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"So, do we have to be all like, fancy for tonight?" Slash asked apprehensively. When Damien nodded, the boys all cursed under their breaths while the girls squealed.

"I know it sucks guys, but it's only for an hour or two…" Damien muttered under his breath so the girls wouldn't hear.

"Besides, the after party will be worth it, right?" Jam asked, watching the girls gossip about their dream dress and they were doing to do with their hair. The boys grinned and nodded.

Damien felt a little guilty about being so happy, but he couldn't help it. The earth had just blown up, but he had found family and had his true friends with him. It couldn't get any better. He smiled as he looked all around at the gang.

After a couple more minutes, the girls decided they had to start getting ready.

"Already?" Jam asked disbelievingly as they passed to go to the door

"We have more things to attend to than boys." Linda commented as she closed the door.

The small blue skinned female maid knocked on all the girls' doors, and she led them up to a previously unknown and beautiful dressing/ladies room.

It glowed with lots of lights, and had thick red carpet, a couple walking closets, and the girls fears that they would've had nothing to wear immediately ceased when they opened one of the closets.

It was filled with fancy dresses of every style and shade of colour, with every fabric imaginable. Silk, taffeta, netting, shimmering fabric, they had it all. In the next closet, there were shoes, jewelry, purses, makeup, it was insane. The girls had never seen anything like it.

Linda wasn't as shell-shocked as the others, having practically been royalty, and she beckoned the other two girls over superiorly.

"I'm giving you two makeovers." She said matter-of-factly.

"Oh, I-I don't know." Wendy stammered embarrassedly.

"Well, I'm up for it. Linda knows as much about fashion as you do about science and physics. She'll make you look stunning." Nancy piped up confidently.

"Well, if you put it like that…then I guess it's ok." Wendy said cautiously.

"Great!" Linda smiled. "Now let's see…Nancy, I've already discussed your range of shades and colours that go with your skin before, so get to work on finding dresses, ok? As for you, Wendy…luckily we're pretty evenly matched…"

The tall brunette got to work on the spectacled genius, while Nancy looked din the closet for hot looking light pink, light blue and other good shades of dresses appropriate for her.

After a long while, after many dresses had been tried on, unzipped, clasped and thrown around, they had selected their outfits. They decided to keep them secret until the banquet, and proceeded to finding matching shoes.

When the finally had those too, they had realized they had made a huge mess. A light knock came on the door, and the glanced fearfully at it. But it was only the teen maid they kept seeing.

"Oh, it's only you." Linda sighed, relieved. "Come on in."

The female gingerly made her way across the trashed room, stepping carefully over strewn dresses and shoes littered everywhere.

"Go ahead. Say it's a hideous mess." Wendy told her.

"…It's quite a mess." Admitted the maid. The four giggled embarrassedly.

"But I know how to clean it up quickly. Pick up all the things you don't want cleared, and set them on that couch." The other 3 obediently picked up dresses, shoes, and their articles of clothing and put them on a velvety red couch against the lit wall. "Now watch."

The blue skinned maid suddenly squinted her eyes and shouted.


The others jumped at her sudden outcry. Immediately a little circle around her was cleared, and when she went over to the closet and opened the doors, there were the few dresses and pairs of shoes she "cleaned", hung up without any wrinkles, looking pressed and neat.

"Wow!" Nancy exclaimed, and the others gave their praise to the maid. "That was so cool!" Wendy said enthusiastically.

"Try it!" the maid said encouragingly. Linda stood uncertainly and shrugged.


The clothes around her flopped, and a shoe disappeared, but that was it.

"No, you have to scream it. To mean it." Linda tried again.


"That's it!" the maid smiled. Immediately Wendy and Nancy jumped off the couch, eager to try. They ran around the room, shrieking "CLEAN!" and giggling, occasionally striking poses or throwing their arms out dramatically, like they were casting a spell.

The mess quickly cleared with the four of them helping each other, until it was spotless again. They sat around laughing, and then Linda started to question the maid.

"Hey, what's your name?" Linda asked kindly.


"That's a pretty name." Wendy commented. She liked her; she was fun to be around.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Nancy asked

"Well, I don't know, I'm not one for parties much. It would be fun to go with you guys, though. You would make it exciting."

"So, why don't you come with us? We can go as a group and be escorted by the other guys." Nancy replied.

"Oh…I can't. I have school to study for, and other duties to perform…but I really wish I could."

And they could tell by the way she glanced wistfully at the open closet, she wasn't just trying to get out of hanging with them.

"I have an idea." Linda looked determined. Then her face fell.

"Oh, but I don't have a gossip stone…crud…"

"Oh! That's why I came down in the first place! I can't believe I forgot!" She mentally smacked herself, embarrassed she could forget.

"Since you'll be here on the ship for a bit, we're lending gossip stones to you." She handed each girl a softly glowing blue stone roughly the colour of the hoshikari skin.

"Perfect. So, you do just, talk?" Linda asked.

Karena nodded. "A little beep should sound if you're doing it correctly."

"Ok. Umm, your Majesty? Queen Kisaki?" The telltale chirp sounded, and Queen's voice came back clearly.

"Is this the human female Linda?"

"Yep! I was wondering if I could make a small request?"


"I'd like to invite my new friend Karena to the welcoming banquet in our honor. Would it be too much to we excuse her from her duties tonight?" Karena's mouth fell open in a mixture of horror at being called to this much attention and excitement of being able to go.

"Of course not. She may come, if she wishes. She'll be excused."

"Thank you very much, your majesty!" Linda then pocketed the stone. "There. Now you can come!" Linda smiled.

"T-Thank you!" Karena stammered, still stunned about what just happened. No one ever paid this much attention to her.

"Oh, boy." Nancy grinned. "You're getting made over too."

Meanwhile, Slash, Jam, Tommy and Damien sat around in Damien's room, talking and determinedly putting off getting ready for the banquet until the last second.

Slash buried his face into a pillow exasperatedly. "This is going to bite." He mumbled, his voice muffled by the soft, plump pillow.

"At least you're not the newly discovered Prince and getting presented to everyone and their mother." Damien paled at the thought while he spoke. He never had liked crowds or too much attention.

"Yeah, it sucks to be you." Tommy commented.

"I feel better now." Jam replied. Damien threw a pillow at him, and he ducked to avoid it.

"Seriously though? I think it will be worth it just to see the chicks all dressed up."

"What makes you say that?" Slash questioned warily.

"Oh, yeah, it's not like we don't see you drooling all over her." Jam jumped into the conversation, rolling his eyes. "Who?!" Slash Demanded.

"Duh. Nancy. Don't think we don't know, dude."

Slash looked away, trying to play it cool and act like he was completely wrong, but the flush in his cheeks gave him away. "Yeah, well, you're one to talk."

"Say what?" Jam taunted.

"I hear you in your sleep." Slash was on a roll now, determined to get back for the humiliation. "Oh, Linda, my darling, I love you!" Slash drawled out in a high pitched voice, imitating him.

Humiliation burned in Jam's cheeks. "Aw, wait, No way. You're lying."

Damien raised an eyebrow. "Oh, sure he is."

Jam spun around, glaring furiously at Damien. The blue skinned teen feigned mock surprise, acting innocent. Jam had to laugh at his expression, and it had all the guys laughing within a few seconds.

"Ok, is there anyone in here who isn't crazy over someone else on this ship?"

Tommy turned away, and Damien determinedly looked at the ceiling. "We should start to get ready, it's almost time." He spoke loudly over the others laughing.

He rose and stalked toward the bathroom, still not looking at anyone. But the faint red tinge was defiantly there on his face.

"Jam, hold still! I can't tie this!" Damien grumbled, while Jam struggled.

Four black suits, showers, and a bottle of cologne later, they were almost ready. Their hair had been a nightmarish obstacle to get over.

Tommy and Jam got off easy, their hair having been fine by itself, but Damien and Slash had despaired for a while.

"I cannot believe we are sitting here, worrying about our hair like…like girls." Slash had groaned. They ended up solving their dilemma by slicking back Damien's jet black hair, and spiking Slash's equally dark locks.

However, the bowties were too much. They were completely mystifying.

Tommy struggled confusedly in front of a mirror, Slash practiced in a corner, and Damien was trying to get the hang of it by practicing it on someone else.

"This is useless. I don't even know where to start." Damien muttered, trying not to choke Jam in the process.

"Dude, no one does." Slash replied, throwing the black strip of silk off in the corner. "We're screwed."

"Can't we just, I don't know, not wear them?" Jam suggested.

"Yeah, we'll be the only idiots without them. That'll be hot." Damien replied.

"So? Who cares? I don't."

"Girls do. Girls notice freaking everything." Damien said darkly.

"Yeah, it's true." Tommy agreed.

"But we don't even know how to tie the stupid bowtie!" Jam raged.

Wait. I have an idea. This is our last hope; I saw these once at a formal I went to with Megumi on earth." Damien said. He pulled out his gossip stone.



"We need bowties in here. The cheating kind. Do you have them here?"

"Um...I don't know" The girl answered distractedly, giggling. "I'm busy right now. Try someone else."

Damien groaned frustratedly and stopped the conversation, starting up a new one to anyone who was listening. "Can I get anyone to bring up bowties? The cheating kind?"

Another person arrived with four already tied black bowties 10 minutes later, much to the boy's relief. Damien explained them.

"Ok, so basically, you clip them in the back, and no one can tell, because they're under the collar, where no one can see."

They immediately set to work clipping each others on, and folding their white collars over the black strips, then proceeding to slip on black jackets.

"Ready?" Damien asked grimly. The others looked warily at him, preparing for the worst. They looked as if they were walking to their deaths and or utter destruction. Jam made one final comment as the door clicked shut behind him.

"You guys should've left me on earth."

Meanwhile, 4 beautiful women strolled down the hall, completely unrecognizable.

"The guys are going to escort us, right?" Wendy asked nervously, clutching at Linda on one side, and Karena on the other.

"They said they would. They better." Nancy replied. "I can't do this on my own."

"Well, at least we've got each other."

"Who am I going to be escorted by?" Karena pondered anxiously.

"No one's got dibs; it'll just kinda…happen, I suppose." Linda finished lamely.

They approached steps into a hallway, and Linda stopped short and held her breath.

"They're on the other side of that door!" Linda whispered.

"You ready, girls?" Nancy whispered

When they all nodded, they all filed in one by one.

First came Linda. She was wearing a sexy red evening gown that sparkled, with a halter neckline, red shoes like Dorothy's and sleek pin straight brown hair. She radiated confidence and sexiness.

Next stepped Nancy, wearing a floor length strapless pink dress, Silver pumps, and golden hair that was volumized and teased into perfect sexy waves. She was the picture perfect definition of innocence, with a touch of sexiness.

Next came Wendy, wearing an Emerald green dress whose hemline brushed against her calves. She wore black pumps, and gone were the glasses and ponytail. Her hair had been curled into glossy brown curls that reached her shoulder blades, and her glasses had been replaced with contacts. She was a vision, a complete transformation.

Finally the last female stepped through the door, Karena. She was a sight to behold in a dark blue Chinese dress with embroidered gold flowers on it. Her straight black hair was pinned up in a bun and hair sticks, and the dress had slits on both sides, showing off her legs. It suited her almond shaped eyes.

All four girls stood in front of the boys expectedly, waiting to be picked.

It was all the boys could do to not stare, to not drool, to not act horny. They were sexy.

Slash took hold of Nancy's arm, and The other followed suit, Jam taking Linda's arm, Tommy taking Wendy's, and Damien taking Karena's. They nervously strode off toward the banquet hall, wondering what awaited them.

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