Sasuke stood on a bridge, waiting for the rest of Team 7 to arrive. Unsurprisingly, Kakashi wasn't there, but Naruto and Sakura weren't there either.

He closed his eyes. The combination of a hot sun and a lack of sleep made him feel dizzy. It didn't help that his bottom was aching from last night's activities.

The bank of the river was shaded by tall trees. It would be nice to sit in the shade. He took a step towards it, then winced as pain shot through his bottom. He ignored the pain and kept on going towards the shade. He realized that he was shuffling awkwardly along the bridge rather than walking. Perhaps it was better to stand in the sun, rather than to suffer the indignity of having to shuffle around like an old man more than he had to.

He leant on the railing of the bridge and gazed down at the running river below him. The water looked clear and refreshing.

Kakashi walked onto the bridge and leant on the railing beside Sasuke.

After a moment, Kakashi said, 'Do you want to see what's under the bridge?'

'It would be too dangerous,' Sasuke said

'Naruto and Sakura won't be coming for a while,' Kakashi said.

Sasuke looked at Kakashi and raised an eyebrow. Kakashi reached into Sasuke's pouch and took out a shuriken. He tossed it over into the river.

'Sorry,' Kakashi said. 'We'll have to get that shuriken back.

'I guess seeing what's under the bridge in unavoidable then,' Sasuke swung himself over the railing and landed in the river.

The water was up to the top of his thighs. The shock of the cold water pushed the ache in his bottom to the back of his mind.

Sasuke spotted his shuriken on the riverbed. He bent down, immersing his head in the cool water. The water felt crisp against his warm skin. He picked his shuriken up and put it back into his pouch.

Kakashi barely made a sound when he landed in the water behind him. Sasuke quickly turned around. He grabbed the front of Kakashi's vest and pushed him into a pillar that supported the bridge.

Kakashi lazily smiled and lowered his mask. He wrapped his arms around Sasuke and pulled them closer together. He brushed his lips against Sasuke's lips.

Sasuke slipped his hands under Kakashi's shirt and his hands roamed across his stomach. The scars made his fingertips tingle as they traced over them.

'Your shorts are wet and making you cold,' Kakashi mumbled, 'let me warm you up.' He hooked a finger on the waistband of Sasuke's shorts.

'Not here,' Sasuke said before placing his lips onto Kakashi's.

Kakashi slid his hands down Sasuke's shorts anyway.

Then he suddenly withdrew his hands and pulled his mask up.

Sasuke heard footsteps on the bridge. 'I thought you said that Naruto and Sakura wouldn't be coming for a while,' he hissed.

'I thought so too,' Kakashi straightened his shirt and vest.

'Where is Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke?' Naruto asked.

'I don't know,' Sakura said.

Sasuke jumped onto the bridge.

'Sasuke, what were you doing under the bridge? And where's Kakashi?' Sakura asked.

'We were looking for something Kakashi dropped,' Sasuke said. Water dripped from his shorts onto the planks of the bridge.

Kakashi hopped onto the bridge after him, his pants soaking wet.

'Why were you two late?' Sasuke asked.

'I lost my headband. I spent the whole morning looking for it, it was under my fridge,' Naruto said.

'I overslept, even though I had my alarm on. Maybe I should go to sleep earlier,' Sakura said.

Kakashi smiled and winked at Sasuke. 'Shall we start our mission now?' Kakashi asked.

'Yeah!' Sakura cheered.

Sasuke glared at Kakashi. That stupid ninja couldn't come on time, even though it would have benefited both of them.

'Stupid Kakashi,' Sasuke mumbled under his breath.