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The following story is completely fictional, unless I'm high or something…


Title: "What's In Those Green Herbs You've Been Using?"


The Story starts out with Leon and Ashley running away from a mob of angry villagers.

"grr.." The Villagers chanted


"Come on Ashley, we have to get out of here!" Leon replied, then grabbed Ashley's arm..

Finally, the two managed to escape the villagers by hiding inside a shack… Its small, but it'll do… Then Leon notices that he has a wound on his Chest, must've been because of those Villagers with the Pitchfork thingies…

"Damn it, I'm bleeding, Ashley hand me my attaché case." Leon ordered.

"Okay, here you go." Said Ashley…

"It's a good thing, I've packed these 'Green Herbs' before I went to this mission." Leon the grabs a lighter…

"Errr…. What are you doing?!" Ashley said with confusion.

"Trying to 'Heal' myself here, so shut up." Leon replied.

"Let me have a look at that." Ashley said with suspicion this time. "hmmm… This isn't just ordinary green herb, I just know it."

Then after a closer look Ashley finds something.. Really disturbing…


"No wonder my shooting sucks! And to think I was starting to blame the player." Leon replied.

"Huh? What player?" Said Ashley.

(Leon takes a deep breath)

"AH HAHAHAHA!! Hendrix! Is That You?! Nope its just Bob Marley… AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ashley! I'm So High Right Now!! HAHAHAHA!!" Leon er… said with a Jamaican accent…

"LEON! Stop that! Marijuana is bad for you an—" Ashley was disturbed with a bang on the doors.

"What was that? Leon there's something outside the door. Er…. Leon…" said Ashley.

"Yeah Moooonnnnnnn.." (Okay I'm out of Leon say this and that)

"…We better do something! The villagers are outside! They're going to get us if we don't do something!" Ordered Ashley.

"Ashley! I'm so high right now! Ah HAHAHA!!"

(Leon is still high…)

Ashley's attempts to make Leon do something are futile, and so she must accept the fact that they are both screwed. :)

"We are both screwed." Ashley whispered to herself.

Then suddenly the villagers finally busted the door opened and surrounded Leon and Ashley.

Because of Ashley's quick thinking, she came up with a plan to escape the villagers, she then grabbed Leon's lighter and some 'green herbs', she then smoked the herbs and threw them to the zombie a-holes. Because of this, the zombies got high, and they managed to escape.

"That was a close one." Said Leon.

"Yeah, if it weren't for you trying to smoke marijuana, we could just killed the villagers." Replied Ashley.

"And Waste Ammo? I Don't Think So." Eplained Leon.

"Anyway, it's a good thing we escaped an—" Ashley, again interrupted by a noise in the nearby bushes.

Leon pulled out his gun and investigated the noise. Leon then discovers a disturbing secret himself. It seems he wasn't the only person sent on a top secret mission himself.

"FREEZE!!" Shouted the mysterious person while pointing a gun on Leon's face.

"Wait! Who are you?" Leon asked with his hands up in the air.

"Yeah, who are you?" Ashley said herself.

"sigh, My name is Solid Snake, I've been sent on a top secret mission to destroy this top secret weapon called 'Metal Gear' ever seen it?" Said Solid Snake.

"Nope never heard of it, I've been only sent here to save the President's Daughter, which is this girl over here." Said Leon.

"Hi!" Said Ashley with a smile

"President's daughter eh, you know, I was once sent on a mission to rescue the President from terrorists, but turns out he had a heart attack." Said Snake with a disappointed face.

"No Sh huh… I can totally relate, all I wanted was a gun upgrade and all this girl ever did was cause me problems." Leon with a frown.

"HEY!" Ashley shouted.

"Well since you know too much, and don't know where the Metal Gear is, I just have to kill you, its been a fun 10 minutes." Explained Snake.

"oh…" Said Leon and Ashley (

Then, just before Snake pulls the trigger, the chainsaw wielding Dr. Salvadors bust in!! At least 5 or 6 of them!! Slashes Snake's head and decapitated him.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Snake in agony

"Snake? Snake?! SNAAKE!!!!" Unknown voice in the background…

"O….K…. Lets get out of here" Said Leon

"Good Idea" Ashley agreed.

What will happen to Leon and Ashley?

Will they escape the Dr. Salvadors?
Is Leon still high?
Will he ever get clean?
Will Snake ever get his head back and destroy the Metal Gear in order to prevent another World War?

Find Out On The Next Chapter!! P



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