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Kagome's Trust Gone then Found Again

Chapter 1: New Things Happen

Kagome sat in the room that Sesshomaru had provided for her. It was well furnished and must have had one of the best decorators in Feudal Japan. She had guessed she had been in here at least a few days, there were trays of food set on a table at the end of her bed. 'How many days have I been here?' She wondered. She had run into Sesshomaru while she was running away from that horrible scene. Sesshomaru had taken her 'captive' to trade for the Tetsusaiga, but she didn't want to be traded and knew that as long as Inuyasha had that whore with him, he wouldn't need her there. Inuyasha had betrayed her for the last time. 'I've put up with his bull-shit for so long, him and that stupid bitch can go to hell for all I care. Screw him.' She thought to her self as she recalled what had happened.


Kagome threw her bag over the side of the well, she had just arrived, a little late, but had gotten there none the less. 'Where is he? He said he would meet me here.' "Inuyasha… where are you?" She walked around the clearing for a few minutes, maybe he was just a little late, too, or had gone to the village because he was tired of waiting. She finally found him. "Oh Inuyasha there you…INUYASHA!!!" She screamed, mostly out of surprise. He was up in a tree with Kikyou. The very same tree that he had taken her in just a few days back. He had said that he wanted her to be his mate as soon as this was all over. Kagome couldn't take it, they weren't even 'mated' yet and he was already cheating on her. So she ran away and vowed never to return. As she was running she ran into something hard and fell to the ground. 'Shit! I'm gonna die, and I know it.' She slowly opened her eyes and looked up to find Sesshomaru standing there with a smirk on his face. She rolled her eyes. 'Oh, it's only the evil ass of the west himself.'

"Ah lucky me. Just the person I was looking for." He said in a calm tone. Kagome stood and brushed herself off.

"What do you want Sesshomaru?"

"The Tetsusaiga of course, you stupid wench. What else would I waste my time with."

"Oh! Onegai shimashita, yurushite kudasai." She said in a mocking tone as she grabbed a piece of her skirt on each side and did a small bow, in almost "courteous" gesture. (Please, (with deep meaning and feeling), forgive me.)

"Shut up, bitch! I don't need your mouth. You were not asked to speak. Now where is my lowly half brother?" She stared at him and smirked. He told her not to speak and she was gonna push her limits. "I asked you a question bitch. Answer me!" He glared at her.

"Up in a tree with Kikyou." Sesshomaru's eyes widened slightly at the mention of the dead Miko's name. He hated her smell, dirt and bones, and now that she mentioned it, he got the whiff of the horrible smell.

"I see. Well then," He grabbed her by her forearm, and made her walk. "I shall take you with me then."

End Flashback

Kagome snorted at the memory. "I guess I fainted because… when I woke up… I was here. Bastard, he had no right to touch me. Oh, when I get my hands on that son of a bitch… " There was a loud knock on the door. "Um… come in?" Sesshomaru peaked his head around the door then walked in.

"Ah so your awake. Such a bad mouth for a lady. Although, you are of lower rank then myself so you are not such a lady." Kagome's eyes widened as she started to get mad, but there was still the hint of fear in her aura and scent. "I know your afraid of me you pathetic human. Suck it up! You'll be here for awhile." He almost yelled at her. He was now standing next to her. He sniffed. "You might want to take a bath, you smell, the hot springs are this way. Follow me." He turned to leave and she got up and followed him.

'Kami sure does hate me. Why in the hell did I get stuck with this ass hole. Why couldn't I have been killed by some big youkai or something. Baka! I can't even get killed right.' She sighed and was shocked when Sesshomaru lead her to the springs. She would have thought he would have taken her to the ones used by the servants that she saw running around the palace.

He lead her to a large room with five small springs, the room was beautiful. It was as though it was found in the middle of the forest and picked up and placed here. There was even a little waterfall on the right side of the room.

"There's a yukata and kimono over there for when you're done." He said as he began to remove his outer kimono, then he removed the remaining items and tossed them aside, by the time he was done, Kagome was turned around eyes covered and blush on her cheeks.

"Does my body bother you, wench?" he said with a slight smirk as he entered one of the larger springs. Never had a woman turned away from his body. Any woman would give to be in the position Kagome was in right now. 'She is good at resisting me, although, it won't be long before she lets me do whatever I will just because she wants to calm her desire.

"NO! I just a… well I wanted… or well thought I could take my bath by myself, meaning you… not here." She said not turning around, playing with the bottom of her skirt. He could tell she was fidgeting.

"Well… I can't have you running away, now can I." He said as though it should have been obvious.

Kagome entered the same spring that Sesshomaru was in. She removed her clothes and set them aside, now that they were wet she would have to where whatever it was Sesshomaru had asked to be placed in here. She then remembered that she was naked and in the hot springs with a very naked male and quickly put her arms across her chest.

"Self conscious, are we? Well I have nothing wrong with exposing my body." He said as he stood up so she could see EVERYTHING.

"Gasp SESSHOMARU! Warn me next time." She said as she blushed and put her head down so he couldn't see her bright red cheeks.

"Kagome is it? Well I believe you are blushing." He said with a little amusement in his voice as he sat down.

"Well I… well I'm not either." 'Shit am I gonna regret this, but I must prove that nothing about him or the fact that we're both naked bothers me.' She took her arms off her chest and stood up, cheeks as bright as a stop sign. She even leaned forward and shook her chest a little to get him 'interested', but then he smiled and winked at her. He knew that would give her the creeps, and it did so she quickly put her arms back over her chest and sat back down. 'So much for sucking it up and getting over it, Kag.' She said to herself.


She got up out of the springs and ran over to where the yukata was and threw it around herself. She turned to face him but then realized he was standing right over her. No clothes on either.

"You have a wonderful body. Why would you be so embarrassed about it?" He said, questioning her actions. As much as he hated to admit it, he wished she would shake her chest in front of his mouth and let him play with them.

"I don't have to answer to you." He raised an eyebrow and stared down at her. He leaned closer to her, where their noses touched. She tried to back up but there was a bench in her way. 'I don't want him to come any closer. What is he planning to do?'

"Listen wench," He said harshly. Giving her nose a little lick. Maybe that would get her attention. "You will listen to everything I say. If you don't like it that's tough. You're in my house now and will go by my rules."

She just nodded her head in agreement. She didn't want him licking her again although it did stir up something deep inside her.

"Now tell me why do you not like your figure." He said as his hand slipped down the side of her body and stopped on her hip. Kagome took in a deep breath.

"Because I don't… know you that's why, and I'm embarrassed about being naked around you. I only know you as an enemy. Not as an intimate partner or just a ruffle under the sheets." He didn't really understand her wording but took it to be what she meant anyway. He understood the direction she was coming from.

"Do not fear me. I will only harm you if you do not cooperate. Do you understand?" Again she nodded in agreement. Just when she thought they were done he leaned in an kissed her. She was surprised at first but then went along with it. It was nice to feel a little bit wanted, even if it was just to get her to sleep with him. Whatever it was she didn't really care. Inuyasha had never kissed her this passionately.

'Why is he being so nice to me? This isn't the Sesshomaru I know. Maybe I'm in…what did Inuyasha call it?...Oh Yes! Heat! Inuyasha told me it made him really attracted to me, maybe that's what's wrong with Sesshomaru.' Kagome thought about all of this as she kissed the taiyoukai. He broke their kiss and stared into her eyes for a minute before turning around to put his clothes back on. Kagome blushed, not just from his body but from the kiss as well.

'She is a beautiful women, I've never needed the pleasures of the flesh but this girl is very interesting but if I lose control things might get out of hand.' He was now dressed and began to leave but stopped.

"Kagome… Move it!"

She followed him back to her room. He walked into her room and shut the door right behind him. She walked to her bed and felt arms around her waist untying her robe.

"Sesshomaru, what are you doing? Please don't…" Kagome almost pleaded with him but he continued to undress her. She felt her heart beat faster and realized that he was going to rape her. She didn't want to sleep with him so he was just going to take her.

"You're gonna please me and enjoy it. I haven't need the flesh of a woman in years, and now I do, so you're going to have to enjoy yourself too Kagome or else it won't be any fun. Got it?"

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