queen Ma'am." The black haired boy began awkwardly, unsure as to how to address her properly. "I know you explained it already, but…where are we?"

She smiled. "We're in space."

Slash's eyes widened. "Oh." The teen felt really weird. But he suddenly remembered his situation. "Wait! My friends! Have you seen my friends? They were with me last, are they ok? Are they here?" At this outburst, the Queen's face fell.

"Yes, they're here. But two of your friends, two females, they're in serious condition."

Slash felt a jolt of hope. "Nancy, Wendy, they're alive?"

Queen Kisaki nodded slowly. "They are now."

"Wait. They were dead?" Slash said confusedly. Again the Queen nodded.

"Certain Hoshikari have the ability to bring the dead back to life within more or less 3 hours of the death. After that, it's too late. You can see how this could be useful in some circumstances , though it can't save everyone."

Slash nodded. "But Nancy…? Wendy…?"

"We were able to summon their spirits back. They recovering now, though dying is a pretty serious experience. They'll need time."

Slash leaned back, relieved. "As long as they'll be ok." "They will. Fear not for your friends. You'll be able to see them." Slash nodded, and She walked forward. "Let's see…You look alright. How do you feel?" Slash thought for a second.

"I feel…fine. But I was sure I broke my arm…it hurt so bad!"

Queen Kisaki backed away from him a couple steps and surveyed him. "We fixed that. Not to be offensive, but we are a superior race. We can do that sort of stuff quickly." "Oh…um, yeah, of course." Slash decided she was weird. She certainly looked the part, but she really didn't seem superior. She just seemed to act like a normal person.

"Well, if you want, you can get up. Unless you want to rest some more, of course."

"No, I want to know more." Slash sat back up eagerly, wanting to explore. "I want to see my friends too, if it's not too much…?"

"Of course."

Jam Kuehnemund, Linda Maltine, and Tommy Parsy sat around talking when the door of their room opened and Slash Kamei walked in. He gazed around in disbelief. The room had a warm glow to it, and had wall to wall carpeting, with throw pillows strewn across the room. It was comforting, and relaxing. But was he glad to see his friends!

"Slash!" Linda jumped up and gave him a hug. "We were so worried…"

"Hey! I'm fine, but what about the others?" Slash asked while squeezing her back.

"They're getting better…I'm just glad they're not dead." Tommy replied, looking pale at the thought.

"They're ok…but Earth…" Jam trailed off.

Slash looked at him. "It's gone isn't it?" Jam nodded grimly.

Slash sunk into an oversized pillow, to stunned to speak. Everything was gone. His house, his school, the sky, the snow, and the people he knew…his family…"No way."

"Yeah, way. Everything, man. Just…it's gone."

Slash stared into his pillow he had flopped onto and could hear Linda starting to quietly cry. "That's…wow."

Suddenly the door opened again, and a blue skinned girl who looked their height and age and was clearly a maid of sorts spoke in a soft voice.

"Your two female companions are here to see you."

In walked Nancy, followed by Wendy, looking as stunned as Slash did when they walked in at the beauty of the room. They spotted their friends and cried out, rushing toward them.

"Oh, you guys! They told us everything!" Nancy burst into tears, and Slash took her in his arms, stroking her hair quietly. It didn't seem as bad when you were busy comforting someone. Wendy looked tense, and highly distressed. "I just can't believe it's all gone."

Tommy nodded. "I know. What will we do?"

"Well, I guess, I mean, there's not much we can do except figure out what to do here. Keep moving, right?" Linda hid the tears in her voice. The group nodded. Suddenly she door opened again. It was the girl, she was back again, and she cleared her voice and called out:

"We present to you Her Majesty, Queen Kisaki-sama, Guardian of Space and Time,

Her Royal Highness Megumi Hime-sama, Crown Princess,

And the newly reinstated Imperial Prince,

Damien Ouji-Sama!"

The group stared as in walked Queen Kisaki, Megumi, and Damien. Damien fidgeted uncomfortably in his new clothes and under his friend's stares. However, Megumi smiled at them all and cheerfully announced:

"So, what do you think? My little brother, the prince!"

Well, that's it for now. The first chapter. I'm really excited to be writing this one, more so than the last. I hope it will show in my writing. Love ya all! Read and review!