The Pevensies ran, breathing hard and fast. They felt certain the Professor was hard on their heels. Behind them, puffed Mary Sue.

"Wait for me, Schmooshy Poo!" She cried to Peter. Peter didn't reply; he just kept running.

Mary Sue wasn't worried. They would have plenty of time later, in Narnia, when there life wasn't in danger.

"Oooh," she puffed, "Let' wheeze...spare room!!"

The Pevensies didn't even seem to hear her.

"You've got to be kidding," Peter glared at Ed as the younger boy pointed into the Spare Room.

"Oh, no, he's not! Move it, bubba!" Mary Sue was not above being a little pushy when the situation demanded it. And did the situation ever demand it!

The Pevensies (Ahem! Excuse me!) and, of course, Mary Sue, shot into the room, taking time to shut the room's door behind them.

One after the other, the Pevensies and Mary Sue scrambled into the Wardrobe. Mary Sue slammed the wardrobe door rather loudly behind her. She pushed forward with the Pevensies, adding her loud voice to the confusion and managing to nearly flatten Peter in her haste.

"OW!!! You idiot, you stepped on my foot!" This was not true, of course, but it added to the feeling of the scene.

She could feel the cold, smell the snow, almost touch the branches...

WHAM! She smacked hard into the back of the wardrobe.


No, this was not right at all.

"I am Mary Sue Smith! I belong in Narnia! Peter's my true love! HELP!"

She kicked savagely at the wardrobe back. She banged her fists on it, screaming, and crying the whole while. It did not work. Narnia did not appear.

At last, she collapsed on the floor and sobbed loudly. It, too, proved to be of no avail.

And Mary Sue Smith was never heard of again, because, as everyone knows it is very foolish to shut one's self in a wardrobe.

The End.