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To Find Your Place



He made another pass in front of the double doors to the maternity ward, hands nervously clenched behind his back, his long, silver-white hair flaring out behind him. He'd been at it for the better part of half an hour, pacing in the waiting room, stopping every few minutes to narrow his dark amber eyes and giving an impressive growl at the doors that separated him from his mate. Behind him a hansom man in his early thirties sat languidly on one of the many padded chairs in the large room, following his longtime friend and business associate with his eyes. He sighed and shook his head at the demon, causing his short black locks to sway slightly, as he once again stopped to growl at the innocent doors. He adjusted his position and addressed the man.

"Really InuTaisho, you need to calm down. She'll be fine." His voice was deep and relaxed, exactly what InuTaisho did not want to hear at the moment.

"She's been in there, alone, for an hour Higurashi," he growled, turning and glaring at the younger man, "What in Kami's name is going on?!"

Itazura Higurashi looked down at his watch. "It's only been thirty-five minutes, Takahashi. And she's not alone. There are at least three nurses and the doctor in there with her."

The inu-youkai growled and resumed his pacing. "If she's not with me then she's alone. My instincts are going crazy! My mate is in there without me, in pain, and there's nothing I can do about it!" He raked an anxious, clawed hand through his long locks, careful not to break the band that held them in a high ponytail.

Itazura quirked an eyebrow. "She's having a baby, it's not exactly a walk in the park for her. It's inevitable that she's going to be in at least a little pain, you know that." InuTaisho growled even more menacingly than before. The black haired man sighed and rose from his seat, walked toward his friend and put a strong hand on his dress-shirt clad shoulder. His face was solemn and sympathetic. "I know you're afraid that Izayoi will come to the same fate as your first wife, but you have to stay calm. Megumi died a long time ago, well before I was even born. There are stronger medicines now. The medical equipment is much more advanced. Women rarely die in childbirth anymore." InuTaisho quieted, thinking of how his first wife, a full demon like himself, had died during the birth of his first born, Sesshomaru. If the baby had not survived, he doubted he would've had the strength to continue with his own life. "Besides," the thirty-two year old continued, trying to lighten the mood some, as he walked back to his seat and flopped down once again, "think of it this way. Since you're out here with me, Izayoi will have to take her fiery spirit out on someone else for a change."

InuTaisho looked up at his friend and saw the usual mischievous twinkle back in his sapphire blue eyes. He knew they were friends for a reason. Itazura seemed to remind him to loosen up and not lose 'what little youth he had left', as the man liked to say. Though it was true the demon looked relatively young, mid forties at the oldest, not even Itazura knew his real age. Takahashi InuTaisho was a demon after all. The first time the inu-youkai had confronted his friend about his joking behavior he was given the first of what would be many 'Higurashi sayings', though really, they were almost all just thought up on the spot. 'If you act the age you want to be,' he had said, 'no one will be able to make you feel old by guessing your real age.' It seemed to be the one saying the young husband actually lived by. Speaking of which…

"You just wait until that wife of yours finally has a child and we'll see how clam you are Itazura." The demon's tone told that the goal of the joke had been accomplished.

The comment was answered with a playful glare. "What do you mean finally?"

The youkai gave a good-humored smirk. "We have a deal Higurashi, have you forgotten? We're partners in this firm and to make sure our kin have no problems deciding who takes over when we are gone, we agreed that our families should join. And right now it seems I am the only one keeping to that agreement. I now have two candidates for the join while you have yet to produce an heir."

The answering glare was ruined by the smile adorning the young man's face. "As much as I would love to be home with my wife working on fulfilling my end of the bargain, it was you who dragged me here to make sure you didn't kill anyone when the nurses kicked you out so your mate could deliver your kid."

The demon's deep laugh resonated through the room. "Higurashi you are truly-"

"Takahashi-sama?" They had been so wrapped up in their joking, the two had failed to take notice when the doors to the maternity ward had opened to reveal a short, black haired woman in nurse's uniform. They turned to her when she made her presence known. She cleared her throat, "Your wife-" But the demon didn't stick around long enough for her to finish as he simply sped past her to his mate's room. Itazura gave the stunned woman an apologetic smile before following after his friend at a much more reasonable speed.

When he arrived at Izayoi's door and peeked inside, Itazura couldn't help the smile that spread across his kind face. He stayed at the door and watched as childish wonderment and joy entered his friend's normally intimidating dark gold eyes as his mate surrendered the small, currently very noisy, cloth bundle to his awaiting arms. The woman lying in the hospital bed was obviously exhausted, but her soft, warm smile still had its place on her rosy lips. Her long onyx hair was pinned up at the back of her head showing the small amount of perspiration that had formed on her neck and forehead. She leaned back on the pillows once InuTaisho had a firm grip of the bundle and caught the dark haired man's figure in the corner of her eye. She smiled fully at him and bade him come into the sparsely decorated room.

"It's rude to stand in doorways, Itazura-san." She chided teasingly.

He chuckled and walked toward her. "Ah, but my lady! I simply did not want to intrude upon such a tender family moment!" He teased in a mock hurt tone.

"You are as much family as any, or at least you will be in time." They both laughed before turning their attention back to the quickly quieting newborn in his demon father's arms. "It's a boy, Itazura." Izayoi said softly, answering the man's yet to be asked question.

"He's a hansom one Izayoi. It's just so unfortunate that all his looks should be from his father." The woman giggled softly at the comment. It was true though. This baby was undoubtedly his father's son. Amber eyes, a few shades lighter than InuTaisho's, looked curiously around what little room he could see while small clawed fingers could be seen as the tike waved his arm trying to grab hold of his father's long bangs, which matched the color of his own mop of downy hair. His most distinguishing feature, though, were the fuzzy dog-like ears sticking out from that silver mass of hair, quite different from his father's pointed, but otherwise normal ears. This feature marked him as a hanyou. It was not as big of a deal as it had been in the past, but there were still those with their prejudices. For now though, he would be loved unconditionally by all around him. Everyone who worked at Takahashi-Higurashi Incorporated, a.k.a. TH Inc., would make sure of it.

InuTaisho smiled as the child hiccupped and made small gurgling sounds as he wrapped his small fingers around his father's larger one. "InuYasha." He said gently, gaining curious looks from the other two occupants of the room. He looked up at them. "His name," he clarified, "His name will be InuYasha."

"InuYasha," Izayoi said thoughtfully before smiling again herself, "I love it."

Itazura crossed his arms and nodded his agreement. "It suits him."


The customary two weeks Izayoi was to stay at the hospital had been a struggle for Itazura. It seemed that every time he needed to find InuTaisho for a business matter, he had snuck out of his office to the hospital to be with his mate and pup. He was relived that she was coming home that day. Maybe now they could actually get some work done…after the festivities of course.

"Honestly Inu-kun, do I really need to be blindfolded? Couldn't I just promise to keep my eyes closed?" Izayoi asked with a sigh. Really, was this necessary? Her mate was being far too overprotective. He had insisted she be in a wheel chair for the trip to where ever they were going, keeping InuYasha tightly wrapped in her arms. When she had asked where they were going that she couldn't just walk, she already knew it was someplace on the business campus, he had just said it was a surprise and then blindfolded her. She would have enjoyed the ride more if she was able to see the campus on such a beautiful day. She could feel the warmth of the late morning sunshine and imagined that it must have made the grounds look absolutely stunning. Her mate had started the corporation himself even before his first son had been born, and as it grew and needed more space he had bought neighboring properties and reworked it all into its own little community instead of just building up. It made all the employees feel like one giant family. The landscaping was done in a simple, but impressive style and the spaces between the buildings, none of which exceeded twenty stories, were filled in with decorative walkways and grassy areas. There was even a nursery and young education center so parents could work without worrying if there young children were in good hands.

"I know you too well, koi. Your curiosity will get the better of you and you'll open your eyes before I say to." InuTaisho chuckled as his answer was met with a 'humph'. He wheeled her towards the large lobby of the main building, the automatic doors swishing open for them. Izayoi knew something was up when she didn't hear the usual chatter of passing people or constant shuffle of papers. Come to think of it the entire campus had seemed deserted. She felt her mate begin to untie the blindfold. "Ok, you can look now," he pulled the bandanna from her eyes, "Welcome back koi," he whispered.

As the room was revealed she was met with cheers and shouts of 'Welcome back!' and 'Congratulations!' from the hundreds of people gathered there. Izayoi's smile grew as she recognized most of the people she saw, either from around the campus or from other businesses from the surrounding area that either did business with her mate or she herself frequented. The large decorative room had been decked out with blue, green, and red streamers and balloons for her welcome home party. Seeing as the lobby usually looked so formal and elegant with its deep green printed wall-to-wall carpeting and mahogany front desk and other finery, the party-like atmosphere was something to get used to. There in the center of everything, under a large hanging banner that welcomed her 'home' sat an enormous cake that congratulated the birth of her first son.

She laughed with joy and looked up at her mate with shining coffee eyes with all the love and adoration she could muster. This was the most wonderful thing her mate could have done for her. Family, she had always thought, was the most wonderful gift on earth, and InuTaisho had given it to her more times than she could count. As she looked back over the crowed of people, Izayoi noticed one elderly looking man step forward with two things clutched in his hands she found rather strange. One was a sheathed sword, while the other seemed to be a rather large mallet resting on his shoulder. She didn't recognize this man, but obviously InuTaisho did for his smile grew when he stepped forward.

"Totosai, I'm glad you could make it." He greeted the older man with a nod.

The so named Totosai waved it off. "Yeah, well, It's not like I had much choice now is it? The only motivating skill that advisor of yours has is how annoying he can be. I would have liked to play with it more, but I had to get my butt on over here so he would shut his little yapper." His voice was strong and defiant, yet strained and grating at the same time. InuTaisho's deep laugh resonated through the room at both the old man's retort and the small 'humph' that answered it from the man's unoccupied shoulder. What, to the untrained eye, looked to be something just larger than a spec, though Izayoi recognized as the flea demon adviser Myoga, leaped from his perch with Totosai to InuTaisho.

"My lord wanted it done and ready for today and you to be the one to present it, you good-for-nothing old coot!" The nasally voice of the flea defended. Totosai scoffed at the insult.

InuTaisho chuckled at their typical antics. "Now, both of you, there's no need for hostilities." He turned to his mate who was looking curiously at the old bug-eyed man across from her, who was dressed like he should be at a forge. "Izayoi, this is the demon sword-smith Totosai. Each male member of my family has commissioned a sword for his own use from him for as long as I can remember. They don't really serve any purpose these days, but they still stand as a symbol of status. My sword, Sou'unga, is one of his as well as Tenseiga, the sword I had commissioned for Sesshomaru when he was born," he paused momentarily, "Think of it as a sort of actual birth day present."

Izayoi looked at him skeptically as she let her infant son play with her gentle fingers, since he didn't seem to be interested in any of what was going on. "You got our two-week old son a sword as a present?"

InuTaisho smiled sheepishly. "Well it's not like I'd actually give it to him until he's older. Thirteen perhaps…" she glared at him, "Or whenever you see fit my dear," he added quickly, which seemed to draw a satisfied smirk from the young woman. The demon sighed, regained his composure, and turned his attention back to Totosai. "You were able to make it to my specifications?" He asked.

The sword-smith snorted and lazily cleaned out one of his ears with a gnarled pinky-finger, gaining as small grimace from Izayoi. "You question my ability now? It's just like ya' wanted. A sword of great power, a sword to be used to protect what is dear, a sword that no full demon outside your own house can even touch. Of all the commissions I've gotten over the centuries, I have to say this piece of art is one of my best works ever." He gave the weapon a little shake. "I think the question is, are you sure the whelp will grow up to be able to handle it?"

The inu-youkai looked down at his youngest son, bright amber looking up to meet darkened gold, and gave a curt nod. "I have no doubt."

Totosai closed his eyes, sighed and nodded. "Then I leave the Tetsuaiga with you." He stepped forward and formally placed the sheathed katana in the silver-haired demon's awaiting clawed hands. The older demon then turned his attentions to the young human still sitting in the wheelchair. He hobbled over to her and peered at the infant she held in her grasp. The young InuYasha, finally taking notice of the new person, peered right back and purposefully swatted a hand at the length of gray facial hair closest to his reach. "Well, let me have a look-see." He said reaching for the hanyou babe. Before Izayoi could protest InuTaisho placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, telling her it was ok. Reluctantly she surrendered her child to the odd gray-haired old men.

He held the boy up, one hand under each arm, and stepped back slightly. Inquisitive, innocent amber eyes stared back at the demon smith's calculating gaze. InuYasha kicked his legs a bit, discomforted by the fact that they were not supported. The small fuzzy ears at the top of his head and his petite sensitive nose working overtime trying to get a barring about the unknown demon. The smell of sulfur reached his inexperienced scrunched up nose, causing the young hanyou to sneeze. All his fidgeting proved that the baby wasn't entirely happy with his one-piece, blue-and-white, cotton infant clothes being the only thing between him and the gnarled old smith. Totosai brought him back down to eye level and nodded looking back at InuTaisho.

"You better look out for this one, Takahashi. He'll be a handful when he gets older. You got lucky with Sesshomaru; this one won't be so easy." He placed the child back in his mother's eagerly awaiting arms. InuTaisho smiled down at his mate as she coddled their gurgling son before nodding at Totosai.

Wine glasses had been passed around to the gests during this whole scene and the gests-of-honor were just getting theirs as a call came from the front of the crowd closest to the large aforementioned cake. "A toast, then." InuTaisho looked up to see his longtime friend and business partner, Higurashi Itazura, with his glass raised. "To InuYasha; may he live a long and very happy life." The others raised their glasses as well and shouts of 'To InuYasha!' were heard before all present took a sip of their drink. InuTaisho looked approvingly over the crowd of smiling faces, but it briefly marred into a slight frown as he noticed one person he had asked to come conspicuously absent.


Naraku stood in the familiar lavish office with his arms crossed; a glare prominent on his face as he gazed at what, he thought, should have been his. The large dark oak desk that sat in front of a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, from which you could look over the corporate grounds from the top floor of the tallest building on the campus, the built-in bookshelves on the opposite wall filled with pictures of smiling family and friends. He couldn't understand it. He knew most women found him gorgeous, he was fairly rich, with his long black hair, piercing violet eyes, and crisp dark business suits. He and his corporation, though significantly smaller than TH Inc, were feared by many. He didn't bother dealing with humans, they were weak and useless, but had only demons working under him. So why was it that Takahashi InuTaisho still managed to live his dream? He had tried to work out a partnership years before, but was turned down, only to have the position filled by a human a little more than a decade later. All of this, the penthouse office, the corporation campus, the money, the opulence, it should have been his.

The sun could be seen on its downward path through the windows as Naraku noticed a minute youkai bounding into the room through the partially ajar office door. He despised that creature. "Onigumo-sama! Here you are! InuTaisho-sama is on his way as we speak and he is going to have one hell of a temper fit when he finds you up here." Myoga's nasally voice was grating on his already thinning nerves.

"Oh look at me, I'm shaking." The dark haired man mocked in almost a growl.

"You should be!" the flea chided, ignoring the dangerous tone of his voice, "You've been doing business with InuTaisho-sama for decades, and yet you fail to show up at a very important gathering that you were personally invited to!"

This time Naraku really did growl. "If anyone should be shaking, it should be you, lowlife. I am your superior. Show some respect!" He snatched the flea demon off his perch on the large, dark wood desk and crushed him in his fist.

"Onigumo." A booming voice came from the doorway. Said man turned toward the owner of the office. "Drop him, if you would." Naraku snorted at his use of authority, but opened his hand, letting a rather flat Myoga flutter to the ground. "Now, I want to know why you weren't at my mate's 'welcome back' party this morning when you didn't turn down the invitation when I told you about it?"

Naraku's eyes widened in fake surprise. "That was today? Too bad, it must have slipped my mind. I do hope the wench and her whelp are doing ok." The drama and mocking in his voice was almost unbearable.

InuTaisho growled, "You'll do well to watch your mouth, Onigumo. Why is it that we've been doing business together for decades and you still can't seem to remember when I'm having a major function, even when I personally invite you?" Naraku rolled his eyes. What? Was he listening to a broken record?

"I have other things on my agenda that are more important than the frivolities of a corporate party, Takahashi." The dark haired demon said as he made his way to the open door of the office.

"Don't turn you back on me Onigumo." The silver haired youkai said in a dangerous tone. Naraku stopped in the doorway and looked back over his shoulder, sharp violet eyes narrowed, but did not turn around.

"No, Takahashi, maybe you shouldn't have turned your back on me."

And with that he was gone, even before InuTaisho could question him on why he was in his office in the first place. InuTaisho rubbed his forehead and sighed, "What am I going to do with him?"

Myoga, having puffed himself back up and taken his usual position of the demon's shoulder during the conversation, snorted as he glared after Naraku's quickly receding form. "I honestly don't understand why you insist on continuing business with that man. What good can possibly come out of a relationship with that kind of person?"

InuTaisho shook his head tiredly. "Unfortunately, we need him Myoga. We get a lot of good business from his advertisements."

"Either way, I still say he can't be trusted."


It was late and the fires were lit, as they always were, in Totosai's forge. The cave that held the forge was dark besides the blaze in its center. The flicker of the flares played with and molded the shadows into unrecognizable shapes and forms. The smith lazed around looking at the wall where he wrote all the names of his commissions and who received them. He sipped his evening tea while watching the light of the flames from the pit dance across the wall with so many kanji symbols decorating it. Stroking his snow white beard, Totosai contemplated the still smooth patch of rock next to the name of his latest creation. Another Takahashi, another work of art.

Grunting, the old demon pushed himself back into a sitting position, then fully onto his feet once again. He strode over to the still empty slot on the rock surface and picked up his chisel and stone hammer. With the skill of expert hands, he carved the symbols needed into the rock face next to the existing ones that spelled out the name of a masterpiece, Tetsuaiga. When finished he stepped back to admire his handy work.

"Takahashi InuYasha," he shook his wrinkled head, "That whelp is gonna have one hell of a ride."


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