Life Goes On...

Gohan watched his little brother wobble as he took a step. It had been nearly a year since Goten was born and he was more energetic than ever. Gohan sat back in the grass and smiled. Today was one of rest. Goku and Chi-Chi were setting up a picnic several feet away and Goten tentatively explored the world around him.

It had been several days since Goku or Gohan had trained. Goku felt it necessary to take the whole week off once in a while. And while Gohan felt the need to get stronger, he also enjoyed just relaxing with his family. It was a trade-off; and one well worth it.

Orion gently bounced Laura on his knee as Kyr made her something to eat. Kyr had recovered greatly in the last eight months, even smiling every now and again. Orion had moved in with her to help with the grieving and the baby. He figured there was no reason to spend all of his time training in his cave home anymore. He had only been doing it to keep up with Demas, and he had to assume Demas was dead now.

Kyr came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of food. "Here you are Laura."

The toddler clapped her hands as she was set on the ground. She quickly walked over to her mother with a big smile on her face. Kyr smiled back as she sat on the floor. Orion was happy to see her enjoying her day.

A single white orb flew through space. It was one of the pods used in Frieza's army, though the logo was scratched off. The man inside had not been a servant of Frieza in a long time. His mission now was not one of war, but one of recruitment.

Ever since Frieza's death, and the death of his father and brother, the universe had taken to finding new things to keep the peace. It's newest project was the very first Intergalactic Fighting Tournament. Designed as a way to let people let out their aggression without killing others, the tournament would take place very soon. If successful it would take place every six months by Standard Intergalactic Time.

It was this man's job to recruit fighters for the first tournament. Having heard rumors of strong fighters on the planet Earth, he had set the coordinates and left immediately. He would make sure this tournament was successful.

After several weeks of travel, he hit the planet with a thud. He cracked his neck as he rose from the pod. "These things are killer on the spine."

"Who are you?"

The man looked up to see several men waiting at the lip of his crater. "Ahoy there!" He walked slowly up the sloped earth. "My name is Kal. I'm here to present an invitation."

One of the shorter men dropped into a battle stance. "We don't want it."

"Hang on Vegeta." Goku held up a hand. "What kind of invitation?"

Kal smiled openly. "I have come seeking strong fighters."

Before anyone could react, Vegeta had his hand around the man's neck. "I told you, we don't want any part of it."

Goku placed a hand on his friend's arm. "What's going on Vegeta?"

The Saiyan prince cocked his head toward the pod. "Doesn't anyone recognize that ship? It's a standard issue Invasion Pod... Frieza."

Raditz's eyes widened as he saw the scratched off logo. "Kill him now before he tries something."

The man's face became serious."I know what you must be thinking, but Frieza's dead."

"We know, " Vegeta's grip tightened. "We're the ones who killed him."

Gasping for air, the man grinned. "Then you're exactly who I'm here to see." He coughed several times as Vegeta let go. "I'm a recruiter."

Vegeta's hand began to glow with energy. "I'm done with that army, Frieza or not."

"As am I." He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. "An invitation to the very first Intergalactic Fighting Tournament."

Goku took the paper and looked it over. "It says here that it's exclusive to strong fighters. How do you tell who's strong enough?"

"I have a scanner in my pod. Anyone with a Power Level over 500,000 is invited. Though I don't even have to scan the ones who defeated Frieza. I'm sure you can all handle yourselves regardless of your Power Levels."

Vegeta grunted and dismissed the energy in his hand. "Why would we want to fight in your tournament?"

"It's meant to be a way to keep the peace in the universe. We don't want another hostile take over."

Raditz shook his head. "It sounds to me that's exactly what's going to happen. What do you think is going to happen to the winner?" He took two steps forward. "He's going to think that no one can stop him. He's going to try and rule the universe himself."

Goku beamed with excitement. "Then I guess we'll have to go."

Vegeta turned and stared. "Your logic baffles me Kakarot. How could you possibly come to that conclusion?"

"Well if we're worried about the winner trying to take over, then we need to be there to make sure it's one of us. Besides, don't you want to see how many other strong fighters there are out there?"