Title: Epilog

Author: Lopaka Tanu

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of Battlestar Galactica.

Characters: Gaeta, Lee, ensemble

Wordcount: 567


Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

Pairing: Gaeta/Lee

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Language, Violence, Alternate Universe

Summary: The people of the twelve colonies come home.

Author's Note: The final part.

Watching the dradis screen, Felix felt his gut settle in to place after the FTL jump. He confirmed the last of the colonial ships made the jump with them against the Galactica's scanners. Twelve years of action made him proficient with the Pegasus' equipment. Glancing up from the tactical console, he looked across the CIC to his eldest son. Lyle was barely able to stick his head over the communication's console.

He glanced back down at the console when an alert vied for his attention. He frowned and reran the sweep. "Commander, I am detecting multiple dradis contacts. We're are in a system with nine planets with multiple satellites artificial and natural."

Lee glanced to his husband, the scar down the left side of his cheek making the smile on his lips only half form. He was about to ask for a radiological scan when Lyle squeaked. "Report, Private!"

"Signals, sir! We are receiving multiple contacts over the wireless from the third planet and it's satellite." Taking off his handset, Lyle handed it to Lieutenant Beru. He was relieved to be free of what sounded like a thousand voices calling over the wireless.

"Confirmed, sir." Adjusting the filtration on the wireless, Beru cut it down to just a couple voices. Frowning, he cut it down to just one voice. "I don't understand the language, sir, but I can definitely tell you it isn't cylon."

Swallowing, Lee slowly walked up to the comm. "Contact the Galactica, see what Lieutenant Dualla makes of this."

"Aye, sir." Switching channels, Beru signaled the Galactica. "What do you make of these signals?"

Holding a hand to her own headset, Dualla watched the Admiral and Colonel Tigh with trepidation. "I am transmitting the lingual code on all frequencies."

"The Lieutenant has transmitted the basic lingual code, sir." Beru glanced up from his console to see the entire CIC watching him with growing excitement. A high pitched whine filled the wireless, forcing Beru to take off his headset and wince. As sudden as it started, the signal cut. What began to follow made Beru switch it to the overhead.

"Life here began out there. In the golden age, man and the god alike, lived in harmony on Kobol. For a time, there was no death, no suffering. Then came an end. War and plague ravaged the world and the Gods rose in to the heavens to guide man away. In grief as their children went out among the heavens, Athena threw herself from atop the highest point. The leaders of the thirteen tribes, sacrificed to the Gods and were lain to rest in her tomb forever to be watched over by her. The Arrow of Apollo was left with the children of the Lords of Kobol to guide them in hopes of one day reuniting them."

Taking a heaving breath, Dualla blinked back tears. She saw she wasn't alone. Several people were holding hands, even President Roslin. "The signal came from the third planet, sir. It isn't part of the signals we were receiving before. Many of those have stopped. I've tracked the power source. It's from an ancient colonial device similar to those found on Kobol."

Silence reined on both battlestars.

"Sir, I am receiving a new communication from the third planet. They are speaking Basic." Beru clicked the voice to the overhead.

"Greetings to you. On behalf of humanity, welcome to Earth."