A/N: the first 7 chapters feel kinda rushed but there are no plans to rewrite them. this story is a continuation of my story Destined For Greatness-which isn't complete just yet- and will merge with another story of mine that i haven't put up yet. and fyi to anyone who hates me for making Gohan weaker: Gohan is my favorite character but was way more important than he should have been. Goku is and should always be the star... no matter how much i hate him.


Master Roshi and Bulma were sitting in the living room of the Kame house. They turned to the front door as it opened.

"Man, how did you get here before me? I live here." Krillin asked Bulma as he entered.

"It's not my fault you left." She replied rudely.

"I guess not. Here's your magazine Master." Krillin tossed the magazine like a frisbee.

"Be careful with it!" Roshi yelled as he caught it. "I like them to be in good condition."

Bulma shook her head and opened the box sitting on the table. "I brought these for you guys." She said as Krillin began salivating.

"Wow, thanks Bulma." He said as he reached in and grabbed two of the small pastries.

"Hey, save some for Goku."

"He wouldn't save any for us." Roshi said with his mouthful.

As the old man went back for seconds, the group heard a familiar ticking sound. A few seconds later, a voice they all knew rang out.

"Hey, is anybody home?"

"Goku!" Everyone said at the same time.

The three scrambled up and ran to the door. Krillin and Roshi spent several seconds trying to squeeze through the door at the same time. Bulma pushed them both out and stepped calmly on to the porch.

"Hey Goku." She said.

"Hi guys." He smiled.

"How've you been buddy?" Krillin asked as he got up.

"Great. How 'bout you?"

At that moment, a small child peeked around Goku's legs.

"Hey what's with the kid, Goku." Bulma asked.

"Yeah, did you take up baby-sitting?" Krillin laughed.

"No, he's my son."

"What!?" Everyone yelled at once.

"Come on out Gohan."

As the toddler ambled out from behind his father, Master Roshi's eyes twinkled beneath his glasses. 'Gohan huh? There's no better tribute to a great warrior.'

"Hi Gohan, my name is Bulma." The woman knelt down to introduce herself.

"Hi." he replied shyly.

"So, is he gonna be a great fighter like his dad?" Krillin asked.

"Probably not, Chi-Chi won't let me train him. She said maybe after he gets a good education, but who knows how long that'll take."

"I was sixteen when I finished school." Bulma pointed out.

"Well, that's kinda late for a fighter, but I'm sure he'll pick it up pretty fast."

"Oh wait, did she want him to go to college too?"


"That's at least four more years."

"Oh man..."


A small Saiyan pod crashed into the Earth, leaving a large crater. A tall man stepped out. It was a wonder that he fit. His hair fell to his knees, he wore battle armor, and had a tail wrapped around his waist. He reached up to a small device covering his left eye. He pushed a button and the device beeped several times.

"Hmph, the two strongest power levels on this planet are barely above three hundred. None of these weakling could be Kakarot. Oh well, I better check them out anyway."

The strange man lifted into the air and flew in the direction of the closest number.