Now before you read I got this joke from a MADTV magazine and i thought it hella funny and in the mean while i was brought back to Kingdom Hearts by my friends little brother playing and screaming at the tv while trying to get through the Beast's Castle. I thought it was kinda funny that the next day i was over he was at Hollow Bastain fighting with Demyx and i was like 'that was quick'. so i put it together and came up with this at last minute and now i have no idea what im babbaling on right now so just ignore what i just said if you don't care or whatever. sooooo enjoy . Vv

Axel walked to the living room of the castle of The World That Never Was and spotted Demyx on the couch smoking and for some reason he smelled something piney like flowers or something. Axel walked up to Demyx.

"What the hell are you smoking man?" Demyx looked up seeing Axel in front of him.

"Just these new 'natural and free' brand cigarettes."

"There what?"

"There are…Hold on, where's that box…here" Axel looked at the box over and back at Demyx.

"Dude your smoking a tampon."

"…. No wonder it had a fuse" Demyx took another puff of the said tampon.

"Not bad though."

Axel just shook his head and left the room without saying a word.

oh yea! just a reminder HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! and to all my viet pride HAPPY VIETNAMESS NEW YEAR! x review if i miss spelled anything.