Oh deary me.

I completely forgot about fanfiction, ever since...

Oh, well it's been long enough for me to forget when the last time I came on was... Excuse any mistakes, I have some people over and currently hiding in the bathroom for some kind of peace. And my laptop keyboard has been demolished so my space bar doesn't work well and and can't use shift.

But anyway. I got a few emails (approx. 47 to be exact) from FF saying I'm getting added on story alerts, C2s, author alert, favorites. I'm flattered really, but also oddly disgusted. I mean, if you think my writing is good enough to be added, it's obvious fanfiction has gone down the drain. I think most of these I wrote whenI was twelve or something

I'm flattered, honestly I am. But really,this writing disgusts me. It has plot holes, grammar errors, spelling mistakes, really really short chapters, and it seems I liked the enter button too much back then. (oddly, my beta says Now I press it not enough) I did not intend to attack anyone or anything, I'm just wondering, how did you find this writing bearable?

ON a different note, How did you even FIND it?

Um, I had other things I wanted to say. Like, I'm posting this on all my stories. And... I might rewrite some of them. Them... They are different, I doubt I will post that story here if I rewrite it. It'll be on fanfiction's sister site FictionPress, on one of my accounts. Um, Elsewhere, right?(wait, seriously, that's the name of it yeah?) That I really doubt will continue (sadly, since that seemed to be one of the better ones) on account that I only vaguely remember anything about it. Also Let's not, um something, shall we? I really want to rewrite that one. Do I have any others?Oh! Misery Business. Yeah, that one. Will most definitely be transfered to FictionPress since it was better, I just dont have the documents. D: Yeah, Idont have any of the documents for my fanfiction stories.

Also, if you want to read any of my stories on Fictionpress here are the links:

fictionpress. com/u/586337/SecretFeelings

(I really dont like either of those stories... or any of them,)

fictionpress. com /u/559863/YouReallyThinkImListening

(that one's more likely to get updates)

fictionpress . com /u/562335/HersheysandTwilight

(this one's shared by me and my friend Hersheys Rocks: fanfiction. com /u/903365/)

and possibly this account will get this story I am currently in love with

fictionpress. com /u/612048/

So yeah, if you like anything I guess you read it. And also I'm not positive the links will work. I think a year ago I couldn't put links... Just delete the spaces..