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"Amy's Lesson in life"

By: Nyago

When you are label as number 1 fan of Sonic fan club, is hard to get out of it without causing a scene.

Always make sure you are 100 percent that you always have your weapon handy, you never know when the enemy will strike!

When going to a dance club, don't tell any of your very overprotective friends. They tend to stick like glue and watch you like a hawk.

Never EVER go out in public with Sonic the Hedgehog for lunch. The press will catch up so quickly you will see yourself five minutes later in all newspapers stands.

Don't take small kids to lingerie shops, they tend to ask questions you REALLY don't want to answer.

Just don't wear the boots with a micro skirt and a halter top, you'll be asked how much you charge, and then you will be forced to break several bones and faces.

Play really loud music at 6 AM in the morning. Its amusing to see your neighbor faces when they realize you woke them up on purpose.

Play innocent, it gets you stuff you always wanted.

Don't tell your ex-crush that you have a crush on his rival. He'll go and kill his enemy, and ruin your love life.

When you're scared, pretend to be tough, it's always better than actually showing your scared.

When in doubt, punch as hard as you can.

Dancing in the rain is extremely pleasing. However until you realize you are not alone and Shadow the hedgehog gives you that look with his eyes.

Sometimes Rogue is right, very rarely true, but sometimes she is.

Going out with a bunch of friends is fun, expect when one has a complex ego of 1,000 and the other has issues about his past.

Men can be amazing, they also can be complete and utter bastards.

If you fall in love, don't fall in love with black and ruby red eye hedgehog that has more issues than you can ever get in a lifetime.

It's a bad idea.

Because once you do.

You can never leave.

Especially if that Hedgehog loves you back.

Trust me.

It happened to me.


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