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What's Mine is Only Mine (Part 3)

I sneezed, twice in succession. A teasing voice in my head, that sounded an awful lot like a certain brunette I knew, reminded me, "You know what they say, sneeze once and it's just chance. Sneeze twice and someone's talking about you."

Mumbling a quick reply to the voice that had no visible body, I sneezed again before continuing my search. "And three times I might actually be sick."

I'd never understood the reasoning behind that superstition, I realized as I walked around the foliage. I mean, just because you only sneeze twice doesn't mean you still aren't sick; you could sneeze not at all and still be sick. And what are the chances of sneezing three times in a row anyway? They were slim if you weren't sick, but it was all still chance. And I failed to see how sneezing could possibly be a true sign that someone was talking about you. If you were famous, someone somewhere could be talking about you at different times but steadily throughout your whole life. And if you sneezed six times, did that mean you were sick on your own, you'd caught someone else's cold, and three different people were talking about you behind your back? Or did three sneezes count as one and a half people talking about you, like a person who mentions you by name and another person who only calls you 'Kaichou'. ...No wonder no one ever "saw" Kami-sama. He must be sneezing left and right with everyone saying "Kami-sama only knows" or "Kami-sama will smite you if you're bad".

I stopped, seeing myself in a window, and shook my head. Stop thinking so much, idiot. You should be using that brain power to track your target down faster.

Not that the target knew they were being tracked. That was another odd truth for the world. The more you chased someone, the faster they tried to run. It wasn't like I was a wolf chasing down a deer or anything. How absurd. And it's not like if she knew I was looking for her, she'd start running. She isn't the type to do that.

Alright, I'll be honest. I was getting fed up. You would think that asking for a simple little favor would be a matter of snapping fingers, but of course, of course it isn't. After all, I'm not the same as that... that damnable woman.

Indeed. It all started back at the student council room. I was alone with my target, a usual occurrence these days. We'd been talking about some such thing, and I'd slipped up because the way the sun reflected off her face at that moment had made her more stunning than I'd ever like to admit to her in person. She'd looked at me then, teasingly correcting me though I could have cared less about syntax. When I didn't respond, still held in awe, she'd stood up and asked what was wrong.

I'd told her it was nothing and went on talking about whatever it'd been that we'd been talking about before the sight of her had stopped me. Then, with obvious reservations, she stood next to me by the window, looking out at the same view that I was.

And it was about damned time. Ever since last October, with all the fuss that had been made, all the secrets that had been spilled, she'd lost her spine, especially around me.

Thank Kami-sama she seemed to be growing a new one.

Oh, sorry Kami-sama. Don't sneeze. Oops, I did it again. Sorry, Ka- Oh forget this. Never mind. Shutting up.

... Where was I? Oh yes, she'd asked me, rather off topic, which was like and unlike her, if I wanted to take a break, take a walk around the grounds, maybe for once without scaring everyone within a mile's range?

I'd laughed at her hint of hope. It wasn't as if I could help it. It was the natural reaction to all their stares, all their expectations, all their assumptions about me. I had to give them something.

She'd frowned then, and I couldn't help but wonder if I'd said something wrong again. But when questioned she only shook her head and smiled.

That smile was another thing that would have to be replaced along with her spine. As it was, it was rather too fake. Like I certain other person I once knew.

I remember looking around and noting that while it was time for a lunch break anyway, I had none of my favorite "snacks." She noticed this, and for once voiced her concern for my health.

Well, alright, so that hadn't been the first time, but it was the first time since October.

I'd looked at her, half wanting to please her, and yet half wanting to make her pay for separating me from my favorite food. So, decision made, I sat back down and started to get back to work. Which was really hard to get through on an "empty" stomach.

She'd watched me a moment before sighing and relenting. She'd asked me if she got me my food, would I walk with her after?

I pretended to ignore her for even having pulled the suggestion of separating me and my food. I nodded noncommittally and continued to work.

Sometime in the next quarter of an hour, I realized that not only had she really left, but she had yet to come back. That's odd, the school store sold it and it's not like it was closed yet...

I decided that she'd probably run into a friend and been forced to talk and thus be delayed.

An hour passed, and she still wasn't back.

And I had done all the work I could without consulting somebody.

With a feral growl, I stood up and left the room. If she was going to go missing, she could at least call me and tell me ahead of time. Then I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not she could handle herself.

And not have to worry about whether or not she was in a situation that required stronger "handling."

Caring about someone could be just so frustrating sometimes.

In the distance, I heard some yelps, and some others running to get out of my way. See, being the way I am does have its perks. Nobody really messes with me.

Except you.

Who had better not have come back to the room while I was out looking for you.

The people at the store had told me they'd seen you, sure, but that was a while ago. But she'd been with someone else, if that was helpful at all.

I may have had a certain recollection of strangling them until they told me who... but that's beside the point.

I'm onto you, I know it. I know that when I open this door, I'll find you, and your 'companion'. And then I'll know why I've been searching for you for the last two or three hours because I forgot to ask for an address and then got lost twice.

I'll know why I can't stand to see you hurt, and why I regret trying to 'punish' you for being concerned.

I'll know why I care whether you grow a spine or not, or whether you speak your mind.

I'll know why... maybe, I sneezed so much.

Harder than I'd originally intended, I pounded on the door.

Perhaps I was hallucinating, but I could have sworn I heard you gasp, behind that door.

I confirmed your companion's identity by voice, as they tell you "Quick! Hide, Hide! Take this with you, just hurry up!"

If I wasn't suspicious before (which I was), I certainly was now. I tapped my foot in time with the twitch of my eyebrow as I contemplated pounding on the door again.

It was a good thing I didn't, because I would have throttled her face rather hard. I grit out, "You. Talk. What could you possibly do with her?"

The redhead innocently asked, "What do you mean? Who 'her'?"

"Don't play games with me, I know she's here."

Pushing past her, I call for you, searching the place far and wide.

Your companion confesses (another lie I suspect) that you've already left. Just now in fact. Remembering what I heard, I fail to see how I can agree.

Then she just has to ask, in that insanely 'innocent' tone of hers, why I'm searching for you so doggedly.

I pacify her with a comment that she was deserting her duties.

What duties? Was her question. It's Saturday.

That doesn't matter for her. Or me. I actually only accepted this role so I could see her one extra day a week.

Your stupid redheaded companion persists, not even trying to stop me as I nearly overturn her couch. She merely follows, with questions.

She tells me Saturdays are meant for having fun. A break from the week days.

I am having fun. Well, not right at this moment, but usually I do.

She asks me why I'm so worried, why she even suspects she was hiding my target.

I tell her the store people clued me in.

She asks what I was doing at the store, looking for her.

Fed up with her questioning, I wheel on her, ready to rip her a new one...

And realize that she has an arm around her. My target.

And I don't even stop to think that a growl just came out of me.

Your companion acts like she is the superior one, which is really quite sickening. She continues her pestering questions, asking now what's wrong.

Eventually, I find my way past that guttural growling in my throat and I finally find my voice. Get away from her.

She asks me why should she. As far as she's aware, they were both previously single, and so she wasn't breaking any rules by...

I don't really think before I manage to break her nose with the heel of my hand.

I grab her back, and all is right with the world. Holding her in a tight embrace while staring and speaking to her companion, I realize my thoughts and my words have melded into one. At long last.

"Hands off. What's mine is only mine, and in case you weren't aware, she is mine."

And then, from the floor, she has the gall to test me. "Prove it."

I look down at my love, and I realize that that is why I had been in fervid search for her. Why I needed her by my side. Why I didn't want her to leave.

I didn't even care that the stupid redhead was there anymore.

"Aishiteru, Yukino."

And without missing a beat, I kissed her.

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