Last Bell by King Cheetah

Part One - Homeroom

I own nothing related to Teen Titans... darn it. Rated PG-13 for the fact that Robin just can't keep his hands off of Raven. R/R and BB/Jinx pairings. I live for reviews.


"GAR!" yelled his sister, "Mom said get up NOW!"

Beast Boy buried his face deeper into the pillow, "Get out of my room, Taffy! I'm up."

"Mom's not foolin', you better get up!" she said, scooping up a stray sock and pelting him with it.

"Get out of my room. I'M UP!" he said, and almost believed it. Closing the door to his bedroom, Beast Boy could hear his sister yelling, "Mom, he's not getting up!"

Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes and thought that this was not a very auspicious first day of his senior year. Staggering to his bathroom, he paused a moment before facing the mirror, and ask himself the same question he did every morning; "Is this the face you want Jinx to wake up to?". Fair skinned and freckled, as was the genetic burden of his family, his rust red hair was close cropped and unruly. The summer of toiling for his father had given him a physique that while not quite rivaling Robin's, was at least nipping at his heels. Sighing, he wheezed, "Needs work..." and shuffled listlessly towards the shower.

Cleaned and dressed in record time, he was down to breakfast just as his mother was putting the first stack of hotcakes on the plate. It was from her that he'd inherited much of his highlander good looks though his father had chipped in his piercing green eyes. Good mornings all around, he slumped into his chair and fished his PDA out of his backpack. Hmmmm, talk to Cyborg about the party on Friday, collect for his last two DJ gigs, check with Mike about a new mixing board, and oh yes, find a little present for Jinx...

"Um, hey pops, I got a few more gigs to get paid for, but can I bring the car into the shop to have the guys look over the transmission? I don't like the feeling in 2nd, and it grinds a little going into first." Logan-Kline Motors was the biggest car dealership in town, and while he had to pay for any work at the service center, Beast Boy enjoyed premium service and being moved to the head of the line by his dad's mechanics. The car had only cost him $900.00 when he got it and a day did not pass that he didn't thank all those forces greater than himself at just what a sweet deal it was. He and Robin's hard work plus another grand, and the beast was almost back to it's prime.

Grinning, Beast Boy's father turned to his twin sisters and said, "Okay, did you hear that? Your brother went out and earned his OWN MONEY to take care of his OWN CAR that he bought with his OWN MONEY. Now, isn't there something you two might learn from him?" The patriarch of the Logan clan was Rob Roy stuffed into a suit and love handles, the fire in his belly more from ulcers granted him in the noble cause of used cars and sales.

"Yeah," said Nannette, "How to be a dork."

"Yeah dork." added Taffy, taking her weight in hotcakes.

"Girls, don't call your brother a dork at breakfast." cautioned their mother, gliding wraithlike through breakfast, food seeming to appear from out of no where onto plates.

Beast Boy's twin sisters were the spitting image of their mother and exhibited that creepy twin behavior you see a lot on the Sci-Fi Channel. Once described as "rambunctious" by someone who'd evidently never met them in the freckled flesh, this would be their freshmen year at Julius Schwartz Memorial High School, and Beast Boy braced himself for the devastation they might cause in the coming months. Dressing like Japanese pop singers, they were a social hydrogen bomb with no fail-safe.

"Oh yeah, am I a dork when you two mall bunnies need a ride out to Westgate?" asked Beast Boy as he buttered his wheat toast to within an inch of it's life.

"Yeah," said Nannette, "But then you're a dork with a car."

"Yeah dork." added Taffy, attempting an encore with the hotcakes.

By now, his father was in full retreat behind the Wallstreet Journal, as his mother continued to shovel hotcakes at the village idiots of the damned. No allies in sight, discretion was indeed the better part of valor, so he opted to punch out.

"That's it, I'm SO outta here." he said, grabbing up his toast, "Mom, I have to stop by Mike's after school, but I shouldn't be too long." and kissed her cheek.

Taffy's green eyes shot wide open, "But we're not ready to go yet! Mom, make him wait."

"Welcome to the wonderful world of public transportation, mutants. Sucks to be you." he grinned as he jiggled his car keys.

Leaving their wails of outrage in his wake, he headed out to the garage to the second most important thing in his life, the first being a certain gothie waif with eyes that made his heart flutter. It was old and rebuilt twice, but it was his. The Mustang was a mid 90's model, black, worn but well loved. With a turn of the key, he and Robin's hard work over the summer bore fruit, the engine roaring to life with a sound that one normally associates with NASA, then settled into a deep tiger-like purr. Closing his eyes, he smiled and thought that all things considered, his life was pretty okay.


Raven bit her lip as she tried to narrow her lunch selections down to just four salads. In a flurry of cooking the previous evening that would have done an Iron Chef proud, she'd concocted six different pasta salads for she and her mother to brown bag over the coming week. But now, faced with six salads and only four Rubbermaid containers, it was a bit like deciding who got to stay in the lifeboat. Chicken salad and club crackers were a sure thing, as was black bean, but from there her mind fell into a Sargasso of options.

"You know," her mother said smoothly, "There's more than enough to share. Perhaps you should call Jinx and see what she might like to try. Just a thought."

Raven scowled, but said nothing. Mother and daughter were studies in contrast. Raven while very much her mother's daughter, had sought to augment what deficiencies that mirrors revealed with jewelry, make-up, and attitude. Thoughtful and surprisingly introspective for an eighteen year old, she was an academic fury for whom knowledge was a foe to be subdued and humiliated. Her mother on the other hand was placid and serene, a calm sea to her daughter's gale winds. Her beauty was soft, natural and unenhanced, as her need to impress anyone were many miles back in the rearview mirror. Both were slim, dark haired, and ever so slightly exotic, though they differed on how they interpreted that data.

Sighing, her mother said, "So, still not speaking, eh? I would have thought that you two would have made up by the first day of school. Have you even talked to her?"

"Hey, it wasn't MY fault! I have NOTHING to apologize to her for. If anything, she-"

"Raven," her mother soothed, "You two have been best friends since what, the fifth grade? Is being right more important than being friends? Seven years of the two of you terrifying your peers seems like a lot to throw away over one little argument."

Again, Raven was silent, but reflective. "I'll talk to her." she finally said softly. Kissing her mother good-bye, she made for the front door, stopping long enough for a quick look in the hallway mirror. The hot pink highlights to her bangs turned out better than she'd hoped, and despite the bad bulb in her bathroom, her makeup was flawless, the black lipstick accenting her deep olive skin nicely. And in spite of all of their big talk and threats, neither she nor Jinx were brave enough to get anything other than their ears pierced, though five to each ear took some of the sting out of their fashion retreat.

No sooner had she closed the door, than she looked up to see Jinx standing at the foot of her driveway. She could best be described as Raven, only less so. Dark skinned and oriental in complexion, her eyes were large, lovely and full of mischief. A head shorter than Raven, she was petite and small breasted, not that this had diminished Beast Boy's fascination with her. Nervously shifting from foot to foot, she'd obviously been waiting for Raven for some time, and gave a hopeful little smile when she realized that she'd been seen. Waving, Raven trotted over to hug her partner in fashion crimes and begin a new school year. Life is good, she thought.


"To be or not to be..." whispered Robin. With the new school year he'd promised himself that he'd get both his life and his bedroom in order, and oddly the latter turned out to be the harder of the two. Over the summer, when not at their jobs, he and Beast Boy moved all of his stuff out into the room addition off the garage, painted it, laid new carpeting, and built shelves for the mountain of bric-a-brac that he'd accumulated over time. A world made new, the only nod to the past in evidence would be a picture of his parents, with only two photos out of a stack of forty-one having made the final cut.

One was a gorgeous color photo of his mother and father from their first anniversary, young and vibrant, while the second one was a grainy color photo of he and his parents at the beach on some long ago summer afternoon. He was five then, and had been told that this photo was taken a week before they had died in the explosion. Ironically, Robin couldn't remember this day at all. Likewise, the bright young face that grinned back at him, sea shells presented for inspection was nothing that he could now identify with. He would probably go with the first picture as this one seemed to bare no relationship to the reality that he lived in. He cast a quick glance to the mirror above his dresser, his own weary brown eyes looking back into himself.

He was tall, lean and hard bodied, years of silent rage focused into a single vocation, making his meteoric raise to the leadership of the schools championship martial arts team not much of a mystery at all. Sullen and brooding, he struck most people as pleasant but aloof, saving his true self for a chosen few, friend and foe alike. In those rare moments of release, he was volcanic and focused, a machine given totally to the task at hand, be it mayhem or competition. Like the engine of Beast Boy's beloved Mustang, he was a series of carefully controlled explosions, but like that engine, when not engaged, he was cold and still, his ennui filling what hours busy work couldn't.

From inside the house, his aunt Beth called him to breakfast. Setting the two pictures on his bed, he grabbed his book bag and trotted along the gravel pathway leading up to the main house, and stepped jauntily into the kitchen.

"G'morning. Sorry, but I was straightening up a little." he said as Beth handed him a plate of eggs over easy and sausage links. Looking around, it suddenly occurred to him that the house was unusually quiet, given it's newest occupants.

"Where are Tara and Kori?" he asked between bites.

"Your uncle had some business downtown and gave the girls a ride. He thought you'd be taking your motorbike in to school anyway." she said as she prepared to do the morning dishes. He nodded absently, concentrating on his meal.

"Um Tim, I know Ben said to give the girls some distance, but if... if you really wanted to ask one of them out, I don't think any harm would come of it. In fact, I think Miss Kori has something of a crush on you. Ah... just thought I'd mention it." she smiled.

He nodded, but was screaming inside. Terra and Starfire were foreign exchange students rooming with his folks for their senior year, and what at first seemed like heaven, soon enough went south. Both were slim, buxom and pretty with pleasant and inquisitive natures, but it was there that his fascination with them ended. At first seen as beatific angels, they soon enough revealed themselves to be demonettes sent to further torment him, his few attempts at conversation having been verbal root canals, and their obsessive desire to be on the school cheerleading squad made him want to drink paint thinner. They seemed better suited to hang out at the mall with Beast Boy's sisters than debate the merits of William Gibson's "Mona Lisa Overdrive".

"I... I think it's better I let them meet some nice guys at school. I'll be okay." he said softly.

Slinging his bag over his shoulder, he began the long walk to school. While he could have taken his motorcycle, he wanted a bit of quiet time to think, and the walk would give that in spades. The morning air was sweet and dew filled, while the air was just warm enough to remind you to enjoy it while you could.

Jumptown. This sleepy little community had been his home all his life, and a good one at that. Mostly suburbs, it lack all of the strife of city life you see on the news, but not so backwater as to make you regret it. Barnes & Nobles, four Starbucks, and a cyber cafe were sure signs that this town had inadvertently stumbled face first into the twenty-first century. Senior year, the end of high school, and then... what? College? His uncle Ben was more than willing to front him the cash to attend state university, but to what end? Even at this late stage of the game, he hadn't the slightest idea what he wanted to do with his life.

So engrossed in wool gathering was he, that he didn't even notice the car until the second honk of the horn. Turning, he saw Beast Boy in the very Mustang that had occupied so much of their free time over the summer.

"Hey Bro, where's your bike?" he called out of the passenger side window.

"Uh, just felt like walking today. How's she running?"

"Get your ass inside and see. " He grinned, popping the door for Robin.

The drive was an easy, relaxed affair and Robin felt a small swell of pride at the work they'd put into getting this bucket humming. He hadn't seen Beast Boy in a couple of weeks, so some catching up was in order. The car, his sisters, Jinx, thoughts of the new year, Jinx, politics, Jinx, Jinx...

It was good to see nothing had changed, Robin thought to himself.


Banal pleasantries behind them, Raven and Jinx walked towards school, the peace broken by occasional almost conversations. Their argument had only lasted seven minutes, but their silence had lasted most of the summer, and this gapping hole in their friendship troubled Raven. In and of itself, the fight was over something so trivial that neither girl could remember what it was exactly, but they'd both defended their position like the Alamo. Neither could think of exactly how to jump-start the friendship again, both fearing an accidental rekindling of the mystery disagreement. Raven cast a few cautious sideways glances towards Jinx, waiting for inspiration or some act of divine intervention.

I'm sorry Jinx...

"Soooooo... um, how was your summer?" Raven asked as if she were defusing a bomb.

"Oh... um, fine. I kept busy." said Jinx softly but with little enthusiasm.

Jinxsie, I'm sooooooo sorry about all this...

"Ah yeah, me too. You... you were hanging out with Gar?" she asked with a little more energy.

"Huh? Uh, no... unfortunately I didn't see much of Gar." Jinx said, a new shade of sadness added to the picture. "He was working for his dad all summer. Y'know how he is about that car."

Jinx, it was my fault. I'm really sorry we fought...

"Oh yeah. He loves that stupid car all right, heh... yeah." said Raven, feigning mirth.

"I... I had some time so I gave myself a little research project. Y'know, the thrill of the chase and all that." she smiled, and for real this time.

Hey Jinxie, I'm really sorry about what happened...

"Oh really? What'd you cook up this time?" asked Raven with genuine interest. Jinx was usually rather lethargic in matters academic, but once roused, had a stoat's tenacity in pursuing information, much to her friend's delight.

"The history of the school, and by that I mean the building itself." she said with a wicked grin.

Y'know, friends like us are bigger than any ten fights! Sorry about all this Jinx...

"The building? What's so great about that pile of bricks?" she asked.

"Dig this," said Jinx with a sly grin, "The building itself was built back in the early thirties by a group called the Howard Westgate Institute for Ultimate Human Achievement, this think tank and kinda sorta hospital. Never heard of them? Not surprising when you consider that the entire bunch of them were rounded up in World War Two as Nazi sympathisers and packed off to an internment camp in Kansas."

"No way!" grinned Raven, "Nazis in THIS podunk town? Cool!"

"Oh it gets better. This foundation's goals were all high minded and couched in flowery language, but boiled down to a eugenics lab, plain and simple. When they got busted, it turned out that everyone connected to this joint was just sticky with Nazi connections overseas." Jinx paused for effect, "And the whole bunch of them were implicated in the disappearance of almost a hundred transients. Evidently, many unpleasant things were going on there. VERY unpleasannt things..."

"Unbelievable." smiled Raven.

"After that, it was all hushed up at the state level, and the building turned into a military hospital to help out in the war effort, y'know try and whitewash it in good works. The specialized in serious trauma and burn treatment and it probably would have just settled into that duty were it not for a certain... "incident" out in Arizona." cooed Jinx cryptically. "Y'see, just like the Axis powers, the US and Canada were cooking up a few wonder weapons of their own. This Canadian researcher named Cecil Poufries was working on something like a death ray out in a remote army base in the deserts of Arizona, y'know real Tesla-tech. Everything was running smoothly until something... happened."

"Happened? Not an accident?" asked Raven cocking an eyebrow.

"Maybe yes, maybe no. Accounts vary. Be that as it may, if you look at a map of that area from before August of 1943, it shows Brigsmire Army Air Base and about a dozen or so towns in the surounding area. However..." again Jinx made with the drama, "AFTER August 1943, there's NOTHING in a hundred mile radius of that spot."

"Holy crap! What happened?"

Jinx shrugged, "Who knows? Even by wartime standards, this thing was hushed up. BUT... about the same time about three dozen VERY messed up soldiers were admitted to the Candice Updike Memorial Hospital, the very place were your naked butt prints still adorn a section of the bleachers."

"Hey, nothing was ever proven." grinned Raven.

"These poor wretches were proving to be such a handful, that the fascility was pretty much turned over to just taking care of them full time. Now, when I say messed up, I mean REALLY messed up. Some of these guys barely looked human any more and on top of that they were all raving mad, but this sort of thing evidently went on a lot in World War Two. Now, it would have been one thing if these poor guys were taken care of as they lived out their last days, but a certain Col. Hubbert Connely became obsessed with them. Even he couldn't find out what had happened to them, but he saw the results. He started out at first just studying them, but... after a while he started to experiment on them. Y'know, to try and figure this all out."

"What! He was... experimenting on these poor guys? Yikes."

"Uh huh. Word is, he went from trying to figure out what had happened to them, to... well, trying to REPLICATE it. The government finally caught wind of what was going on and shut him down." Jinx sighed. "Then in 1961, the building was completely renovated into the Julius Shwartz Memorial High School."

"Whoah." was all Raven could manage. "So... um, our school building was built by Nazis, then became a nut house for mutants, then became a mad scientists lab, then a school?"


"Whoah." said Raven again.

"Hold on." said Jinx, stopping to dig about in her backpack and after a time produced a think sheef of computer print outs that she handed to Raven.

"Jeez, there's like forty pages here."

"Fifty-one, but this is the slimmed down version. The CD version is eighty-eight pages with maps and photos." grinned Jinx with no small amount of pride.



"I was going to apologize for fighting with you, but if this is how you spent your summer, it was worth it." Raven smiled.

Laughing, Jinx said, "Yeah, well it was all your fault anyway."

"Don't start with me shortie." grinned Raven.

With a minimum of flying gravel and squealing brakes, Beast Boy parked the Mustang in the student parking lot, and gave the engine one last roar before shutting it down.

Laughing, Robin said, "Dude, is it any doubt the trannie's acting up on this beast?"

Grinning, Beast Boy said, "Mustangs are a wild breed and should be ridden accordingly. C'mon, I'll talk you around." Grabbing their bags they headed for the school green as Beast Boy explained, "My friend, this is gonna be our year. I see nothing but blue skies for the next nine months. Oh, hold on! Vic-TOOOOORRRRR!"

Across the way, Cyborg turned at the sound of his name and waved. As usual, the big man was holding court with fellow jocks, their girlfriends and hangers on, and of course, Mammoth. Slapping palms, Cyborg grinned, "Mixmaster G, the man I wanna see. We all set for Friday?"

"We're all set now, but if the Mighty Mikron can hook me up with a new board, we'll be even more set." Beast Boy smiled, knocking knuckles with Cyborg, "Hey guys, this is Timothy Drake, but he goes by Tim. We slaved away the summer to juice our rides. Tim, this is the invincible Victor Stone, titan of the gridiron and his magog, Baran Flinders. The rest of these punks don't matter." Various of the jocks looked ready to pummel Beast Boy until Mammoth spoke up, "I didn't hear him say anything untrue, did you?" as he glowered at the wannabes, who shrank back like vampires before sunlight.

"Tim Drake," said Cyborg rubbing his chin, "Aren't you the captain of the martial arts team? Yeah, I thought you looked familiar. How do we look this season?" Cyborg was big enough as it stood, but the shear presence of the young man made him appear half again larger. Forceful and confident, his dark face spoke of Nubian royalty and warrior princes.

"Well, I'm certified for my black belt in three weeks, and looking over my team so far, I'd say state finals at a minimum." said Robin with a casual air.

Cyborg turned and addressed the wannabes, "Okay, you hear that people? That is the voice of a winner! He knows his team, he's got a goal, he's got a plan. Learn from him!" Turning back to address Robin, "I don't know if baggy britches here told you," he said pointing to Beast Boy, "But I'm throwing a little get together this Friday. I want you there."

Nodding, Robin smiled, "Done, thanks for the invite. I need to bring anything?"

"Attitude and a date." he smiled, then turning back to his court, signified that the meeting was over. With a nod from Beast Boy, they headed over to the fountain.

"Well, that was intense." smiled Robin.

"What can I say, he's an intense guy. Dude, you should feel honored, I've NEVER seen Victor take a shine to someone so fast. You must have really impressed him. Got a line on a date?"

Robin sighed, "Not a clue. Well, no I guess I have a fallback option, but I'd really rather not." Gar looked perplexed. Sighing, Robin scanned the quad until he spotted his house mates, "Okay, see those two over there?"

Squinting, Beast Boy said, "Who, Chantrell? You know her?"

"No no, the two girls there." he said pointing.

"The blonde and the brunette?"

"Yeah" nodded Robin.

"The skinny ones with the big ta-ta's?"

"Yeah. They're foreign exchange students staying with my aunt and uncle."

"DUDE!" grinned Beast Boy.

"The blonde is Tara Makarov, the redhead is Kori something or other. Her last name is a bunch of letters that don't go together. They're both from Eastern Europe and really... foreign."

"Oh man, I so envy you, dude. You have got one sweet set-up." sighed Beast Boy.

"Not really, my uncle said he'd kill me if I laid a finger on either one."

"Ouch. Too bad." he said as something caught Beast Boy's eye, "Forget the lattes, let me introduce you to the dark roast! C'mon."

With the easy languid grace of deep sea fauna, Raven and Jinx swayed and strutted their way across the green towards the main entrance. Approaching the two girls, Gar reached into his backpack to fish out a small, gold foil box, "Why good morning Jinx! Though it challenges all known laws of physics, you're looking even more lovely than usual today. Hath not the angels taken their revenge yet?"

Tittering, she gave him a sweet smile and said coyly, "Oh hello Gar, I didn't see you there. How was your summer?" as Raven rolled her eyes at the flirtfest. Beast Boy and Jinx had met at the beginning of their Junior year and his Quixote like pursuit of her was occasionally charming, but mostly annoying.

That Jinx stoked this fire like Casey Jones further set Raven's teeth on edge. While she had no real reason to dislike Beast Boy, he was just a little too cozy with the school's beautiful people for her liking, not to mention the fact that he had ages ago promised to rip her a copy of that Skinny Puppy bootleg CD, which had yet to materialize.

"Dreadful! A shallow mockery of human existence as like Sisyphus I toiled without purpose and without end, or so it seemed, for the world is a cold stagnant void without you near!" he said with a Shakespearean flair, replete with hand gestures.

"Hey, where'd you get that book?" asked Robin, looking at Raven's backpack. Sticking from the side pocket of Raven's pack was a paperback copy of "Time Out Of Joint" by Philip K. Dick.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry." said Beast Boy, "Ladies, this is Tim Drake. Tim, this is Raven Bishop, and the delicious Jennifer Katherine Simone, whom mere mortals call Jinx."

Caught off guard, Raven stammered, "Oh um, I picked it up at-"

"Sandlebee's Used Books, right? That's my old copy! I sold it off a few weeks ago." Robin smiled.

"Really?" asked Raven, pulling the book out.

"Yeah, look at the last page. I drew a little eye in the pyramid on it. You're a fan?"

Raven's face brightened, "Oh yeah, I love Dick!" then blushing slightly, "I mean, I really like his writing. You?"

"Oh yeah," grinned Robin, "I'm just finishing up "Now Wait For Last Year" and then I'll start into "The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch". If you want them when I'm done with them, you're welcome to them. Saves me a trip down to Sandlebee's."

"Oh, uh thanks. T-that'd be great." said Raven, who found that suddenly she couldn't stop smiling.

"Well now, I see a tight little clique forming here. What better time to grease the wheels with these." grinned Beast Boy as he handed Jinx the small box of chocolates.

Squealing with delight, Jinx took the box and favored him with a coy look, "You are really something else, you know that?"

Grinning the grin, he said, "And a little bird tells me that you're looking for a certain Siouxsie and the Banshees CD, n'est pas?" Her eyes shot wide open, as Raven glowered at the mere mention of a CD.

Holding his hands up he said, "Now, I'm not making any promises, but lets just see how your CD collection looks come Friday, okay."

She just looked at him with an odd little smile as she rocked from foot to foot and said in a soft silky voice, "We gotta get going. See you at lunch?"

"Of course." said Beast Boy with an endearing leer.

"It was nice meeting you Tim. Join us at lunch?" asked Raven with just a hint of hope in her voice.

Nodding, Robin said, "Looking forward to it. Bye!"

Watching the dark beauties scurry towards the entrance, Robin whispered to Beast Boy, "Is she seeing anybody?"

Poking Robin in the gut, he smiled, "Hopefully you, if I'm reading her right."

"You're kidding?"

Beast Boy rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he carefully studied the way Jinx filled out her jeans, "Those two have been friends forever, so I'm pretty good at reading Raven's moods. You certainly put a twinkle in her eye." He turned to face Robin, "Dude, what's your deal? You're just impressing the hell out of everyone today!"

Watching the last little bit of Raven disappear into the school he said, "I sure hope so."


Sitting in homeroom, Jinx fumed. Last desk, last row on the left is a dream come true normally, but thanks to the seating chart posted on the blackboard, none of her friends were anywhere near her. Granted, she should have just been thankful that so many of her friends were in her homeroom to begin with, but still it was torturous. Beast Boy was first desk in her row, which ruled out even looking at him in dull moments, and Raven was way over on the other side of the room behind Steward McLaughton.

Sighing, she slipped Beast Boy's box of chocolates out of her book bag and slid it open. Godivas, there were eight of them sitting demurely in their brown paper cups. Treating herself to a cordial, she hid the remainder back in her pack. Oh how she wanted to talk to Raven, but unfortunately she was eye deep in conversation with Beast Boy's friend Robin, who also shared their homeroom.

Her reveries were cut short as their teacher entered the room, clapping his hands lightly to draw their attention.

"Very well now, very well. Students, please take to your assigned seats. I'm quite sure you've all seen the seating schedule by now, so to your places please. Now then, I am pleased to be both your teacher for the Homeroom period, but also your English literature teacher as well. My name is Mr. Modsworth." said Mad Mod as he wrote his name on the blackboard in inhumanly neat block letters, "And I think you all have a bright future ahead of you. Your senior year of high school is perhaps your most important, for it is in these months that you are molded and shaped to prepare you for your futures as productive members of society." He paused to remove his small glasses, "And I expect to see profound changes in each and every one of you..." he said as his lips pulled back into a wide, toothy grin.

Disconcerted, Jinx shot a look at Raven who met it and matched it. There was something just not right about this guy.

Fade to black...

To be continued.


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