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Final Chapter. YAY!

(After a tremendous battle between the dragons and our heroes only Iouapie, Kikra and Pirateman are left)

Iouapie: Ok this sucks.

Kikra: I blame you.

Iouapie: I blame your mom .

Kikra's Mom (In full dragon): I resent that.

Kikra: She had cookies.

Steve: Shut up. And fight!

(Another epic battle I can't think of writing all I can say is the f word was used 19.7 times.)

Steve: So you still think you can win?

Iouapie: Yes.

Steve: Well die!

(Miraculously Kikra's mom tripped and a cookie blocked the blast. This causing a rift in time make Saradomin, Zamorak, and Gunthix appear.)

Steve: WTF!

Iouapie: (Stabs Steve in the back with a Dragon 2h)

Saradomin: Iouapie; you saved the world from total destruction.
Zamorak: (Rights on a piece of paperDamn you:( )

Saradomin: We shall now answer any questions you might have.

Iouapie: Ok one question why could I only do two's with lunar blast.

Saradomin: Because you are a warrior wearing a Dragon Plate some how and didn't have an amulet of magic.

Iouapie: (Starts asking a series of questions that are answered and answered until he sufficates and passes out waking up at his house and getting on with his immortal life)

The end.

In the bonus chapter you will see:
My spell book Idea
A new town Idea
6 quest: Diff Rewards
1.Slayray oath . Easy 10,000 Prayer xp
2.Range Pendant. Med 20,000 Range Xp
3.Mage Pendent. Hard 20,000 Mage Xp
4.Warriors Pendant. Hard 20,000 Strength Def Atk and HP Xp
5.Master of the arts.Experienced Ability to make Dragon Plate body MOTA spell book. 40,000 Slayer xp
6 .Judement Day. Nearly impposible Full duel armour and weapons. Quest Skill cape. 1 mill.

New slayer monsters Ideas