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"You kissed her!" Meredith punched his arm repeatedly. "You kissed her!"

"Aww, babe, it's just a kiss," Alex shrugged.

"You kissed her! And now she's looking at you like you're man candy!"

"I am man candy, babe," Alex smirked.

"You're supposed to be my man candy!" Meredith punched him, harder this time. He winced and tried to catch her hands before she went in for another punch but failed to. He winced once again from the impact.

"It was just a kiss!"

"It was just a kiss!? It was just a kiss!?" Meredith emphasized her words. "Out of all the women in this hospital to kiss, you just had to kiss her! You just had to kiss her!"

"I'm sorry! It meant nothing!!!"

"She's freakin' Isabella Rossellini, Alex! She's freakin' Isabella Rossellini and all I have is this lip gloss!" she reached into her pocket and took out the said lip gloss and threw it at him. It hit him on the chest and dropped to the ground. No one made a move to pick it up. "And I just have it cos' you said you liked the taste!"

"Meredith, c'mon," Alex tried to coax her but she stood her ground.

"How would you feel if I kissed someone else!" she told him. "What if I kiss George, huh!? How would you feel!?"

Alex scoffed. "Babe, O'Malley? He's like your brother, you won't kiss him. And I certainly won't give much fuss about it."

"That's what you think?" she raised her brow. "Let's see how you would react if I kissed someone else. What about if I kissed Sloan, huh? What about that!"

"You wouldn't," Alex shook his head slowly. He looked at her and knew she was not kidding. "Mer, you won't."

"I thought you won't kiss Addison…" she reminded him. "But you did anyway… Let's just see about that!"

Alex watched in disbelief as Meredith walked away from him. He knew he had to do something about it…


"Hey," Alex sat down on one of the chairs around the small cafeteria table. He looked at Izzie and George. "Could you guys do me a favor?"

"I am not taking my clothes off for you," George said. Alex looked at him strangely.

"Dude," Alex grimaced. "Why the hell would I want you to take your clothes off?"

"I'm just not," George shook his head.

"Whatever," Alex rolled his eyes. "So anyway. The favor. I need you two guys to sleep over my place tonight."

"What?" Izzie looked at him. "No way, Alex. You're place looks like a dump."

"C'mon!" Alex pleaded. "Just for tonight."

"What did you do now?"

"I kinda kissed Addison," Alex muttered under his breathe, looking down sheepishly.

"You kissed Montgomery!?" Izzie exclaimed, her eyes going wide. "No shit!"

"That's why I need you guys out of the house tonight, I need to make it up to Meredith!"

"Dude," Izzie mocked him. "You messed up big time this time."

"I know!" Alex said irritated.

"What exactly happened?" George asked.

"I'm not about to go into details, O'Malley."

"Then we're not about to spend our night in your dump."

"Fine," Alex sighed, rolling his eyes. "Addison kissed me and now she's looking at me like I'm man candy, according to Meredith. I told her it was just a kiss, told her it was nothing but she wouldn't believe me. She threatened me that she'll kiss George to make me feel what she felt."

"Me?" George squeaked.

"Sorry, dude," Alex shook his head. "I told her I won't even be bothered if she kissed you."

"Does that mean I could kiss her?" George asked.

"Kiss her and I'll kill you with my bare hands, O'Malley," Alex threatened him. George didn't know whether to laugh or not, because for some reason, Alex looked like he was telling the truth.

"I thought you…"

"Shut up, George," Izzie cut him off. She looked at Alex expectantly. "And then?"

"That's the end of the story!" When Izzie didn't budge he sighed and continued. "So then I told her that I wouldn't care if she kissed O'Malley. And then she pulls the Sloan card on me."


"And Sloan is Sloan. He's been eyeing Meredith since he got here. He even offered me a chance to scrub in on one of his surgeries if I allow him to go out on a date with Meredith! I mean, who does that!?" Alex scoffed. "Seriously. The dude's crazy."

He looked at the two, waiting for their replies.

"Fine," Izzie nodded, looking at George.

George nodded. "Sure."

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you," Alex stood up and handed them his apartment keys. "I'll owe you guys one."

"I'm still not taking my clothes off," George muttered, earning odd looks from Izzie and Alex.


"Alex Karev- Meredith Grey's man candy."

The note on the Snickers bar that was on the handle of the door said. Meredith chuckled, despite her constant reminder to herself that she was mad at him. But it was hard to stay mad at Alex, he always knew how to make her smile. She headed into the living room, following the candy trail. She found him standing in the middle of the living room. Holding the last candy bar.

"Alex Karev- Meredith's man candy, at your service," Alex handed her the candy bar. She took it and smiled a little.

"You do know I'm allergic to nuts, right?"

"I know," he nodded, pulling out another candy bar from his back pocket. "So I got you this."

"My favorite," she took the 3 Musketeers candy bar and smiled at him sweetly.

"She might be freakin' Isabella Rossellini… But you?" Alex wrapped his arms around her. "You're freakin' Meredith Grey. And your lip gloss is enough for me to fall head over heels in love with you."

"So no more kissing other women?"

"No more kissing," he nodded.


"Good," he nodded once again. "Can I kiss you now?"

"You certainly may," she nodded, tilting her head to wait for his kiss.

He pulled away a little after a few seconds and then muttered. "You're not kissing Sloan now, right?"

"We'll see," she laughed a little, knowing that there was no way in hell she was going to kiss Sloan, not when she had him. Her man candy.

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