Watching the Sky

Chapter 12

Wind (Part 2)

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Summary - With time, Watanuki became use to his new job. But soon, a spell of monotony falls over his life; the only thing changing is the time around him. That is, in the spring of his life, there is a new occurrence to look into.

Pairing – Yuuwaku (Yuuko/Watanuki)

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Watanuki's in love with Yuuko…That's actually not very surprising. Domeki thought. He had spent a lot of his time pondering this over. The more he rationalized the situation, the more logical it became. The strange way Watanuki had acted around Himawari, more like the way he didn't act so strange around her. The way he acted around Yuuko; even more pissed off than normal. And those weird hints from the mission they partook in.

It was pretty obvious. I wonder why I didn't notice earlier. But that was obvious; there was no reason for Domeki to think about it until now.

Should I interfere? He really didn't feel like doing anything it wasn't his place. Plus it was too much trouble. Anything that had to do with Watanuki was trouble.

Heading to the courtyard, Domeki went to go wait for Himawari and Watanuki. Looking at their usual meeting place, he only saw Himawari.

"Where's Watanuki?" He asked, glancing around in hope of spotting the boy in question. After all, the younger boy was still indebted to Domeki, making food for him and such.

"He should be here, although Watanuki-kun may be helping the teacher with something." Himawari replied. A long sigh permeated the atmosphere, Watanuki had arrived.

Perfect timing, Domeki thought. He turned to face Watanuki, expecting to either see a sparkling face for Himawari.

But to Domeki's surprise, it never came. Instead, they saw Watanuki struggled to move forward, crawling on his hands and knees and looking all to the world like a proverbial zombie. But before his schoolmates could voice their concern, he collapsed next to a tree and started snoring. Domeki and Himawari stared at him in bewilderment.

"Watanuki-kun?" Himawari asked tentatively. Nothing happened. He kept on sleeping.

Going over to his unconscious body, Domeki squatted next to him. He noticed the dark lines under his eyes, and his paler-than-usual face.

Poke poke.


I guess I might have to step in.




"Candy land!" Watanuki pranced to the sign made of sugary sweets. He had followed a bunny-eared Domeki to this place. Then he had found a large purple butterfly to fly him here.

Hopping through the fields of daisies, he approached the large city but suddenly tripped. Frowning, he saw he had stumbled on an overgrown daisy root. Looking around, Watanuki saw a yellow road made of sugar. He happily traveled on that instead of the daisy path.

Through the city Watanuki went, seeing posters of Himawari and Sakura as top idols. And on every sign was a sigil of a butterfly.

"A castle!" Somehow a large, dark castle had passed his view. Now all his attention was focused on the ominous edifice before him. Watanuki headed toward it.

It was big, it was mysterious, and Watanuki found himself inside ones of the castle's spacious rooms. There was a large cathedral ceiling, red tapestries covered the walls, and the air held a familiar musky scent.

"And who you might be?" A silky voice asked him. Twisting his head to look in the direction where the voice originated, Watanuki saw a beautiful woman sitting on a not-to-comfortable looking couch. She was lithe, her hair a sleek ebony, and skin as white as frosted snow.

"Me? What about you?" Watanuki asked back.

"Who do you think I am?" Despite his previous question, her voice sounded very familiar to Watanuki. Have I met her before? Not only her, but also the whole entire atmosphere felt so familiar. His mind couldn't provide any words, but his mouth opened anyway.

"A figment. An image of power and grace. Showing control over others. Bending reality, although they don't concentrate specifically on this, it is the reason why everyone is acting the way they do. Being a main character, they are thoroughly influenced by you, every action is to get closer."

"A bit of a choppy explanation, but a good interpretation. Good job Watanuki." A different voice spoke and Watanuki found himself in his classroom. His language arts teacher standing in front of him.

"And here I thought you were sleeping…" The teacher turned away. "Expanding on Watanuki's thoughts…" I must have fallen asleep. Watanuki's mind provided. He didn't think of anything else, not noticing the pair of eyes looking at him.




That cloud looks like a butterfly. Eyes glazed over, Watanuki watched the clouds pass by. It was after school and the weather nice. He felt the need to relax, so there he was lying on a grassy hill in the park.

He knew he was a bit out it of lately. The clouds seemed to point at him accusingly. Okay, so he had been out of it for a long time. But who noticed?

Ever since… Yuuko's image appeared in his head. …that time, I've felt weird. He sighed forcing the memories away. Weird was an understatement, but Watanuki was a master at being in denial. Simply replacing thoughts with the word "weird" tended to help him stay as ignorant as he could be.

There was a rustle in the grass next to him. Twisting his neck around, Watanuki stared at a pair of black shoes and black slacks. He glanced up to see the person's identity. It was Domeki.

Watanuki didn't say anything and neither did Domeki. Domeki sat down next to Watanuki, careful to maintain at least a foots distance between them. The wind blew, and leaves danced as they sat together in silence.

Seconds passed, and a minute came and went. Time drifted by, and the calm spell of nature warmed the atmosphere. But not even the strongest of magic can stop the workings of Fate and her muse.

"Do you like Yuuko-san?"





"Actually, never mind, don't answer that."

"Why do you ask, Watanuki?" Surprisingly (or not) Watanuki was the first to break the silence. Domeki couldn't help but relax, relieved that he didn't have to broach the subject first.

"It's nothing." Watanuki mumbled. He regretted ever opening his mouth. But Domeki didn't reply, he kept staring at the sky. Watanuki was relieved that he didn't have to continue the conversation.

"She's okay."


"My opinion. I think she's okay."

"Oh." Watanuki couldn't help but feel disappointed. That wasn't very satisfying. But what was I expecting? A confession of some-

"'-ou think?"

"What?" Watanuki was startled out of his thoughts once more.

"What do you think of Yuuko-san?" Domeki repeated. Watanuki blinked, caught completely off guard by the question. I guess I should've been prepared to answer the same question. But Watanuki wasn't ready, and he couldn't help but stutter, not sure how to answer.

"She's uh…." Stall for time. "… nice?" Smooth Watanuki.

Watanuki put a hand up in hopes of stopping Domeki from commenting yet. "WAIT! Don't you dare say anything yet!" He concentrated hard, searching for something that would magically end the conversation and still leave his pride intact. Unfortunately, all he could picture was Yuuko and words failed him.

"She's…" Let's try this again. "…complex." I think I'm getting better at this.

"Complex?" Watanuki blinked in Domeki's presence for the second in the last few minutes. Normally Domeki wasn't this talkative, nor was he this persistent in one particular subject.

Watanuki tried to answer casually. "I mean, sometimes she has those mood swings that are really creepy at time, but sometimes…" He paused to take a breath, "sometimes, I feel that she's some ethereal being; not human and above all others, you know?"

"….Is she human?"

"Uh… I'm pretty sure she is."

They didn't pursue the subject.

Watanuki continued to stare into space. Awkward silence.

"Why did you ask?" Watanuki cringed. But the silence was better than being interrogated by Domeki.

"Ask what?"

"Acting more stupid than you already are will get you nowhere."

"Hey! Are you trying to pick a fight with me?"

"And don't try to distract me from the subject."

Watanuki considered yelling at Domeki like he always would but sighed. He knew he was defeated. But that didn't mean he couldn't run away.

"And where are you going?" Domeki said as Watanuki got to his feet.

"I don't need to tell you." Watanuki briskly patted himself off for any grass, heading in a random direction, anywhere away from Domeki.

Domeki sighed. This is too much trouble. Domeki thought, his patience thinning.

"It's quite obvious Watanuki."

Watanuki kept on walking, and Domeki followed.

"You're in love."

Watanuki almost looked back at Domeki, but caught himself in time. Instead he walked faster. He wouldn't allow himself to be stopped, but neither could he afford to run away from Domeki. His pride had already suffered enough damage.

"I've known for a long time."

Watanuki felt what little self-control he still had vanishing. The urge to run, go far away, anywhere, somewhere, welled up inside of him. He wanted to forget, to find an unknown place with no relation to his current life. Just to sit down, not remember, and not think. Closing his eyes, he imagined himself already in that sanctuary. It would be a haven, without the pressures of daily life, school, and other people.


Watanuki stumbled, wobbling from the impact. Closing my eyes was not a smart idea.

"It's not good to keep it inside. It starts to affect people around you and yourself. This isn't the first time you've walked into something, is it." It was more of a statement than an actual question.

Especially since the pain doesn't stop Domeki from talking to me. Watanuki leaned against the offending object he had crashed into and glared at Domeki. This is all your fault.

All Domeki did was stare back, allowing Watanuki time to recover.

"Do you like me?"

Watanuki blinked, unsure of what he just heard. Actually, he was sure of what he heard, but he wasn't too sure of the event had really happened in reality. It could have been his mind playing tricks on him again; maybe it was really his imagination at work, supplying random words to a Domeki-sounding voice.

But looking at Domeki's inquiring face, Watanuki realized that he hadn't imagined it.


Despite Watanuki's outburst, Domkei calmly proceeded on. "The person you like is close to you, that leaves Himawari and myself. However, you told recently that you didn't like Himawari in a romantic sense anymore. So that leaves me." Watanuki was speechless.

"So I'll ask you again. Watanuki, do you like me?"


"It's not okay to be in denial. You have to admit it aloud, because your guilty conscience is starting to affect others around you." Domeki said casually, as if they weren't talking about an illicit taboo.

"I don't like you! Never in my life have I thought that way! NEVER!"

"And I don't believe you. You've been jittery lately and what little social skills you have, have gotten worse. There is something wrong with you."

"What if I'm worried about something supernatural?"

"The REAL Watanuki wouldn't have known if it was a supernatural cause or not."


"In fact, you would try to convince yourself that it was something normal, and didn't have to do anything with spirits."

"Well, since when did you know the real Watanuki?"

"I've known him for a very longtime."

"Uh, really?"


"Oh." Watanuki didn't know what to say. Hell, he didn't even know what to think. At first the conversation was a regular (if not an odd) argument between Domeki and himself, but now?

Now it was something completely different.

He heard Domeki sigh.

"That's why-"

Domeki started to speak again. Watanuki shook his head; he wasn't going to try to ignore Domeki this time.

"I know that-"

Until Watanuki realized they were going to talk about his deepest, darkest secret again.

"-You obviously like Yuuko-san."


In that moment, the world slowed down. Everything became still and the sounds coming from the earth fell upon deaf ears. Then it started up again, and the perception of time warped in the two boys' minds.

"I love Yuuko-san."

The result was catastrophic.




The sun shone brightly in the sky, but despite its presence, people shivered for warmth. Gusts of cold wind brought discomfort, and not even the sun could fight the clouds that came afterwards.

The people cursed the wind that was disrupting their perfect day, making their moods foul. They did not think for a second that the wind was just trying to help cool their heads full of hot air. How it made the air less dry and humid. The wind blew across the earth, making the plants dance for their amusement. It was trying to help, but no one recognized its efforts. They were all too caught up in their own lives to recognize the natural beauty around them.

Poor wind, its efforts in vain. Despite its desire to cleanse and heal the world, all it did was fan the fires.




"I love Yuuko-san."

Is that an echo?


Maybe that was my imagination. I didn't just say that. Wheels spun in the logical part of Watanuki's brain. Domeki isn't reacting at all.

"I already know." That was real; Watanuki could see the synchronization between Domeki's lips and the words that left his mouth.

"Uh… I didn't say anything."

First signs: delusions and hallucinations.

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't!" Watanuki retorted back with a bit more irritation than before.

Other signs: increased energy and elevated mood.

"Look, we understand you're in denial. This happens a lot with you." Domeki couldn't help but sigh at Watanuki's hopelessness.

"Who is 'we'? This is joke to you isn't it? You've probably planned this out with others, to get me."

Another sign: suspicion, and/or the thought that everything is a conspiracy.

Domeki chose to ignore that comment. That just made Watanuki angrier, faster.

"I'm going to kill you Domeki! What the fuck is going on!"

Note: although inaccurate, signs of emotional liability, aggression, increased energy, elevated mood, conspiracy theories, hallucinations, and delusions can link to insanity. If someone you know has theses symptoms, please contact someone for consultation. Act now!

…And there is always that unfortunate someone that does not get help, and has already passed that line of insanity.


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