Disclaimer: Mario is owned by Nintendo, and any other trademarked names I may mention belong to their respective distributors, whoever they may be. But the story and a few places and characters in it were all created by my little brother and I, and we own them.

Author's Note: My little brother 'Pantaro Paratroopa' actually came up with this story, but since he takes forever to type stuff, I did it for him (I want to use the computer too, to write MY stories, mwa ha ha!). Also, other than the backbone story, the Peach and Bowser Interludes were completely created by me, that's why they're way better than the rest of the story. ("Not true!" whines Pantaro Paratroopa, "stupid sisters." I laugh ominously.) On a final note, during the story, the Yoshi Kid will be referred to as G-Yo.

Paper Mario 2 1/2

Prologue: I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Crystal Stars,

Rogueport Plaza

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 8th Crystal Star Discovered! Amayzee Dayzee Enters Glitz Pit!" boomed the voice of Rougeport's newspaper vender, Noi C. (a Cleft), who was standing just outside of Zess T.'s. Next to him was Mario; Goombella, the helmet-wearing, book-loving Goomba girl; Koops, the cowardly Koopa; Flurrie, the retired theatre actress cloud spirit; G-Yo, the infant orange-haired, blue Yoshi with an attitude problem: Vivian, the kindhearted ex-shadow siren; Bobbery the old sea-dog Bob-omb; and Ms. Mowz, the infamous treasure hunting, badge collecting Little Mouser.

"An Amayzee Dayzee! Man, that will be hard to beat!" said G-Yo, reading the newspaper, before Koops snatched it away and skimmed over the significantly more important article.

After a minute of reading, he exclaimed aloud "An 8th crystal star! We have to tell Frankley about this, pronto! But I wonder wha-"

"David H. Jones!" Bobbery interrupted, "We also have to tell Frankley about THAT! In the Southeastern sky!" Everyone looked, and saw a… Paragoomba. "I mean Northeastern." Everyone looked again and saw a Large Purple Wormhole!

"To Frankly's," yelled Goombella.

Everyone ran, except Koops, who remained behind for a moment and finished the sentence he had started before: "–t happens when we get it."

Later, at Frankly's

"I don't believe it either, but there is solid proof," said Frankly. "Now, we don't know the exact location of the star, but I have a hunch that it is somewhere on the other side of the wormhole."

"Don't we know someone in charge of a big cannon?" said Vivian.

"General White!" exclaimed Bobbery. "I'll call him. His Number is 917-231-4949… Wait, that's Pizza Dinosaur."

"Ewwwwwwww! You like Pizza Dinosaur! Mona Pizza is waaaaay better!" said Goombella.

"Wait! Now I remember, General White's phone number is 111-111-1111!" grinned Bobbery.

"How could you forget that?" said G-Yo incredulously.

"I'll call him now," said Bobbery, ignoring the Yoshi kid and dialing the number on Frankly's phone. After a moment he got through, "hello, is this General White?" Bobbery turned away from the phone, "that's strange, he's at home and he's awake."

"Well Bobbery," said White over the phone after Bobbery told him about the wormhole, "if you want to use the cannon you'll have to wait, it's time for our semi-annual mid-winter cleaning, and the cannon's been temporarily disassembled for re-oiling."

"Oh, I see, well thanks anyway," said Bobbery before hanging up the phone. In Fahr Outpost General White shrugged, put down his phone and promptly fell asleep.

Back at Frankly's, Bobbery broke the bad news to his friends.

"Rats, now where are we going to find another giant cannon-thing?" huffed Goombella.

"Well there is one in Astroville," said Frankly, "the village to the far south of Twilight Town."

"Alright! Let's-a-go!" said Mario, jumping towards the door.

"Wait!" cried Ms. Mowz, "we should go to the Thousand-Year Door first, sweetie, for old times sake!"

"You just want to look for treasure in the sewers some more," said G-Yo.

"Whatever the reason it's still a lovely idea," said Flurrie. G-Yo rolled his eyes but followed his friends out the door.

"Good luck!" said Frankly from his desk as the door closed behind them.

The Thousand-Year Door Chamber

Lots of exited people are gathered, waiting to see if the usual light show occurs when the Door is alerted to the presence of the 8th Crystal Star. Mario steps up to the platform with the map and shining blue lights illuminates the room.

"Weeeeeee!" squealed Koops excitedly.

"Shhh!" hissed his girlfriend Koopie Koo, who was in the audience next to him, "you're embarrassing me!"

Suddenly the map changed to include a large bridge extending south from Twilight Town to the newly charted Astroville, the wormhole also appeared in the northeastern corner of the map, and inside it was the purple Amethyst Star.

"Well, now we know for sure where to go next," said Goombella.

"To Twilight Town!" shouted Mario; the crowd cheered.

Peach Interlude #1

Rogueport Inn

Peach sighed as she stared at the big creepy wormhole through the window. Mario had left without a word after finding the location of the 8th Crystal Star; he didn't even ask her if she wanted to come too. Of course, she had been a bit uncertain about that vortex – they had no idea where it went, or how they could get back. Maybe Mario was protecting me, thought Peach, and not just being inconsiderate.

But he shouldn't protect her all the time: Peach was tough; if she knew what was coming, she could protect herself, especially when she had her favorite frying pan at hand. After all, she had been a great help to Mario, Bowser and the others when they went after Smithy a while ago, and he resided in another realm too. Sure Exor wasn't a big swirling wormhole, but he was still an inter-dimensional portal, and Peach had survived that trip.

Peach then heard the stairs squeaking behind her, she turned around and saw another left-behind. "Luigi!" she said happily, "what're you doing here?"

"I just thought you could use some company," he said.

"Oh, well Toadsworth should be back any minute so you don't have to worry about me," she said, before a thought occurred to her: maybe Luigi was the one who wanted some company. "But you can stay if you want," she added hastily, before she hurt the green plumber's feelings.

"Thanks," said Luigi, sitting down at the table, Peach did as well. The two talked for awhile: Peach loved hearing about Luigi's adventures in the Waffle Kingdom, and unlike Mario and his friends, she didn't fall asleep.

Eventually Toadsworth came up the stairs, "I'm back Peach! Oh, Luigi! How are you doing m'boy?"

"Fine, you?" asked Luigi politely.

"Oh, very well actually, since Peachy is safe for a change," the old Toad chuckled.

"Um, Toadsworth," said Peach nervously, "I was actually thinking of joining Mario's group when they came back. You know, if there's more than one extra Crystal Star, that is."

Toadsworth looked a little taken aback, but after a moment he smiled at the princess, "ah, you always were adventurous! Well, I suppose you can." Peach cheered and hugged the old butler, who smiled and said, "well, since you're not going just yet, how's about a nice rousing game of cards?"

"Oh yes! How about Go Cheep-Cheep?" inquired Luigi happily.

"Smashing choice," said Toadsworth, Peach was happy to join in too, but she was more happy to be going on another one of Mario's adventures.

Bowser Interlude #1

Bowser's Castle

"Gwa ha ha!" laughed Bowser, stomping happily through his castle, followed closely by his advisor Kammy Koopa. "I love fame! I love power! I love that stupid plumber's stupidity!"

"And I love seeing you in such a happy mood, Your Loveliness," said Kammy, not realizing the awkwardness of her latest title, however Bowser did.

"Uh Kammy, never call me 'My Loveliness' again."

"Oh! I'm so sorry, sire!"

"Don't sweat it! I'm in such a good mood I'm not even gonna flame you for it!"

Kammy smiled nervously and tried to say something but Bowser cut her off.

"I mean, who wouldn't be happy if one minute they had been wandering around broken and bleeding in some washed-up villain's lair, and the next, they found a powerful treasure no one even knew existed!" Bowser laughed again, "and to think, Mario had been in that very crypt and didn't even look behind the coffin? Oh! And those idiot historians, they should've known that the Shadow Queen would've kept at least one Crystal Star on her person; that's what I would do!"

"But, when you captured those Star Spirits you gave all of them away to your minions and didn't keep a single one," said Kammy.

"That's because they could talk and were annoying! Of course I wouldn't keep them around! Peach is bad enough!"

Kammy knew all too well how annoying the princess was; Peach and her stupid Star Kid had even defeated Kammy herself, one of the most powerful Magikoopas around!

Bowser suddenly stopped walking and held his hand out to Kammy, "since we're on the subject, I want the Amethyst Star back – you've had more than enough time to analyze its magical properties."

"Uh sir, I've actually, uh, got some bad news," said Kammy, looking at the ground.

"Don't tell me it was another fake?" said Bowser, his face falling.

"No it was real, only, it was… stolenbyaBlackYoshi," she muttered, but Bowser heard.


Kammy nodded, wishing she was anywhere else but there, and she meant anywhere.


Kammy said nothing.