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Title: "Finally!"


"Ashley!! Find a place to hide!!" Leon commanded without hesitation for the safety of Ashley.

Ashley quickly responded. Running towards the nearby dumpster, she opens it, only to find a body bag violently shaking. Ashley closes the lid and moves to the closet next to the dumpster. She opens it, only to her surprise, seeing Raiden tied up, and falling on the floor.

"Hey, little girl! Could you help me out here?" Raiden asking Ashley very politely

"…" Ashley in silence, places Raiden back into the closet, and closing it. "Dumpster it is then."

Ashley, choosing to hide with the disturbing figure that came from the dumpster until the battle is over, rather than hiding with Raiden.

Leon, seeing that Ashley is now secure, he then readies his gun. Snake, seeing himself that Salazar and Bitorez mutated into a very intimidating figure, he then said to Leon.

"Leon, we may have a problem here."

"Don't worry, dude! My main-man, Dante here, would be here to back us up! As long as he's here, we have nothing to worry about!" said the confident Agent

Without warning, Dante was immediately struck by one of Salazar's tentacles, throwing him off the stage, and into the dumpsters below.

"No fair, I was about to check my inventoryyyyy…" Dante's voice disappearing into the black, with a loud "ploop" heard after a while.

"OK, NOW we're fudged!!" said Leon

"Great, where's a Viking midget when you need one?" asking Snake

Without hesitation, Salazar and Bitorez both attack. Attack after attack of disgusting tentacles, they wouldn't let up. The only thing the duo could do for now is to avoid their every move and attack back when the opportunity comes.

"I wonder why they only have tentacles to attack with?" asked Snake

"Stop asking questions already. This would be a lot easier if Dante was here." replied Leon

"Don't worry, he'll come back at level 2" said Snake

"…" Leon in silence "…I think I have a plan" Leon replying back

"What is it?"

Leon, in great haste, charges to Salazar, in his hands, is a single hand grenade. Rushing towards Salazar, while avoiding his attacks, Bitorez is just standing there like an idiot. Leon then climbs up Salazar's disfigured body to his neck, he takes the pin off of his grenade and shoves it down his throat. He then jumps off and lands on the ground.

Salazar explodes to bits.

"Whoah.." Snake in awe, he then acts all brave and heads toward Bitorez. Snake is in close range with Bitorez. With his quick thinking, Snake did the only thing he could do for the moment. Push Bitorez.

Bitorez then falls to the ground, causing half of his body to snap into two. Feeling a great sense of victory over him, Snake turns his back on his fallen enemy.

"Wow, that certainly was unexpectedly easy!" Snake smiling

"Ha ha ha ha ha." a Grim laughter was heard.

Snake quickly turns around, seeing that the other half of Bitorez was missing.

"Gawd!" to Snake's own surprise

"Ha ha ha, down here!" Bitorez's laughter was broken by his own impatience

Snake looking down on Bitorez's other half still standing… Sort of…

"Ha ha ha!! You think it's all over! But it's not!! I will erase you from this world! You want to know why?---" Bitorez just keeps on talking and talking

Seeing that Bitorez was now only at the height of Snake's stomach. He quickly does the deed, by shooting Bitorez at the head.

"…Now that was completely pointless… BUT SO FREAKING COOL!!!" Snake's face is now covered by the blood of Bitorez, caused by the shot on his head.

"Ugh, my head…" Leon waking up from his state of unconsciousness, after the rough landing he undertook.

"Dude! You just freakin' missed it!! I shot Bitorez in the head!" Snake with his sense of accomplishment, yet again.

"Whatever… Where's Ashley?" replied Leon

"Press R2 or something" suggested Snake

"…" Leon just whistled, signaling Ashley that the coast is now clear.

Ashley appears from the dumpster. For the last time, showing the violent body bag.

"That has got to be the freakiest thing I will ever encounter in my whole life!" Ashley in a state of shock, horror, and disgust.

"Whatever, you guys! Let's just get going!" ordered Leon

"Ok, ok, oh fearless hero" replied Snake with a sarcastic tone.

The trio were walking in a corridor, when they're joined by a group of soldiers, not the mutated kind, but the ones in the MGS series.

"FREEZE!" said the soldiers

The three then raised their arms to the air.

"Great, after that awesome boss battle, this is how we meet our doom?" said Snake

"Got nothing to say, still shocked with what happened" replied Ashley

"Wait! You guys, I have a plan!" said Leon

"Another plan, eh? I'm all eyes and ears." said Snake

Leon approaches the soldiers, takes a deep breath and says…

"Go…Away!" ordered Leon while pointing out to the door leading to the outside of the corridor.

The soldiers, in shock, looked at each other. They then turned their backs, and left the trio.

"…It worked?!!!" Ashley in shock and awe, with a happy tone.

"I can't freaking believe it" Snake too, surprised with the unexpected outcome of the situation

They then continue walking and talking.

"Snake, I just noticed, where was Ocelot when all of this happened?" asked Leon

"I have no idea, we, and the readers themselves, may not know!" Snake winking out to the readers


Ocelot stuck with Raiden at the dark closet.

"So, they think you're a fag too, eh?" asked Raiden

"yeah…" said Ocelot with a frown

"Ouch, I feel your pain!"

"Good thing is, I was tougher and more bad-arse in the prequel"

"Really? Wow, I hope I'll kick more arse in the sequel!" said Raiden

"Gawd, can't wait for that one to come out!!"

"Yeah, wish us both luck!"

"I'll go do that!" replied Ocelot

"Thanks… fag…"

"ah he he he, you're lucky I can't kill you, since it'll cause a time paradox!" said Ocelot

"Took the words out of my mouth…"


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