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What's Mine is Only Mine

When I first laid eyes on her, she looked so fragile, so poised, so utterly fake. She smiled at me, but it was not the real her. It was that mask she kept on when she was with company, with strangers, with her so called "friends" that were not really her friends.

I hated her for that dishonesty.

And yet...

As the weeks passed by, her delicate fingers wrapped around me, and though I did not succeed in burning her, I'm sure she felt it... underneath that decrepit mask.

When was it...

That I stopped wanting to hurt her? When I began believing in her smile?

When did I start, instead, become infuriated with that colleague of hers that everyone spread rumors about?

An untarnished mate is no mate for my love.

I can't tell her I love her, so I must suffer while the one she loves mimics me.

At all times of day, I trail after her helplessly, like a puppy that knows no other master.

In all truth, I don't have any other mistress of my heart.

Today, I watch silently as she sits down, as beautiful as always... oops, no one else may have caught it, but I saw her nearly miss her seat. It's perfectly understandable, as that dense beloved had parked her extraneous behind on my mistress' seat, and stood up so quickly that the chair had been misplaced.

Ten points marked off for disturbing her mask.

A chill runs down my spine as she smiles, albeit at that bloated toothpick, but her fingers are tracing my sides again, tickling me.

I want to blush, but I can feel so little blood in my cheeks that it almost feels as if I have no cheeks at all.

And when her lips, her sweet lips, touch the rim of my mouth, and I can see that devilishly mischievous look in her alluring eyes... I give in to the sensations. I let her drink from me, all of me, however much she wishes of me until I have been drained.

But alas, it is only a small piece of heaven at a time, for much more would be unrefined. I quietly accept my lot.

She lets me go casually, as if this is an everyday greeting, and indeed it is. She glances towards the lake outside the window and she begins to talk.

"The view from here is beautiful... it really is a pity that I'll have to spend my time here alone..."

I huff indignantly. I am here, am I not?! My beloved, you will never be alone. No matter what the one you love does to you, I will always be here for you. No one is more beautiful to me than you are. No one is more perfect. No one else has seen your deep dark secrets. Have faith in me, won't you?

She turns back towards me with a soft smile, and draws me to her again. Every time she does, I swear I feel faint, but again, quietly, I accept her small kiss of love. I offer what I can, whatever solace I might, for however long I am able.

"I'll v-visit you..."

I cringe inside at that grating voice, that which will never hold a candle to my darling's voice. Even when hesitant and soft, that insipid voice bothers me to no end.

But my love smiles yet again, and I am forced to hide my indignation. It is her choice to make, with whom she will love. But everyone always says that she loves me. She kisses me so often, who wouldn't believe that?

But I am not the one that convinced her to let down that mask, to let everyone see the "truer" her. I was not allowed that dignity.

Even though I met her first.

"You're such a dear... but you don't have to if you don't want to. I'll be fine. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble over me, after all."

My love is such a sweetheart, always worrying about others before herself.

"Who's gonna catch me? I'm not afraid of getting caught."

I refrain from pouting as she kisses me again, licking her lips afterwards. That tongue that I had just felt inside me not too long ago...

It almost feels like she is cheating on one of us right in the other's face... but I care not. She would protect me from this brute, I know. Even if I know she loves the other one more.

As long as there is any love in her heart left for me, I will always love her.

"You're not afraid?" She's being naughty again. Her face gives away nothing. What is she plotting? I can feel both of her hands extending around me now.

Oh no... she isn't thinking...?

"N-no... I'm not..."

It seems even the barbarian can tell that something is afoot.

She crooks a single finger and beckons the brute closer.

No... No... NO!!! Don't you dare! Don't you dare do this to me! Mistress!

She's offering me to the brute.

Who clearly isn't interested.

"You are afraid, aren't you? If you can't handle this, how can you possibly handle spending the night with me?"
The brute has become confused. Mistress, surely you have learned by now that your subtle hints are not to be followed by the likes of- of that!

They are not the least bit fazed. In fact, the human troll has been perfectly manipulated. She grabs me, roughly, without fanfare, and suddenly, her lips are on me, sucking me dry.

May her tongue be scalded a thousand times over.

When she is done, she roughly returns me to where I was before, within reach of my Mistress, and she wipes her mouth like the barbarian that she is.


My mistress smiles that smile of hers, when she is more than satisfied but also knows that she is in position to ask for more. She stands. Drained, I am forgotten. I worry not; she will replenish me later.

For now, however, she concentrates on the brute, her hips swaying ever so slightly as she stalks her nearby brute.

What "courage" that animal had "proven" just now is already gone. It has deserted her in the face of a hungry predator. I am physically meek by nature. My mistress is much more... active.

"Why do you run, if you are not afraid?"

"Wh-what are you going to do?"

She laughs that gentle laugh that I know her well for. But only when she is with this person. That much makes me boil with anger... if there was anything left in me to use as fuel for anger.

"Na-tsu-ki... you will be punished for that."

The brute has no right to be called by name by my mistress! Kill her, kill her, my love!


I want to turn away as my mistress descends upon the brute, forcing her to the ground. Alas, my love! Why must you soil yourself by descending to the ranks of her?!

She comes up for effect, and I can sense the smile in her voice, even if I can no longer see her face.

"Natsuki was not actually supposed to drink my tea. As punishment, I'll be taking it back with interest."

As I sense that my contents that were left to fester in that brute's mouth are now being tended to by my mistress' own skilled tongue, I feel a belated happiness cascade over me.

Yes, my mistress will always be mine.

Those who get in the way will pay.

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